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RE: Minnowhelper New Bots

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Thanks, I'll try the bid $0.001 for the first time with my new post, soon hope so.
but I don't know how to delegate such amount while my SP is only 3.444 STEEM (+11.556 STEEM)
by these numbers, can I delegate $10? and how this will help me?
thanks again.


It's working, I sent 0.001 to minnowhelper-1-2-3-4-5 each and received great

don't think about delegation before you're in the hundreds sp at least over 500 ... probably better in the thousands

thanks for the advice, I am so far from delegation :-(

You can't delegate something you don't have. Also until you don't need all of the the SP you have you shouldn't even think about delegating it. When starting off you need all of it to build your account.

Thanks a lot for your reply. this was a great help.

Make sure to be careful with your voting power. You really only get 10 votes a day at full power. If you go beyond that you are voting with lower power and it takes longer to get the power back.

Check your power here:

Thanks for the advice

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