Steemit's 2nd University Campaign at University of Cebu - A very Fruitful Campaign

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The Second Steemit University Campaign was indeed a fruitful night. A campaign in our university - University of Cebu - LM in Cebu, Philippines. With over 25 participants, we are happy to announce that we are growing here. This gave them the chance to be introduced in the platform and be able to share this opportunity to them to earn from their ideas. The night was full of positivity.


Following a success on our first meetup Click to redirect, which had happened last July 30, 2017. We immediately followed up another University campaign and happy to see them introduced in the platform. Something to be proud of and will be treasured for a lifetime.


Each of them received Steemit Shirt, Steemit button pin, Flyer, and Steemit plackard which can be helpful when posting their introduceyourself post. All of them are given for free.


As planned, the orientation started with us explaining our motives on why we put much effort in reaching them and help them to start their career in Steemit.

  • We wanted to create a bigger and healthy community in our hometown (Cebu, Philippines). A community that helps one another, lifting up together to grow.
  • We wanted to share this opportunity to them. An opportunity to finally earn from their posts, from their ideas. I mainly highlighted the main difference between Steemit vs Social Media Giants (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) - ***In Steemit, we earn from our ideass.
  • We wanted to @teamphilippines to gain some recognition in Steemit community as one of the fastest growing community in Steemit. Advocates like @sasha.shade, @surpassinggoogle, @cloh76, and other promising individuals who marked their name in promoting Steemit in our country.


Each of the participants logged their personal details in the Attendance Sheet - which includes their Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Steemit name, and signature. This is for us to reach them when we have updates and for a proper documentation during the campaign.


Participants who were not able to make an account were assisted by @dwaeji-aizelle for their sign up. One of the initiatives we added from the previous campaign that we had. Luckily, it all went through making them to sign up and are now waiting for Steemit to completely verify their account.



Then I started

In every presentation that I have, I normally start it by explaining the main reason why I am doing this thing. Then address my topics via questions / breaking the topic into pieces. So, we divided the topic with @themanualbot. These are the topics that we discussed :


  • Steemit and How it functions
  • How can we earn?
  • What are the rules on Steemit
  • Steemit Markdown Techniques
  • Proper usage of Tags
  • Some techniques to Succeed in Steemit


  • What is Steem, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars
  • Steem Power vs Voting Power
  • Reward Payout Computation
  • How to withdraw your earnings

Introducing our Members


Lovely @rakerumon, who loves anime and is a very good essay writer. She recently won 3rd place in Essay Writing Contest in our Intramurals. She is also an Electronics Engineering student.


Joseph @josephfugata, an ECE student who is not new to blogging and has started to bloom in Steemit.


Gerel Mae @marysent who is a sister of April (shown below) who expressed a lot of interest in joining the platform. Very lovely lady.


Flordeliza @lizzzyxoxo an Ece student who works as a part time McDonalds employee and was once a call center agent.


April @marygod, an Education student and a working scholar in Engineering tool room.


Jp @codygee237, an ECE student who is a has been engaging in business and wanted to explore about blogging.


Cesar @ceszar, an ECE student who is very interested in Steemit platform.


Eleazar @ted7 an ECE student who is one of our photographers for today along with @dwaeji-aizelle. He loves anime and photography.


James @matidios, an Industrial Engineering student which I havent known. But he expressed interest in joining the platform.


Jasper @jasperj, a Customs Administration student who loves football and other sports. He is the guy I normally talked with in terms of Football matches (Europe)


Jolaveme @jolavsmenot, an Industrial Engineering student who loves to take selfies and travel.


Joffitz @joffitzone, a Marine Engineering student who is also a working scholar in the university.


Nina Jean @tsukikei, a friend of Gerel (@marysent) who loves to blog.


Judith (@ditz) who is also a friend of Gerel.


@dwaeji-aizelle, an ECE student who is one of our moderators for today. He has helped a lot for this campaign.






An Overwhelming experience

To be honest, we couldn't believe what is happening right now. The campaign starts growing and growing and has been recognized by the communitty. In fact, we're having so much fun in promoting Steemit in our university. Steemit is a type of platform where you are proud of sharing it. We just simply love it!

My experince

It was tiring, yet fun. I had a lot of fun in pushing this initiative - because I've seen my purpose. I smell something, I smell a lot of promotion!

This Sunday, we will also ve having a Steemit Non-University Campaign. A campaign with more than 15 promising participants who are very interested in the platform of steemit. Which we look forward for a positive outcome.

Future Plans

Aligned plans that we have but are still not sure when to hold because next week will be a very busy day for us (Interdepartmental Quizbowl, Thesis, Midterm projects, and Midterm exams are coming).

  • Campaign Flyers, button pins, and plackards distribution to 500 students
  • Steemit Tarpaulin
  • Steemit Promotion to University Personneo (Professors, Department heads and staffs, and etc)
  • Steemit Hangout :)

This will likely to happen, and is surely be very FUN!

We would to express our sincere appreciation to Tom @donkeypong. He has been very helpful to us in many ways. Thank you.

I hope you guys are still there to support our campaign here in the future. It will really be a big help :).

Campaign donations are welcome. It will really be helpful!

Thank you for spending you time.

All the best,



This is awesome. It's a great way to spread Steemit offline!


This can be a good inspiration for others. Thanks @jassennessaj

Hey, it's great to see so many new smiling faces. Welcome to Steemit!

Keep the steemit spirit going. Great job done.

Good for example as a community

Hi Tom. Thanks for the appreciation. Best wishes for all of us! :)

This is great. It looks like lots of teaching and training is being done over there!

a lot of very interesting people among the group. thank you for making the community better!

Wish I could also have a photo in there haha

That was a bit sad @jcpuzs1 but your efforts are commendable. Thank you for your efforts on snacks :)

My wife just had her account activated recently. We're looking forward to make a living through this and be able to share our ideas through the platform. I'm loving this!

You in PH as well?

Yes! I'm located in Metro Manila, North Caloocan specifically.

Nice, we can set up an event there, maybe a meal or something with your friends and i will come invite them all to steemit.

Thank you! Hope you were in Cebu too so that we could invite you.

You're very welcome. I actually located in Metro Manila. Do you guys have any materials like videos that my wife and I can watch to better understand steemit?

wow, its so nice to see this kind of campaign happening!! Steem on guys!!

Congrats! Mabuhay! :)

this is a very great way to spread steemit. this is really encouraging and everyone is showing a face of satisfaction....steemit is way to go! thanks for this great work @jassennessaj

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How nice! ang dami na nating mga pinoy.

Hi, amazing this post, Very reminded me when signing up to become a member of Steemit. I hope hopefully keep the spirit in the work. Greetings all. Once again welcome and welcome to join everything in Steemit.

This is great!!

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Wow! Great!! How are you all... Great to see you all... this is really amazing! Keep in touch guys... have goal in life! Do good! Look good! And feel good!! Power up!!!

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

One of the most encouraging so far. This has my upvote.

Feel free to see my first post here:

See you around as I am from Cebu City as well.........

Thank you for effort. Plus, also use #philippines tag as that is a more general tag. Have a blast on Sunday

Thank you Terry. I appreciate it a lot!

Good step

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Looks like you guys did a really excellent job and onboard a lot of new filipinos! Congrats on the amazing turnout of the event and keep up the great work!

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You guys had put a lot of efforts and it can be clearly seen from your campaign pics amazing work by your whole team great to see the update keep going and keep rocking :)

This is such a great story, if our kabataan are all like this, the Philippines will have a bright future.

I hope you guys continue to inspire other young Filipinos and achieve your dreams.


Wellcome steemit to university @jassennessaj..
It’s really incredible hopefully in negaramu can develop and forward steemit if among students have known steemit is a very good because the students are creative in adap in steemit.dan steemit can develop quickly and do not forget to strengthen steemit community


This is amazing! I'm blown away by what you guys are doing over there in the Philippines

Love the movement! Steem on!

good luck for steemit in philippines @jassennessaj

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Seems like they havent created an account yet. They promised to join and register at home. But overall they are in the orientation and have some of their photos. Maybe they had not registered yet due to some reasons.