Where am I? 我在哪? #8 (🏆SBI)

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Guess where the photo was taken from. The answer has to be a [Country] or [Town, Country].


  • Comment only one answer (no extra guesses).
  • If your guess was already made by someone else, please don't add again.
  • The guess that is most accurate will win.
  • The prize is 1 SBI unit
  • Reward is paid after the payout period (7 days).
  • The game ends after 7 days. Any guess after that is not valid.

猜猜照片的拍摄地点。 答案必须是[国家]或[城市,国家]。


  • 一个答案(不要额外的猜测)。
  • 如果您的猜测已经由其他人做出,请不要再添加。
  • 最准确的猜测将获胜。
  • 奖品是1 SBI
  • 奖金7天后发送。
  • 7天后结束, 之后的猜测都不算了。

Where am I? 我在哪里?


Clue #1 The answer contains (答案有这些字母): E, R

Clue #2 The flag has this colour (答案国旗有这个颜色): Red 红色

Clue #3 The country is not (国家不是): Belarus 🇧🇾

Clue #4 The country is in (国家在): Eastern Europe,西欧洲


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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

The Czech Republic?


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Contest ended/结束了. Please see Contest No. 9/请点这里找新的竞猜

Answer is/答案是:Gornji Ribnik, Serbia

Closest answer came from/最近的答案来自: @lologom

1 SBI 🏆 on its way.

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