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In July of 2005 I found out that the government was not there to protect me or keep me safe.  My illusions about what I thought the government was for, was shattered for ever and I was angry.  It took me nearly six months to work through all the feelings and the fall out of what that meant for me in my life.  I finally saw my relationship with the state for what it was; an abusive, violent and oppressive relationship.  If I truly love myself, I had to say no to that relationship and say good bye.  

Wounded Knee (1891) - Public Domain image

I finally set out on my journey to mature.  Surely I had already physically matured, but the last 15 years really helped me mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It was hard work, but now I'm ready to 'see' what is really going on around me.  So what do I see?

I see our youth being used as pawns when their parents fight.  I've literally had to stand between one parent to protect the other and their children.  I helped another friend protect her daughter from the abusive and violent hands of Child Protective Services. I also helped a young fellow in his struggles to be heard by his social worker and to help him have a voice and be heard.  I've helped a whole family protect themselves from the abusive tyranny of the city upon which they live.  There are many reports of child trafficking, sex trades and even the recent announcement that a clinic in the US will start infusing old people with young people blood.  You are seen as a commodity and this will only increase the demand for children.  You are violated with vaccinations when you are at school and even now some governments are working hard to remove the little protections you have left.  The lists go on and on as this is but a small sample of what I see.  

Many could also argue that public education is nothing more than the indoctrination of our youth in order to prepare them to be good slaves within the colonial matrix we call 'society'.  I often wonder how moderns schools are any different in intent than the residential schools were.  Then there is all the harm that is being done through the medical mafia system under the guise of public health and safety.  

It is clear to me that this world is not a safe place to live.  The level of violence that is now starting to come out into the open may render most people silent out of overwhelm and disbelief.  For me, it brings up my warrior side as I refuse to sit quietly while these evil acts against others continue.  

The Darkest Betrayal

I want to talk to the little child hidden deep inside you.  In one way or another, we have all been impacted by the violence that surrounds us.  When we are little, we don't understand what is happening and at times we often internalize it and blame ourselves.  Our little one is scared, hurting, afraid and lonely.  We put up armour to protect ourselves.  Some turn inward and go silent, others turn outward and act out, while others find ways to cope in a social structure that is not even close to being healthy.

The adults in this world have failed our youth.  We have participated in the darkest betrayal as we were unable or unwilling to protect those who are most vulnerable.  We allowed abhorrent evil behaviour to grow in the shadows of our own bedrooms and the darkest corners of our institutions.  We turned a blind eye to violent, abusive and evil acts of others because we were too scare or blind ourselves to confront it or protect you from it.  

That little one hidden deep inside deserves to be loved, cherished, encouraged and challenged.  The adults betrayed you by sacrificing you for their own goals, ambitions, fears or doubts.  Nobody deserves to be bullied, violated, abused or killed as we are all sacred and precious spiritual beings.  

While your parents joined in a union to create you, it is the tribe that provides the protection, support and resources to help you and your parents.  Our tribes have been under attack and almost completely dismantled in favor of a centralized government colonial structure.  Now the parents are under attack and nearly defeated from that same institution.  Our youth are seen as wards of the state and that state is corrupted beyond belief for most people.

Dear little one;

I am sorry.  

The very people who were commanded by Creator to protect you have abandoned and betrayed you.  There are some of us who are working hard to heal so that we can rebuild the tribe in order to band together to protect those that are most precious to our survival and for future generations, ALL our little ones.  It matters not whether that little one is hiding deep inside an armoured heart of a grown adult, is breathing air for the first time or managed to heal to become a spiritual warrior.  All little ones deserve to feel safe, secure, protected and loved by the tribe that surrounds and loves them.  You deserve a safe environment upon which to learn how to have a healthy relationship; with boundaries, love, freedom, prosperity and joy.  You deserve to have the support you need for when you make mistakes and to be corrected you when you waver off the path.

Life is about relationships and as we heal ourselves, we all start to see just how toxic the relationships are in our lives.  When we rebuild our tribes, we find the support and resources to heal those relationships so that we can all move forward in our lives.  This is not an easy path as there are those out there doing everything they can to sabotage that healing process.  The spiritual warriors need help as their job may seem unsurmountable.  However, we will be victorious as we embrace the spiritual authority and power that is destined to govern our lives and this planet.  Mother Earths Natural Laws must be learned so that we know how to extend our healthy relationships with our spiritual brothers and sisters upon which we share this planet with.  

For all those who have harmed me, I forgive you.  For all those that I harmed, I ask for your forgiveness.  For me, I forgive myself.  I've found through my recent health issues a way to love myself and my vessel unconditionally.  I cannot express how freeing that feeling is.  I was able to do that because my tribe loves me, unconditionally as well.  My tribe helped me in ways that I could not have accomplished on my own.  

Little one, I will do what I can to protect you.  I will stand between you and those that choose to harm you, whether they do it legally, willfully or unconsciously.  I honour the sacredness of you little one and please know that you are no longer alone.  There is no way I can heal you, but I pray that my actions will rebuilt the trust that was lost so that you can find the safety and comfort to heal yourself.  May you then move forward in your life to help others do the same.  That is how we bring peace to this planet, one heart at a time.

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We need to first forgive ourselves, then heal and unconditionally love ourselves before we can begin the process to help others. We need to stand up to abuse, not only the abuse directed at others but the abuse that is focused on us. I learned a long time ago to simply walk away for abuse directed at me. I forgave them because they did not know any better. They were repeating a cycle of violence.


You are absolutely correct my dear sister!

@wwf It is really disheartening to see how much previous generations keep letting the new ones down. Collectively we have indeed failed; it is up to those individuals who are willing to stand up for what id right to keep up the fight for our childrens future


We are learning my friend. Now that we know, we have a duty to act upon it. Leadership by example. <3

This post has been resteemed to the @familyprotection community.

May we all be part of the 'TRIBE' that protects children from overbearing governments and other harms.


Indeed. We have a lot of work and healing to do. <3 Tribe on!!! thank you for sharing this post.


You are very welcome. It especially hit home with me today after an encounter I just had with a friend who does not understand my heart to help stop the abuses of government. Her response was to instead become abusive with me. I forgive her and I will continue along the path that has been clearly set for me.
Thanks for this timely post @wwf


I'm saddened to hear about the abuse, but my heart is warmed greatly to hear you were able to forgive her. While forgiveness is important, it also does not mean we continue to put up with the abuse. It sounds like to me you have healthy boundaries and I applaud your efforts to continue with your work. You have my encouragement ans support in that endeavor. I am grateful that my post was timely! <3 Peace, love and respect to you my dear sister and fellow tribe member.


Putting up with abuse would drain me of my resources and strength, which would make me ineffective to follow the path that I see set before me. If I slow down because of it, then evil has won.


Indeed! I agree. I walk away from that shit for that very reason! Bravo to you.




Great what? Can you express yourself more clearly so that people know what your talking about?

Man, is it challenging to wade through all the muck. As a mom of young adults. And, a Spirit in search of healing and freedom. This is a complex life to live. Just like you, my warrior spirit is awakened. I will plod along. Just as you & Carey do too. Blessings, love, healing dear friends. <3


I work hard to testify to what I've found during my journey through the muck and confusion. I pray that it helps as the solution is simple. I know that deep in my heart. The problem is that most people refuse to implement the solution out of fear, doubt, or what ever reason they give. May your journey be blessed with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love my dear sister.

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Love reading your posts!
Keep up the good work!

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Great to read your article.

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