Upfund crowdfunding - gear to uv photography - part 17

in #upfundme2 years ago (edited)


Part 17 of my upvote crowdfund.

Target: 20 SBD
Raised (part 1-15): 0.540 SBD

I'm photographer, and I usually shoot landscapes and storms. I really like astrophotography, but gear for this is very expensive.
Recently I saw idea of UV photography. Generally everything lightnen by UV light, generate it's own light (because UV light have very high energy). I don't have any money for this, but the cheapest and sufficient gear for this cost about 50 USD (two UV power LEDs, two UV-pass filters, two LED drivers and a battery for this). I think, it would be enought for some photos.

I can't afford for this, so I would like to ask you for your help. I really appreciate every help.
If I will buy this, you will se my UV photos here, on my blog :)

Thanks everyone for your help!


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