Quick Update Automation Testing

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Some features of our planned automation roll out are being tested with the @t50 bot and the TASKMANAGER token. Token holders now receive a daily share of bot income based on how much TASKMANAGER they hold! (0.001 SBD or STEEM minimum for payout.) Share weight adjustments are not automatic (yet), but that's a plan for the future!

Whoo Hoo for automation!

In partnership with @t50 Promotional Bid Bot, #upfundme, TASKMANAGER and the @memearmy meme support community bot.


I'm loving the daily payments from t50. I'll be increasing my holding of TASKMANAGER soon.

@hybridbot deployed in promotion mode!

You got a 48.04% upvote from @hybridbot courtesy of @taskmanager!

To use this service in promotion mode send as little as 0.01 SBD or STEEM with the post you want upvoted as the memo to @hybridbot.
Current Rates
0.010 SBD or STEEM minimum for an upvote
0.050 SBD or STEEM max upvote with resteem
(Rates may change if available Steem Power changes)

This bot is a little different, if you delegate this amount or more, you will be added to a idle vote queue. When @hybridbot doesn't have any bids, it will give an upvote on one of it's members posts making use of this idle Steem Power!

That's right, you can get a share of bot payouts daily and upvotes for your posts when the bot is idle! This makes @hybridbot a promotion bid/membership bot in one and maximizes payouts from your Steem Power investment.

This bot is currently in alpha testing, users of this service acknowledge things may go wrong!

You got a 100.00% upvote from @votefun thanks to @rishi556!


Thank You for using UpFundMe Premium!

This post has received a 100.00% upvote from @upfundme.net and @tmholdings! Premium members also get an increased vote weight from the upfundme trail!

We are currently in the testing phase and invite anyone crowdfunding to join us by checking out This Post!

UpFundMe Support
UpFundMe Premium Support
1 STEEM / 30 days or a 30 SP delegation
Vote weight depends on available vote power.
Consistent vote weight!
Manual votes.
Automatic voting!
TASKMANAGER trail following at 40% scaled vote weight.
TASKMANAGER trail following at 80% scaled vote weight AND @tmholdings following wilth 100% scaled vote weight!
Manual resteem.
Automatic resteems!
Supports crowdfunding posts via #upfundme on steemit
Automatic support for crowdfunding posts and updates on fundition.io, hyperfundit.com and #upfundme on steemit!

@upfundme.net is not a bid bot, we are a membership based crowdfunding support service for crowdfunding ONLY. You should request to join before sending any STEEM by replying to any of these comments.

If you have both UpFundMe Premium AND own 50 or more TASKMANAGER in your bitshares wallet, you qualify for up to 2 automatic comment votes from @taskmanager / day.

Nice! This is exciting.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @hybridbot courtesy of @taskmanager!

HybridBot is different, it is a bid bot and community bot in one! When idle, @hybridbot selects and upvotes one of it's members posts!
Delegate to earn a share of bid rewards, large delegations get membership and upvotes on posts when the bot is idle!

Please note this is currently in early alpha prerelease phase!