Trial of Socrates - Fundition Update #1

in #upfundition2 years ago (edited)

It's been a few days since I first came on Fundition, and I'm still trying to figure things out a bit.

First, I know Fundition has only been live for less than a month, so I expect that the platform will evolve and get better as time goes on. It's impressive what the team has been able to put together so far!

The next thing I want to do is thank the backers of the project so far - you guys rock!

My previous experience with crowdfunding comes from Kickstarter, so I'll note a few differences that stand out so far. Most important - fundition takes no fees for being the middle man between creator and backer, which is awesome. That being said, Kickstarter does have a slick platform that does some of the work of tracking and sorting who gets what, so there's a reason for some of their fees.

Anyone who has backed a project here on Fundition knows that the site asks for three things when you do: Your name, how much SBD to send, and your email so the creator can contact you. That info is then sent to the creator on his/her steemit account as an internal message. And the backer's email is encrypted, so that it doesn't appear permanently somewhere for third parties to access.

The only problem at the moment? I don't have any way to decrypt the email info. :) I talked to someone on the Fundition team, and I guess that's something that is still being worked on.

So to those who have or will back the project in the near future, keep that in mind, and be sure to get your email to me so I can get you your rewards when the time comes.

And that is just one piece of a larger issue: the onus for tracking who gets what reward is very much on the creator of the project. That means if you want to start your own campaign, you should plan to keep and update a database, because, at this time anyway, fundition doesn't do that for you.

Now here's a look at the very first page of the book as it comes together - from sketches to ink:

Please let me know how the project page looks to you - I feel like I need to tweak some of the design and content.


Thanks for taking a look!

Catch me on Twitter: @PelopsWar


I'm having trouble determining what your monetary goal is on Fundition. It's broken down into hearts, which is a little confusing. You've got nearly 9K hearts raised, which translates to 9 Steem? Is that right?

There's some breakdown somewhere... but it's something like 1 heart is .001 Steem, or something like that. How the breakdown on monetary goals work is also a bit confusing to me as a creator. You can set goals - presumably as many as you want. But nothing seems to happen when those goals are met. (That I can tell. So far neither goal has been met for me.)

I set the first goal for $100. The second for $1000. But those numbers are more or less arbitrary because I'm feeling my way, and I think so is Fundition. Also, because I'm using this as a parallel campaign with Kickstarter.

Interesting. I was wondering if the goals meant anything. It's similar to Patreon where you can set goals to communicate what you can achieve with that level of capital, but it changes nothing regarding your relationship with Patreon or your patrons.

I was thinking of running my campaign first on Fundition as a test run to see how it goes and learn, and then launch the kickstarter when I'm closer to production because of the time limits that are placed on the funding period.

Fundition seems neat, but I'm going to stick to Kickstarter for now.

It's definitely still early days.

The Fundition platform still needs work and it's reach is still quite small. That said, I'm really into it. Looking forward to starting my own project there right after I figure out if I'm gonna try to become a witness.

Thanks for being the first backer! And yes, I think it's got amazing potential.

Hmm... that Buddy Christ and Thank You were supposed to be side-by-side...

Well, I edited it on steemit, and I think the format looks a little better.

Stranger still - I don't see a link to the actual fundition campaign for which this is an update.

Here it is if you want to check out the project:!/@jpgaltmiller/sxjp7i9in

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