Unscramble the Letters Game #148

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Hello Everyone!

We are now on the 148th Unscramble the Letters Game.

About the Game:

This is a very easy game, given are jumbled letters. All you need to do is unscramble the letters and give me one word only.


  • Comment one word below(English Word Only).
  • No repeat answers, the first one who give the word will be accepted.
  • At least 3 letter word. You may not use all the letters
  • Proper nouns are not accepted.


  • 80% of the liquid STEEM payout will be equally divided to all who follow the Task above.

Jumbled Letters:



  • Deadline of entries will be 8 hours before the post payout.
  • 20% of the liquid STEEM will be use for the SBI/other giveaway.
  • Prizes will be distributed nextweek.
  • There will be updates on the rules if necessary.
  • I'm open for suggestions, just DM me on Discord - atongis#5341.

Thanks a lot & have a nice day ahead!

@atongis ASAR


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A big thanks to @surpassinggoogle, @good-karma & @bobbylee for all the support



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