exceptional - he was strucked 7 times by lightning


Ever heard of Roy Sullivan?
This man has an incredible story.
Roy lived in the beautiful state of Virginia. And worked in the national park as a forest ranger. You can't explain how much bad luck you have to have. but he was struck by lightning seven times, unbelievable as it sounds.
The first time he was struck by lightning in 1942 and the last time he was struck by lightning in 1977 while fishing. He survived all seven times and only died in 1983 at the age of 71.



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img credz: pixabay.com
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wow! maybe he wasnt just meant to die those days yet. or maybe he was meant to a grimm reaper waiting for his turn to be the next grimm reaper. or maybe he is zues' son. Lol. haha

Lol in my country we'd call that witchcraft. Not to say he is the witch,but we'd say the witches sent lightning to him.
Funny thing I'm terrified of lighting,can't even drive when it rains lol I just wanted to see this hero

Wow, isn't thriller how nature made him a hero? He had an unprecedented encounter with nature up to seven times yet survived because he was also a natural being.

Today his life that ended 33 years ago still echoes even in steemit that was introduced approximately 31 years after his demise!

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