Today marks 5 months on Steemit - success beyond my wildest dreams

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I've made some amazing accomplishments in my 5 short months here on steemit.  I hope that this post helps those of you who are new to the platform, struggling to find success or looking at tweaking what you do to find even more success.

Accomplishments in the first 150 days

  • I reached Dolphin status in 112 days organically
  • My account is in the top 0.2% on the blockchain
  • Recently ranked #132 out of 815,000 for number of comments made on the blockchain for 2018
  • I am quickly approaching 1000 followers
  • My reputation is 64.71
  • I created the Stewards of Terra Mater
  • I spear headed The Virtue Circle, a movement to improve ethics on social media
  • I consistently delegate anywhere from 82 - 99% of my steem to other users
  • My account is worth over $25,000CDN / $19,000USD - majority was gifts from others.
  • My account continues to grow at about 2% a week
  • When I first started I was one of the top bloggers for new accounts
  • I've logged at least 1100 hours on this platform
  • I've written 264 posts, 2646 comments and an estimated 1 million+ characters to date 
  • I've helped countless people through my work
  • My wife and I have lived off of Steem for months
  • The number of users has more than doubled since I signed up on October 5th, 2017.
  • Price of steem has tripled.

I did not do this alone.  I thank everyone who has ever upvoted my content as my success is a result of your gifts to me.  

How can you do the same?

Steemit is not like any other social media site.  Because cryptocurrency is involved we now have a stake in what happens.  This influences behaviour significantly.  So unlike some of the other social media sites, there is a strategy required to succeed here.  

Success requires that you get the attention of those who have influence, but not drive them insane either.  The best protocol for getting noticed is to engage in their blogs, write meaningful comments, participate and interact with them and all the others that are there as well.  You will get noticed and they will start to follow you.  If the individual is an author, like myself, your comments will be rewarded.  I do this because I don't have the time to visit 100 blogs to spread my upvotes around.  So I use it to upvote those who interact with me.  You can make money this way as well, not just on your own blog, but on the comments you share with other people.  I know of some people that make the majority of their money commenting rather than writing a blog.  

For others, they are curators and that is all they do.  They go around looking for great content to support and share.  By commenting on their posts, you will get their attention and they will visit your blog.  If they like what they see, they will upvote and share your work.  That brings awareness to your work and your followers will come.

Providing great content is critical for maintaining momentum.  It does not matter if it is written word, pictures, music or other forms of art, keeping it consistently high quality is what this platform is looking for.  The higher quality, the better as it add value to the currency that is being created here.

In the end, as always, it comes down to your relationship with people.  Begging, plagiarism, spam, covert violence and other abusive behaviours just does not fly around here.  There are bots and individuals who look for that sort of stuff and work hard to clean it up through confrontation and even flagging.  You do not want to be on the receiving end of that!

Having the right tools to manage your account is important.  I wrote a post a while ago with a list of tools that have been developed that you can use to help you through this experience.  Knowing how to use the tools will help you.  Because this platform is open source, there are many developers who are writing applications to interface with the blockchain.  Some run reports and provide all kinds of interesting information to help your journey.  @abh12345 and @arcange are two individuals that you will want to check out in this regard.  

Steemit is works by gifting to others.  This is a platform where the paradigm shift has changed and the old boys club rules don't work here.  We prosper by giving and sharing.  There are lots of greedy people here, just like in the real world.  All they want is money.  That paradigm will not work here, especially when millions of people show up.  We are learning how to interact with one another in the new paradigm here on steemit.  Embrace it and you will increase your success.  

For those who need more help

The learning curve is steep.  So I am working on putting a class together in St. Albert or Edmonton in a few weeks.  I'm working on making arrangements for the facility right now.  My plan is to do a hands on training session in the morning where everyone brings their laptops and we go through the system and the tools.  The afternoon will be spent networking and getting to know one another.  I've been teaching computers to people for 35 years, so I will do my best to help users increase their proficiency with the platform so that they can find success.  Although, I cannot guarantee success as it also depends on your content and your willingness to interact and participate with the community.  

Steemit is one of the only cryptocurrencies that does not require fiat currency to get involved.  The currency is created by our own creative capacity and that has the greatest value in my opinion.  The information, friendships and community being built here is more valuable than the currency.  If we use the currency to bring forth independence and freedom, we can change the world.  We will change the world.  Of that, I have no doubt.  

If you want more information on how to get started, this post has more links, ideas and suggestions that you can read through.  I hope this helps people get established and find success.  

 Click here for more information on how to join The Virtue Circle
Click here to join us on Discord.  

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You are one of the good ones my friend.

Congrats on 5 months and thank you for all your effort here.

The blockchain is an ecosystem which is impacted by the actions of each on here. There are many wonderful people doing all they can to help push this ahead. Keeping our focus upon the long term which means helping others is imperative.

I am a believer that each post and comment that comes from the heart and is written with genuine intention lifts this blockchain a bit higher. Together, we can keep pushing forward as the number of accounts grow and more applications are added.

We see the compounding effect in action. With each passing week, there is tremendous growth. Many seem to lose sight of this fact. All stats (like those you mentioned) verify that story.

It is a situation where little is noticed day to day but when you look back over 5 or 6 months, we can see where this blockchain came from.

6 months on here is like years elsewhere...that is how fast things are moving.


I am honoured and deeply touched my friend. You are so right and I am grateful to walk this path with you. You and I both have seen this as a tool to help teach people how gifting, distributed social media and currency protocols can impact our lives and eliminate the grip of those who want to control, siphon energy and manipulate people for their own gain.

This also reinforces anarchy principles which can help people learn how to self-govern, figure out what the true principles of freedom really are and work out the boundaries in life for healthy relationships. I'm sure the original developers never had that in mind, but then again, it is our own creative genius that allows us to use tools in ways that were never contemplated. Much like the genius who created the Internet 30 years ago.

It was supposed to be for the elite. Opps! lol

It is with our own burning desire for freedom and prosperity that we will leverage these tools to manifest sacred stewardship, peace and freedom. The learning curve is going to be steep for many people. We see old, statist type thinking here and that is to be expected. We will prevail but we have work to do to help people work through those old slave mentality type thought processes. It is a difficult process. It took me over 10 years to figure it out and I still have old programming to deconstruct.

One thing I have noticed is that what took me 10 years to figure out, now takes people months. Soon it will be down to weeks or even days! It is astounding how quickly people are picking up on the concepts that I struggled with for so long. People like yourself help in that education process and for that I am grateful! Thank you for doing the work that you do!

Ok... first congratulations on ALL the wonderful accomplishments! SO many in such a short time. I've been here just over two months longer than you and finally hit 60 the other day. So I bow to you and all the achievements.

Now I have two questions...
Your account is here organically? Meaning you have never purchased steem or sbd. What you have is what you've earned? Or am I wrong? Because if that's so, then I am organic too!

Second (which is two-fold), you are about the tenth steemian who has stated they have paid their bills and live off steemit. So how do you do that? Meaning, get actual money... and also... do you have tax issues? Capital gains issues? Curious because one day I will be using my sb/steem for something and the only thing holding me back is possible backlash of owed taxes.


Thank you @goldendawne. Yes, I did not invest anything other than my creative capacity to write and build healthy relationships. So if you did the same, then your account is organic too! Well done.

We are able to live off of steem because we live off grid. We only need about $750 a month to live, so it is easy for us to live off of steem. We sell our steem to others directly rather than going through exchanges. As for taxes, I'm not in their jurisdiction, so I don't concern myself with their shit. But it has taken me years to unwind that relationship. That is the whole point behind my blog. Did you read my books? ;)


Thank you for the info as well! I applaud you for being able to ungrip yourself from their hold. Complacency is the only reason they get away with all that they do.


Complacency, fear and ignorance. I pray that we can over come all three, rise up in peace and stand strong, side by side! Peace to you my friend.


No I haven't read your books. But I have heard about them. I need to check with my library and interloan service to get one.. or two.


THANK YOU! I'll start downloading to my tablet


You are welcome. I recommend that you read them in order. The last one I'm still working on finishing. There are a number of things yet to write about. But I'll get there.


I have read so many of these along the way here. I hadn't really realized they were part of your book but thank you... now I can refresh my ol' brain with the information.


Oh I would love to live off steemit! I’ll be watching for his reply on your questions too!


You are a shining example of integrity and what can be done here on Steemit if you are kind, consistent, supportive, and a giver of light to other.

The list of achievements is endless but I know it will continue growing.

Bravo, bravo


My dear friend, your words touch my heart deeply. I could not have done it without people like yourself either. Through the Stewards of Gondor, Stewards of Terra Mater, #familyprotection and other organizations that work hard to protect people, pay-it-forward and walk the path of peace and freedom, all of us would be in different spots for sure.

I am grateful for the gifting economy that this platform demonstrates and how powerful it is. I am now finding it starting to manifest in real life and that is astounding and amazing!

Wow! Such great progress. Gives me hope. Would love to attend your workshop in Edmonton. I think my fairy god mother might have broken one of her wings though. Haven't seen her in a bit! In the meantime I'll follow your lead. Blessings.


Well, I hope your fairy god mother can cast a spell to fix those wings. It makes doing her work much easier! lol

You are doing well my friend. Perhaps one day we will have the freedom to travel and visit so that we don't have to depend on electronic medium such as this. What we do here will manifest in the physical realm. Of that I have no doubt. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.


Yes, indeed, let us not be mere pebbles in the pond of human endeavors, let us be boulders. One day we shall meet face-to-face. That shall be a hallelujah greeting!


Giant mountains my friend! All in! lol. It shall be a glorious meeting my dear brother. I look forward to that day when we break bread together!

I have another opinion about your success... my brother @wwf
You're a success here because of your past life and your harsh experience, which gave you so much power and energy, and you knew how to exploit that energy to spread peace and love here.
anyone can write posts and comments but not anyone can make in his words a soul that affect anyone who reads it...


That is a very interesting perspective. It resonates with me. I've been doing this work for 17 years and this is, by far, the most success I've felt doing the work that I do. I feel that the time was needed to mature my message, test me resolve and fill in the gaps of my work. I've learned a lot over the past 2 decades and you are right, it was very harsh. But it prepared me for this work now and I am grateful for every experience. Thank you for pointing that out. I greatly appreciate it brother. <3 Peace and love to you.

What a blessing your presence here has been. I consider myself tech savvy for the most part, can build websites very quickly, am good with excel speadsheets, and love geeking out...but this has been a bit of a learning curve! It has been invaluable to have yourself and such a wonderful community here willing to share the learning curve with. Here's to a full 2018 of learning and growing the platform!


You are an amazing author, graphic artist, business savvy and extremely articulate lady. It is a privilege to read your work and watch you work through this process. You are doing very well and I it is an honour to have you as a friend, neighbour and clan member. Peace to you! May Creator bless you.


<3 Peace and love to you and Carrie also <3

Congratulations on your successes here on Steemit. It is amazing what can be done in such a short time. I am organic too but I think I am of the slow growing variety. lol


The oak tree is also slow growing. But look at how strong, majestic and beautiful it is! Thank you my dear sister. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

Congratulations! Not everybody can do this! I’m still working on growing myself so reading about your success in 5 months is amazing! I am about 4 months old and not close to your status. So i am jealous but also optimistic that i can get there


For some people it may take a year or more. But with persistence, healthy relationship skills and hard work, anybody can do it. I am grateful that you have optimism. Don't loose it. Even simple participation like this brings rewards. Don't underestimate the power of commenting, interacting and engaging with other people. One does not have to write a blog to gain rewards through this platform!

You are a prime example of how every user should be in order to find success in steem.

The fact you manage to reach 5K SP organically in 112 days is amazing! I think that must be some sort of record or something like that :P

Either way, it is nice to see stories like this, it’s proof this platform really offers good opportunities for its users.

The fact you delegate your SP when there is a trend among a lot of users to delegate to bid bots makes you even more respectable. With people like you this platform and it’s communities will only grow with no limit.

I hope I can keep seeing stories like this, instead of flag wars and bid bots abuse...

Thanks for sharing this.



I work hard to support others so that they can find success too. It is challenging some days as I'm still confronted with those who want to engage in violence. I have a duty to stop and confront them. But I also want to move forward with building strong relationships as well. It is tough work, but I'm glad that there are people interested in that work and doing it themselves. Keep steemin on my friend. Then you can work at removing your dependencies so that you can find true freedom and prosperity. Peace to you.

It feels like you've been here much longer. I always enjoy reading what you have to say and am looking forward to reading more for years to come.


yes, it may seen like a long time, but we got this far and I have plans to continue. I am very grateful that you are enjoying my work. Thank you for following along and supporting me. I really do appreciate that. I do what I can to reward my followers as it is difficult for me to get out to other peoples blogs as mine keeps me busy. May Creator bless you my friend with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.


I watched Ungrip yesterday.

What an amazing video!

I've known about a lot of the information in there for some time now, and although I've made some changes in my life because of that info, I've never really acted on it to the extent that I probably should be. Lately I feel something pulling at me to make a change - although I'm not sure exactly what that entails yet. It's truly amazing to see a change against the norm in action, and it's a tremendous inspiration for me to work harder in order to obtain the changes I probably need to feel a sense of freedom: I certainly don't feel freedom at the moment. I'll be reading through your books too. Thanks.


I'm glad you enjoyed the film. You will enjoy my blog for sure then! Enjoy my books. :) <3

Congratulations on your successes. And thanks for these tips. I'm still a newbie; still experimenting to get a hang of it all. People like you motivate minnows to not lose hope. Please put the class together soon. Will love to be a part of it


Class is set for March 24th in St. Albert. I don't know where you live, but if you are in the neighbourhood, I encourage you to visit my latest post as all the details are there. If travel is a concern, then I do have many posts where I wrote about my struggles and lessons learned while doing this work. I hope they help you out. Welcome to Steemit!

Congratulations on your success, I wish I had more time to spend here. I believe the future is very bright for the platform. As for now I'm still chained to the system. All the best to you and keep up the hard work. I appreciate your message very much, peace, JerryT


Thank you Jerry. Perhaps an hour here and an hour there will allow you to start taking off some of those chains. There is a lot of work to do, but freedom is well worth the sacrifices. I am grateful that you enjoy my message and I thank you for following along and supporting my work. Peace to you.

I congratulate you and believe, that your success is deserved. You're done! Thank you for competent and wise advice, they will be useful as a novice and experienced user. I wish you continued success)

You've achieved so much in these few months. Congratulations!

I totally agree with you when you say that the paradigm has shifted and we actually benefit from giving here. And like you said, there are greedy people, but as more people join us, we will see power shift and distribute in many ways.


I am grateful that you feel the same way I do. Bravo! Steem on my friend. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

We need more positive stories like this. So often it seems that you can only do well if you have the money to invest in the first place. That old saying that money makes money. For those that don't have the money to invest this is a positive affirmation that you can still achieve something. Even better is your example that helping those around you also helps you.

Sorry, this is probably sounding a bit slushy, but I've just come away from reading a post and comments based around this flag war, which pretty much seems to have lost any form of reason and has degenerated into insults, jealousy and degradation. I need to cut that side of Steemit out.


No need to apologize. I've had to do the same. I've confronted them, they did not listen. If I could physically stand between them I would. But my energy is best utilized in building something rather than destroying. So I will focus on my life purpose, healthy relationships.

I agree with you that this platform is amazing as it does not require a huge capital investment to make something of it here. I started with no investment other than my own creative capacity! We ALWAYS have that capacity. What is sad is that people feel helpless when they have no money. But money only represents energy from the past. We always have the ability to do something with today. Steemit proves that! Thank you for mentioning that point. Very astute observations!

Congratulations for these great achievements under the short period of 5 months.
Your have equally given back to the steemit community in many ways which am a beneficiary and remain grateful.
On your planned project for helping others, I trust in your ability to carry it out seamlessly and pray that God will help you.
Thanks and congratulations again.


Thank you my friend. I'm touched by your kind words and encouragement. I will do my best to continue walking the path that I've set out on many years ago. Peace to you.

Congratulation for your achievement in Steemit, You are a great person, You sayd right the information and comunity that have been built here is more important than the currency


Thank you. Live is all about relationships, not tools. Peace to you! Steem on my friend.

heartiest congratulation, I started my journey in June but didn't get such successes as I gave my time to job also ,
happy for you sir!

I think vlogs generally do better than blogs. Of course a good blog will do better than a bad vlog. Many are doing well on DTube.


Great to hear. I'm happy that all those people are finding success on DTube. For us it would not be feasible as our data plan here is very expensive. So I stick with my talents and that is writing.

nice my friend hope you can always share information about new things friend. I love it

Thanks for the information

Dear @wwf,

Thank you for this marvelous post. I am new (Jan. 2018) on the platform and will definitely follow your tips to help myself grow. I am not really here to make money, but rather to grow a large following to help with the launch of my online academy where all my courses will be free and will focus on liberty and empowering individuals.

I am also grateful for the wonderful tools you recommended and will comment there as well (suggesting an amazing tool that is not listed there that I am sure you will love).

I am following you now and look forward to more of your insightful posts.



P.S.: I almost forgot, here is your reward for your 5 months on Steemit:


A nice Poutine from my home province of Quebec. Enjoy! They are sooooo delicious!

Sounds Great, Define "organically" :-)