Updates From Projects in Smart Media Group - 08/11/2018

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Latest Updates

The latest updates from projects and communities within the Smart Media Group Project.

Smart Media Group

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SMGroups Curation Project

The project has been going strong with a small team. The project will be working on expanding the team and the curational content. We will look to create more engagement and ways for supports of the project to be rewarded.

Community Bot


the @food-smg account has been beta testing a community bot feature to collectively support content in the food category. During curation of these posts, a few members have been added for a free membership and automatically receive upvotes. Delegators and paid members also receive upvotes from the @food-smg account for support on the project.

If you would like to be a member, join us in the SMG Discord server or read more details here:


ReSteem Account


After a small fiasco a little while back, an @smartmedia-group account was created to continue with the project and community growth. However, things were resolved and that account was not needed.

Instead of leaving it dormant, it was decided to turn the account into strictly a resteem account that is EXCLUSIVELY to @smartmediagroup members. It may be an open membership service in the future.

The reason why we are resteeming on this account and not the main account is to minimize the clutter and keep the main account for important information and updates to projects and not get lost in the resteemed content.

One great thing about this resteem blog is that the content automatically gets tweeted out on the @smartmedia_smg Twitter account for more exposure across other platforms, and potential onboarding of new users to Steem.

Karaoke Night

SMG has been hosting Karaoke Night on Wednesdays in the Discord server thanks to organizer @angelica7 and all the singers that participate in the weekly event.

We have the wonderful people from Venezuela and many others join us for a fun time enjoying some music and singing.

You can listen in on last weeks party thanks to @mrviquez livestreaming it on @Dlive:


Karaoke Nights are on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. Venezuela time (00:00 p.m. UTC, 00:00 p.m. GMT)

SureShot Bid/Upvote Service

@sureshot upvote service has been running into small service issues here and there as do all upvote services do at some point with node issues and what have you. Other than that, the service has been going smooth but is affected by the current market price of STEEM. Just working through the bear market.

The curation part of the service has slowed down a bit but continues on. No real significant update in this area for the time being.

Block-Buster Witness

Logo Designer:

@bluck-buster has updated to latest Steemd version 0.19.11.
The witness server has been running smoothly so far and noticed a shorter downtime during the upgrade with having parallelized reindexing working. This has significantly reduced the time it takes to reindex the chain.


Hardfork 0.20.0 scheduled for Tuesday, September 25, at 11:00am EST

As that nears, @block-buster is in preparation for the changes as there will be a few more responsibilities witnesses will have.

If you haven't read it already, you can check out the post from the official Steemit, inc blog @steemitblog.



RankWitnessApproval%Missed BlocksLast block
URLReg FeeFeedBiasAPRBlock SizeSteemd version


Vote for @block-buster via SteemConnect



Use the link above, and look for block-buster in the list and UPVOTE!

Rainier Avenue Radio

We are looking for more moderators in the SMG Discord server(Serious inquiries ONLY).


We are looking for fellow Steemians, that are serious, and want to join the project and build communities while working with them to help with growth on multiple platforms, while tokenizing the web.

Interested in becoming a moderator?

Join the Discord server to learn more!!!


Follow us on other social media platforms and let's tokenize the web!

Twitter: @smartmedia_smg

Instagram: @smart_media_group


In Smart Media Group you can find several projects where you can have a great time. Encourage everyone to enjoy a special time in this wonderful group. Everyone is welcome.
Good vibes.

Thank dear :)

You have been a great help from the start!

I've really been enjoying the karaoke especially guys.

Glad you have been enjoying karaoke nights :)

Hope to see more growth in the fiction category.

You guys are doing a great job! Love your Karaoke night, tons of fun. To @gyzimo, @mrviquez and everyone at @smartmediagroup...


Thank you!

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