What makes me cry

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There are many things that makes me cry. Family, friends, love ones but sometimes the music from the radio especially those theme songs of some special someone or events in your life. Sometimes I cannot get over it but when I am reminiscing tears starts to fall down from my eyes. I wish I can do something about it. I wanna be strong but deep inside I am not. These is one for the songs that I always makes me cry. One sample of these kind of song is shown below

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Mommy many people thinks that you are a drama queen you always cry at little thing but I know the these are coming from deep and painful experiences. When I left home years ago I have learned to stop crying I have suppressed all my tears as these tears will not help me feed myself. It made me look seem strong and I played the role of a strong young lady. However there are times that I found myself crying again in deep sleep (my boyfriend tells me so) and I wake up crying , sad and depressed. Sometimes we need to let it out. I see many of sad people showing other people they are happy. I know I feel them. I have been there feeling hopeless feeling that the best thing to do is to just stop it all. But I didn't maybe because deep inside I want to be happy and this happiness is best experienced with other people. I am glad that you have the strength to share it here Mommy. Share it helps. Maybe when I am ready I will also share mine when I am ready the darkest moments when I was alone, desperate and and nobody to turn to. Just keep sharing your tears Mommy.

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Happy day @elizah

You have a sensibility , tears are not a sign of weakness. So much sensitivity can channel it to help others and yourself to turn them into tears of happiness.

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Thank you dear. Thank for the tears of joy you have given. I will take a look at your articles also. May you also find and joy dear.

Happy lang tayo Mommy. Ayaw ko na nakikita na lagi kang malungkot kaya nga lagi ako masaya para makita mo na kahit ganito lang tayo masaya ako. Ayaw ko na dadagan ang kalungkutan mo. Alam ko hindi ako perpektong anak. Makulit, tamad, mahina ang utak pa bebe alam ko naman yun Mommy. Pero ito lang masasabi ko na kahat anuman ang sitwasyon natin sa buhay basta nandiyan ka masaya na ako kasi alam ko na mahal na mahal mo ako at kami ng mga kapatid ko. Naiiyak na tuloy ako...

I love you Mommy always remember that no more tears!