UPFUNDME - MY HARDRIVE IS FAILING - DAY 9 (+progress report)

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A short background about this #upfundme campaign

I'm a Grade 12 student at Kisay and I really need a new hard drive. My current pc has been running for almost 6 years straight so it's no surprise that this geezer has problems. BSODs are frequent and I can't download something without disk write errors.

I haven't replaced my pc yet because; I don't have money, and my motherboard hasn't failed me yet. As long as this pc boots with a healthy hard drive installed and its able to run apps that are necessary for my studies, I shall not replace it.

The reason that I reached out to you guys is because I know steemit can be able to help anyone reach their goals. And my mom is pretty strict of breaking expensive things, so yeah. (and also $BKX went down in price by alot [plus other cryptos have mediocre prices compared to last year😞])

here's the HDD that I'd like to purchase

The WD Caviar Blue 1TB HDD

It's currently worth 2200 PHP = 41 USD = 32 SBD (as of 10:42 PM (GMT+8), 20 June 2018)

If you're interested about my pc's specs here it is

Intel Core i7-3770k
Nvidia GTX 660 (palit)
Intel H77 mobo
generic ram @?mhz (probably trancend)
Thermaltake 700w psu (not rated by ecova)
and the faulty 1tb Seagate hdd


the portable fan aids in cooling the gpu because the gpu's fan isn't running anymore 😞

I hope you guys could understand 😃

Progress Report

Day #1: 0.047 SBD

Day #2: 0.089 SBD

Day #3: 0.091 SBD

Day #4: 0.680 SBD

Day #5: 0.069 SBD

Day #6: 0.084 SBD

Interim Total: 1.06 SBD

3.31% off the goal of 32 SBD

my savings wallet shows what I earned so far

*Data from @steemchiller's SteemIt app: SteemWorld


Day 1:

@steemfunder, @upfundme, @taskmanager, @dick.sledge, @tm50, @votefund, @raghandy, @malmseycafe, @wandi89, @joendegz, @bidnat, @instantvoter, @presidentialline, @steemitcanarias, @d3nv3r, @blem, @kilianparadise, @sextant, @travelerjoe, @awilix, @gwashington, @popschools, @doodlebl, @jedimasteryoda, @commenthunter, @joepee, @bloopy, @artsyunicorn,

Day 2:

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Day 3:

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Day 4:

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Day 5:

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Day 6:

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Day 7:

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Day 8:

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Day 9:

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Thank you everyone for the upvotes!

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