Puppets as an Educational Resource Update 2 Puppets in the community PROJECT

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Puppets as an Educational Resource, Update #2 "Puppets in the community PROJECT"

Welcome to this second update of the Puppets in the community project aimed at training children in the wonderful and magical art of puppet theater, as well as Blockchain education and ecological education.


 In this opportunity I will speak a little about puppets as an educational resource, this in order to continue justifying the funding of this project, in the beginning of the project I mention this type of art as one of the most used in different schools worldwide, accompany me to know a little about the study of this branch of art and how it impacts on children as an educational resource.

Puppet theater has been gaining ground and has been considered a valuable development tool in the educational field directed at any level of normative and non-formal education, it is common to hear from countless education professionals that puppets are only for the child world, this prejudicial way has been gaining ground but as various studies have been made especially in the last decade we can see that the true face of puppets has been shown as one of the educational and therapeutic possibilities for all ages with amazing results in intellectual development.

So today we do not have many problems to assimilate puppet workshops as an artistic activity that promotes the learning of different branches of knowledge and skills. 

In my personal case I will be using the field of non normative education since I am not doing the workshops in conjunction with schools, high schools or universities, but the action is the same, my most valuable sustenance is in the same history clearly placing the art of puppets in all the evolutionary stages of the different civilizations, being the puppets the deepest part of the human being, a unique and universal language.

In addition, the use of the art of the puppets means a multidisciplinary training that each child, in this case, will have to face since they learn a variety of artistic techniques linked to the motor development, intellectual, language to name a few.

The problem in Venezuela is that in pre-school and primary schools there are no solid projects for learning this art due to the little training of teachers and as I mentioned at the beginning to the retrograde idea that puppets are a children's game that does not contribute anything to the training of children. All the formative work falls on the part of groups of theatres that offer different educational programs to the schools, in many occasions it is well received on other occasions it has been well received.

Another aspect to address in this update is the importance that will have the puppet workshops with respect to intercultural development, Venezuela is a country that has a colonial past, where the Spanish invaders enslaved the aborigines and Africans, beyond all that dark past something that did not take into account the Spaniards was that the union of 3 cultures (African), It is worth mentioning that Venezuela has one of the oldest traditions in the continent, which are carried out by afro-descendant coastal towns with traditions that go back over 500 years. The workshops of puppets can rescue these cultural values, showing the most representative features of the 3 cultures that today are only one, it is worth mentioning that Venezuela has one of the oldest traditions in the continent that are carried out by afro-descendant coastal towns with traditions that go back over 500 years. 


To this, I have to add the importance that the workshop will have regarding education on the Blockchain, with the generation of a work based on the ecosystem I intend to contrast the traditional economy and the nascent economy and with an unprecedented projection as is the Blockchain. I am preparing the script and I find it very exciting, so far I can say that I have 3 central characters one of them will be a banker would be the bad and two more characters who put all their faith in the credits that they will never be able to pay thanks to interest rates. The other will be that this teaching with previous conversations with the children's representatives will be the first experience on how to generate money in platforms like steemit or in this case fundition offering advice on how to open their accounts and how to contribute valuable ideas to develop projects that help solve their economic problems. 


As you can see, there are many advantages offered by the wonderful art of puppets, not only will expand the knowledge and skills of children, also give them a clearer view on the alternative economy thanks to the Blockchain.





I really like the aspects of this program. Teaching skills, teaching ecology, and an excellent creative outlet for the children.

@r2cornell Excellent appreciation, in venezuela will be very useful this learning as it guides children towards a healthy lifestyle. yesterday while filming the video of the next update there was a family fight even so I could continue the work, it is sad that children are subjected to violence.

I agree...But what you are heading toward will help them in many ways to cope and survive this mess.

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