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Dear All,

This is @litasio speaking! I would like to inform all buyers that we are facing delay, in around 2 days all UpVotes will be distributed to all buyers.

If you thinking about refund, we see no problem in that. Please comment below and we will start refunding process. (@sweedixie, @janine-ariane, @artbyclark)

What is - All you need to know about @litasio upvote service!
How to use LitasIO upvote service? - Tutorial on how to use our service in 3 easy steps.

If for some reason your Post meets the conditions and did not receive its vote after 4 Hours. Then contact @litasio Technical Services

We are looking for delegates ! Help us to grow bigger make a difference in 2018!
If you are looking for investment opportunity in our service, don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you @hr1 for UpVote! You are helping our service to grow bigger!

This post has received a 0.11 % upvote from thanks to: @litasio.
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Send minimum 0.010 SBD to bid for votes.
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