Upfundme day 8: My Grandfather's Medication

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Hi all, I will try my luck here in steemit to gather some funds of my grandfather who nearly died, it is a miracle that my grandfather has now his second life. Tear falls on my cheek after I hear that he was alive. I want to help my mom to lessen her stress of buying some of the medicines that are very expensive. I want to show them my gratitude that I will help them to the best of my ability.

It is now my 8th day of my campaign to you my fellow steemit users. Our situation for now needs help from you to either upvote or send donations. A little support that you gave will greatly appreciated us. The earned STEEM and SBD will go through the funding goal.

You can also visit my blog for My Grandfather's Story to read and understand our situation we are in. If this is your first time visiting my blog, you can continue clicking that link.

Fund Goal: 300 SBD
Fund Raised: 5.966 SBD & 0.008 STEEM

Using #upfundme is one of a great factor for us. You can also send STEEM or SBD through my account, if you have any question you can directly contact on My account. It is my pleasure that the curator of @upfundme, @taskmanager, is giving us the opportunity making this possible. Little by little, the funds are raised, my deepest thanks especially @ediah that gave concern to my grandfather.





Upvoted you at my full power. Hope some will chip in. God bless @vinzie1

Thanks a lot, it will be a great help

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More to go.. Hope this post gets more visibility to those who are willing to help.

Thank you so much for your concern, your prayers are highly needed.


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