From the mud the lotus blooms - Steemit Vision Quest

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In my own search for spiritual balance in the middle of a very important transition in my life, this series of photos was born in me.

Lately I have learned that it is necessary to accept what hurts to be able to heal the soul, to look with love at the small things of life, to be in the present, to forgive others and myself. Accept the good and the bad, take it with me without burden.

Slowly I am reborn from the earth, from the mud, from the pain, from the memory. The lotus represents the purest, most peaceful state of the soul. Lately I have managed to create states of true calm, of acceptance and release, purifying moments that I am grateful for, my paths are opening and calm has come in the process to see and show a better version of myself.

~ ~
~ ~

Dark times

It’s necessary

Under my skin,
on my shoulders,
embedded in my heart

I look inside
more and more
where it hurts

To Change,
to forgive,
to be born again
as a new version,
aware of myself

It's necessary

I accept
I Breathe
and consciously.

I comeback feeling grateful
I found myself as a lotus flower
In my soul's purest state

It is necessary

They will bring times of light.

Sometimes it's hard to bear the burdens, it's hard to see and accept reality, it's hard to continue. But it is necessary, everything we live, the good times and the not so good, The hoy and the pain to accept it and live by its necessity. Seeing is being reborn, consciously letting go and coming back to keep the peace.

Just breathe


Steemit Vision Quest

Thanks to @cabelindsay, @eaglespirit , @rensoul17 and @girlbeforemirror for this contest that allows us to share and connect by sharing small fragments of our soul. Let's keep showing visions, reflections and art!

I want to thank my friend @esprog for being my model in this opportunity, without his disposition the photos would not have been the same.

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Wow...what a beautiful post to find this morning! Your words are wonderful, and your post overall is simply awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this!

I'm glad you liked it, thanks to you for such a good vibes when you leave your comment! :D

The visuals and the words make a beautiful post, @cronosclocks... Thanks for sharing your lotus blooming from the mud! :-)

This comment made my day, thanks for the support!

Your article has been upvoted by CELF, a curation project for visual, plastic and performing arts, music, and literature, we will share it so it can receive more upvotes :). Drop by at our discord server!:

Thanks for the support guys!

Oh my gosh, you and your creativity are off-the-charts Triple-A aaamazing!!! Powerful imagery, as usual from you. I like the way the animation hides and reveals, then hides and reveals as I look and listen to the messages. Yes, and I love the way you've worded it, as well as the fantastically artistic way you've presented it all. Loving your way of integrating the #SVQ theme here, and bringing valuable meaning to that mantra: "From the mud the lotus blooms."

Slowly I am reborn from the earth, from the mud, from the pain, from the memory. The lotus represents the purest, most peaceful state of the soul.

We celebrate your Creative Spirit, and we appreciate your entry in Steemit Vision Quest #20.

May you receive all you seek.

Cabe! Dude I'm very happy that you like it. I loved the theme because I identified myself. It is a real pleasure to participate and receive your perceptions about it. Always grateful for your feedback! :D

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