Still Helping The Environment Because It's The Still Right Thing To Do - 12 Carpets Now Saved & Being Shipped To The Ivory Coast Next Week

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Last night, I told my contact about 8 carpets I found on the curbs near my apt. He picked them up, gave me some cash, and is shipping them to the Ivory Coast in a crate next week.

Yes, 8 big carpets from this round will no longer be pollution. They'll be cleaned and reused on another continent, all because of my simple effort to walk around my neighborhood and let him know the address of each.

On top of saving hundreds of pounds now and plenty of sheer volume from landfills, this is helping his business and people in his native country.

He's also looking to sell a house, so I referred him to my best friend who's in real estate here. My friend is super happy. That's a big win there.

We'll find more ways to work together because he has other businesses.

I also found a $150 item on the curb at the point we met last night to chat and get my cash, so that was good karma at work. (My reward.)


This won't be a long post. The proof is in the pudding. I take action. I hope more people will do the same. Writing about wanting to take action doesn't count.

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Please find ways to save waste when you see it. It all adds up and you will feel good for doing the right thing. We're all busy, but it's really not that hard if you change some priorities.

Thanks for the support,

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Keep doing what you are doing man! <3
I have to re-asses myself and learn from what you do!

Wow - now that's thoughtful, smart and ENTERPRIZING. Total win-win and, like you said, a whole bunch of carpets saved from landfill, enriching x2 smart guys and being reused. LOVE it. Nice post.

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Thanks for noticing and taking the time to read/comment. I'm glad @riverflows added your tag before to alert me to your project. I've been posting about upcycling for almost 2 years to a very limited circle of followers who take interest in this bigger picture mission.

I'll start tagging this on my upcycling posts -- I quit my job 4 years ago to thrift for a living, but it evolved heavily into upcycling. My city's curbs have an incredible amount of recycling in clear plastic bags and boxes around my neighborhood, so I walk around on several weeknights per week, save as much as I practically can, and sell the items (or donate some to thrift stores). I've sold thousands of items from recycling and also use primarily recycled shipping materials. Hope this is up your alley. This was my latest post as an example: link.


That's awesome..I had no idea people threw out so many carpets! Good to see they'll take on a new life and won't go to landfill..

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I didn't really pay much attention to them since I didn't have an outlet to save them until now. Now that I'm looking for them, they're everywhere. My contact has hit container shipping out next week, so he may be traveling to Africa to distribute stuff before we lock and load for another round.


Funny how that goes!! Like when you have a new car and suddenly everyone has the same car as you!!

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You are really doing the planet and the ozone layer a favour by doing that


I hope so. That's the main goal here. Thanks for the comment.

Honestly though, what has the environment and/or future generations ever done for us?


Clever and sassy all rolled up in one here.


Can I put this quote on my resume?

If only more people realised that money can be made from waste if you only have the right mindset. Love what you're doing.

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Thanks for your input and comment. Sorry I somehow missed it until now.