Update upvote service x2.5 of bid #7 => ROI 50%

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Hello my friends

Too bad the winter of Crypto stay too long with all of us :(

Today, after discussing with @haccolong I would like to update my upvote service. The reason is because he wants me to offer more than the daily amount of free upvotes for accounts that followed him, and I need a BOT as soon as possible.

To increase the amount of free daily upvote that retains the value of upvote I am forced to reduce the number of upvote be paid. Of course, he and me will try to hold more STEEM in the next wave (if it takes place not too fast to the degree we miss) . Still the BOT will help you to be more satisfied with waiting time for upvote has fee, and avoided the unfortunate confusion from me, and he promised to finish it for me within a month.

Here are some new content in my upvote service, I hope you will read it thoroughly before using the service.

The cost for the upvote and purchasing

The minimum bid is 0.02SBD or STEEM
The maximum bid is 0.03SBD or STEEM
I still recognize 1SBD = 1STEEM so you can send me SBD or STEEM and still get upvote have equal value.
Purchase method: Submit bid with link in "Memo".

Upvote value provided

It will have a 50% ROI, mean is if you send me 0.02SBD or STEEM you will get upvote value $0.04 not 0.04$.

Only upvote for posts, not upvote for reply


Mistakes when you make a mistake or send the wrong link may not be refunded, so make sure you send the fee no higher than the regulations and the correct link.

1 account up to 3 upvote in 24 hours

Upvote free:

I still get free upvote for posts protecting human rights and the environment. Submit your post link with a bid of 0.001STEEM
I and @haccolong all hope that with the reduction of ROI can increase the number of free upvote daily as @haccolong's COMMITTED. So, I hope you can understand this change of service.

When the BOT is completed, I will update my service, there will definitely be many changes but of course the BOT is designed not for profit purposes. And I hope you will be more satisfied with the larger bid's width, faster upvote delivery times and less confusion.

Finally wish you a Christmas season filled with blessings & happy

BY @hoaithu


Welcome your updated service. is there any limits of post for one account? As before there was parhaps three post limit to upvote if anyone fallows @haccolong

Hi @certain
Merry Christmas!
Sorry for being late.
I don't really understand your question, so I hope I answer correctly.
You can post with unlimited numbers, but this service is only provided to 3 posts in 24 hours!

what is max bid?

0.03SBD or STEEM my friend!

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