[ANN][Beta] Join us in Helping Distribution of Rewards and Growth for the Food Community

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@food-smg is now beta testing a new project within its curation project.

With the implementation of @yabapmatt's Community Bot, we invite the food community to try out a new initiative to help with distribution of rewards on the Steem platform, as well as supporting everything food!!!

Not everyone blogs about food, but almost everyone loves food, who doesn't right? Since you may not blog about food, you might want to support different food content but find it difficult because you are trying to maintain your Vote Power.

Here is a way to help manage your VP and work together with the food community and curators that seek out food content on the platform and showing support. Also, receive a daily upvote from @food-smg for your contributions.

How it Works

The bot has a list of members who either delegate a certain amount of Steem Power or pay a certain amount of liquid STEEM monthly (depending on the settings), and it simply goes through the list of members and upvotes their last post. This way members of a community can all chip in a little bit to build up a nice upvote every so often for their posts.


Of course, if you're delegating to a project, you desverve something for it. We decided to branch this project out to anyone that loves food and wants to support content in this category and be rewarded for it.

There are 3 options for membership

  • 30 Day membership - No Delegation and pay 2 STEEM

  • 30 Day membership - with Delegation and pay 1 STEEM

  • Full-membership - with Delegations of 100 SP or more and pay 0 STEEM

You can also sponsor someone!!!

Members that have delegated 100 SP or more can sponsor someone they know that doesn't have enough STEEM or SP to pay / delegate to become a member.

To sponsor another member you would send a transfer memo to the bot in this format:

$sponsor @username

This will apply the amount of VESTS specified in the "full_delegation_vests" property from the user who sent the transfer memo to the user specified by "@username", assuming the user who sent the memo has delegated enough to cover that. Currently sponsorship is only supported via the SP delegation option.

Curators will be actively looking for food content creators to sponsor.

How to Delegate

If you are not familiar with the Delegation feature on the Steem blockchain, it is a way to essentially "loan" out your Steem Power.

The STEEM used to pre-fund an account is powered up in the new account (i.e., converted to Steem Power). A portion of the SP used to fund a new account may be delegated from the creator of the account. When a user is delegated SP, they may use the SP for voting and bandwidth purposes as if it were their own, but the ownership of the SP remains with the user who delegated it. A user may remove the delegation at any time. After a cool-down period, the SP is returned to their account.

-Steem Whitepaper

You can delegate directly using whichever method you use or through SteemConnect below.(Note: The exact SP amount from the links below may vary due to fluctuations with MVests calculations on the network. e.g. 5 SP link might show delegation amount for 5.001 SP)

You can use http://www.steemdollar.com/vests.php to properly calcualte the exact amount of delegation.

You will need to edit the URL link. You can follow the guide here:



Cost of 30 day membershipDelegation amount
2 STEEMNo Delegation
1 STEEM and5 SP, 10 SP, 20 SP, 30 SP, 40 SP, 50 SP, 60 SP, 70 SP, 80 SP, 90 SP
Cost of Full-membershipDelegation amount
0 STEEM100 SP, 200 SP, 300 SP, 400 SP, 500 SP, 600 SP, 700 SP, 800 SP, 900 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, 10000 SP

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Logo designed by @zainenn


nice man! I delegated 100 SP to this project so now I can be in the club and everyone will be hopefully thanking me with future upvotes :D

I will make a post about my successful delegation here!

Another good-food idea from SMG! Keep on rockin'!

Thanks brother. We have our first food blogger sponsored!!! @lousapphire

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