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Hi there Taskmanager,
I have an #upfundme campaign that received a recomendation to join the premium service. I am very much interested in joining. Where can I send my SP delegation.


Sorry for the delay I added you to the list last night before bed, started the comment and went to sleep before I finished it.

You can send 1 STEEM/month OR 30 SP delegated to and the bot software will take over from there.


I actually transferred over my campaign to it's own unique account to have it separate from my personal account. Could you possibly add to the list? Would it be a problem to delegate from this account for the account? Maybe we can meetup on discord to discuss; if necessary.

I think we can do that but you would be the first to help me test this feature.

To set it up you would need to delegate the 30 SP from your account, then send 0.001 STEEM to with the following memo:

transfered the delegation and sent the transaction. Would it have worked if I sent SBD instead of steem>? I ask because I don't always have liquid steem available.

I tried both SBD and STEEM from my own test account after that 1st comment and got 0 results. There is an option for sponsorship in the json file, I may just have to edit it in. I'll see what I can do.

Lemmie grab a coffee and a snack and work on it. It will grab any valid #upfundme posts within the last 6 days once it reaches 100% VP for you while I'm working it out so it's a win.

Figured it out.

Send 0.001 SBD from @mulletwang to and use the memo:


you will only have to do this once, then it will automatically pick up all #upfundme posts for as long as you are delegated.

Nice work. I am thrilled to be a part of this.

I won't have to resend will I? I already sent the $mulletwang to with STEEM and received confirmation and upvote.

No you don't need to re-delegate if that's what you mean, the membership will just transfer once you send. You will need to send 0.001 SBD once to with the memo:

I refunded the 0.001 STEEM from the 1st attempt.

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