Upfundme Users - How to get more Bitcoin for your steem from your funds!

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Hello #upfundme users! in this tutorial i am going to show you step by step how to get the most bitcoin for your steem from the funds you have raised crowdfunding!

I see many using blocktrades and for small amounts this may be ok, but for larger amounts this method will get you more bitcoin for your hard saved steem!

This might look daunting but it is nothing to be afraid of, if you take time to learn how to do this it will mean you keep more of your funds in most cases. So lets get started!

Firstly join up on Binance and fill in your details (use the correct mobile number - you will need this later! )

bin 1.jpg

Once you have registered log in for the first time, click this button to recieve a text message on your phone and enter the code, you have 60 seconds to do this.

bin 2.jpg

Great you are in!! now you need to deposit some Steem to Binance to sell, hover over the funds botton and then moved down to deposits and click.

bin 4.jpg

Hover over the button the arrow is pointing too, you will see a empty space, type in here "STEEM" and then click the Steem logo.

bin 5.jpg

Steem deposits need a memo as well as to be sent to the right user, this is important! click the button to say you understand and click "continue deposit"

bin 6.jpg

Here you will see a steem deposit adress and a steem deposit address memo - each user will have a different memo so dont worry that yours will be different to mine.

bin 7.jpg

Now go back to your steem account wallet and send steem to the steem deposit address, be sure to get the memo correct. I highly recommend trying this with just one steem first until you are confident in what you are doing. Once entered now press send.

bin 8.jpg

Give it 5 mins then go back to Binance and click funds, then deposits - you can see here the steem is arriving! :)

bin 9.jpg

Great your Steem is now on Binance - now you can sell! click exchange and then basic.

bin 11.jpg

To go to the steem page enter steem in the box the arrow points to and then click the steem page that will then show underneath.

bin 12.jpg

Arrow one is showing the price people will sell you steem for, arrow two is showing the price people will buy your steem for, arrow 3 is the steem you have on your account.

bin 13.jpg

Click the green number of the buyer you would like to sell too - then select how much steem you want to sell and press sell. You can also put a higher price and wait and see if anyone buys it! but for an instant sell click a green number.

bin 15.jpg

Great the steem has sold! you can see my bitcoin balance has increased and also the lower arrow shows where the sell was "filled" (completed)

bin 16.jpg

Now it is time to withdraw your bitcoin! press funds and then click withdraw.

bin 17.jpg

Type bitcoin in the empty box and then select bitcoin (or whatever coin you are withdrawing)

bin 19.jpg

Carefully enter your bitcoin wallet address, select how much you want to withdraw and click "submit" and thats it!! you will need to enter another code from your phone and also click an email to confirm the withdraw, The bitcoin will then be sent to your wallet.

bin 20.jpg

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and I am pleased to know you will receive more bitcoin from your funds!

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Hi sir @madstacks..how much is the service fee from binance to coinbase?

Hello @akoaypilipina 0.00050000 is the bitcoin service fee to send to any bitcoin address so i think this will save money for transfers of over 50 or so steem, when buying steem from binance you can withdraw it for free.