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I've been doing a lot of reading in regards to the Christchurch NZ shooting, Nigerian Christians being wiped out, Congo violence, issues in Venezuela, Central America and essentially all over the world.  I've been contacted by @cecicastor numerous times about what is happening in Nicaragua as well, as she gives me her personal account of what is going on in that country.  

It is important to recognize and acknowledge that most of this violence absolutely depends on us all reacting to it and choosing to engage with violence.  Most of what we see in the world is orchestrated by groups who want to incite a violent response to their violence and we must resist this urge.  I will also suggest that the violence we experience in our own homes is also subconsciously looking for a violent response as well.  

Does that mean we do nothing?  Absolutely not.  

Our confrontation of violence must be tempered with peace, love, compassion, patience and faith that Spirit will work all of this out.  If we get triggered and engage violence with violence, then the original violent offender wins as that is exactly what he / she is looking for.  But if we walk away or confront the violence in a peaceful way by showing solidarity, compassion, patience and zero tolerance for the violence, that will break the cycle.  It will take time and that is what spirit needs in order to help us deal with these issues.

I often witness people responding to violence by picking up a gun to make them 'pay', gain revenge or settle the score.  This only feeds the cycle of violence and we don't get anywhere as a species.  However, when we acknowledge, accept and stand in our own spiritual sovereign power and authority, the colonial violence has no choice but to stand down.  They just don't have the man power to control people who walk away from their feudal empire and self govern.  It is impossible to even control everyone who is in the system.  That is why they use fear, force and coercion to maintain the illusion of control.  They were never in control and they are desperate to hide that fact from us all.

So if they are not in control, who is?  Spirit!  So what are we to do?  Well, how about we walk away from the fictional constructs and take a leap of faith and allow spirit to guide and govern our lives?  

Spirit governs through peace, freedom, patience, prosperity, kindness, gentleness and love.  Isn't that what we are looking for?  

I cannot change what happens in other areas of the world.  However, I do have influence and by walking the path I pray that others are influenced to put down their swords, turn them into plow shears and return to Mother Earth.  I cannot express how important that once choice is as it can have a profound influence in the outcomes this planet will experience.

I was recently interviewed by Sean Maguire on his blog radio show 'Out of the Bag'.  Sean is from Ireland and he invited myself and another elder to talk about our up coming Spiritual Sovereignty retreat.  Little did I know, he also wanted an update as it was a few years since I was on Sean's show.  It is a pre-recorded show that will air on March 20th at 9pm Irish time, 5pm Eastern time and 3pm Mountain time.

I also talked about the steem blockchain on his show and he is sharing links to my @homesteaderscoop store front as well.  Give the show a listen and let me know if it resonates with you at all.  If so, you may  want to attend the retreat which is coming up in a few short weeks.  

Our tribe is also starting a news letter to let people know what is going on with the work that we are doing.  If you want to sign up, then follow the links in our first news letter and that will help you keep in touch with the tribal work that we are doing.

While the world provides us with all the tools we need to engage in violence, we must resist the temptation.  Even this blockchain has those tools and they too must be used with great care, compassion and comprehension.  What the world needs now more than ever is people who have done the work so that they can remain balanced and centered.  People who are no longer triggered by the behaviours of others and react in violent, abusive or unloving ways.  

In order to find that center where we are balanced requires a tremendous amount of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical work.  When we do that work, we are now in a better position to stand in our own spiritual jurisdiction to confront and help those who have yet to find their way through that process.  This is not about making people pay for what they did.  This is about helping people heal so that they can use their experiences to help others find the spiritual path of peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

Yes, I know.  There are many of you who think I'm talking out of my ass and will try to convince me that I'm delusional.  Some of you think they only way to deal with these situations is by picking up a gun and defending themselves and others.  If you feel that way, so be it.  I've heard a lot of the arguments and I still dismiss them as I've experienced the power of spirit within my own life and I will not surrender that spiritual jurisdiction, peace and freedom that I've found.  I ask that we all at least try to forgive, heal and find peace within our own hearts so that we can manifest it in the world.  

I stand here to testify that my world is peaceful, despite the wars going on around me.  I am but a small island in a sea of blood.  This world needs to turn that sea of blood into land of peace.  Be the change my dear brothers and sisters.  If you need help, then I am more than willing to mentor you through the process and we have many retreats and other resources to help with that journey.  All you need to do is make the decision and act upon it!  Read our news letter, join us in our next retreat which is all about Spiritual Sovereignty, listen to the pod cast tomorrow, read through my blog or contact me directly.  

The choice is and always has been yours to make.  What the world needs now more than ever?  You!!!

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We live right across the road from another mosque in NZ and that's what I've noticed most - the outpouring of love and support from the community. Photos here if you're interested. https://steemit.com/teamnz/@kiwideb/is-love-more-powerful-than-evil


That does not surprise me at all and it warms my heart to hear stories of such love, support and compassion. May we never allow the small numbers of violent abusers and murders break the bond of brotherhood and spiritual love for one another. Thank you Deb for sharing this. Beautiful!!!

Highly rEsteemed!

I love this post