Ulog # 9/9 My thoughts and dealing with issues

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Things are never as bad as they seem. They could always be worse.

I just finished all my comments plus one or two posts I read. That only took me 4 hours LOL. It's not because there were so many. It just took me forever.

I did notice something. I went through my VP so fast That I ran out. This has not happened to me in a while. The price of steem must have taken a big dip. I have to rethink the way I vote. At least until steem goes up and dustsweeper get back up to 100%. This dip has affected everyone. It is still time to build your foundation. You will reach more people because a lot of them will stop engaging.

As you know I powered up to hit the 1000 SP mark. I have been waiting for steemitboard to catch up so I could see my vest. To my surprise it is 2.026 mil. vest. That close to a 300,000 jump. I would like to see my standing with @steem-ua. And if it has improved.

I said that I had to look at the VP % when casting a vote. What This means is the amount of votes I have in 24 hours is 22. That is a far cry to what I normally have. This will continue until the price of steem goes up.

This is my 7th post in seven days. I pushed steemit as hard as I could this past week. I will not be able to do it again this week. I will do what I can. The days will be brutal coming up. It will all start in the morning with a blood test. Then meet with doctors and more tests.

@minnowbuilder, Take a look at it. For those of you who are sending 0.5 steem and so forth to these quick upvote and resteem services This has a much higher payout and you don't lose your steem !!! Look at it and ask questions


@pifc - @asapers - @steem-ua - Vet discords (vets only)

They all have programs to help in building your account


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I think @minnowbuilder is going to be a really great thing for the community. You just can't beat an opportunity to help and grow at the same time.
I will hang out some in the Discord after today. Hope the week won't be too hard on you.

Now is a great time to infuse external funds into Steemit.

Namaste, JaiChai


I agree. Also to build up followers, foundation building


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq


Thank you for your update

Wow... beautiful sunflower ... Dogecoin is holding up nicely

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the Sunflowers grew out nice

I have the Same its a daily struggle and its holding me back in voting early in the day but Thats Steem life nowadays


You can only do the best that you can. No sense in pushing to hard.


You can only do
The best that you can. No sense
In pushing to hard.

                 - wolfhart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I have noticed that steem seems to be pretty well cooked these days, ROFLOL! If this platform wasn't so much fun it would be worse, but I would like to see steem climb out of the toilet. I can see that I still have a lot to learn.

That is a big sunflower full of one of my favorite nuts.



I think the big guy's are still selling off to increase the availability of steem. Sometimes I wish they would not help LOL


I have tried to buy some myself, but it is too complex so far.

I will try again soon....


First of all, sending you positive vibes bright as the sunflower.
As for the monetary advice, thank you, I will bare it in mind for the future, I am looking around to re-invest in steem - it all, build from crypto currencies.


I have been putting everything into steem. If it pays of, great. If not that's ok too.

I noticed the same! After being out for several days, my voting power hit the high 90's, something I haven't seen in a while! I was so excited, but then realized it was done to nothing again in now time!!

Take care @wolfhart :)


The price is hurting on giving support to others. If it gets even lower will have to redo the supporting.


Yes, I believe you are correct with that one!

It is a beautiful flower! Good shot!

I think your stamina is low. It's the worst thing. I was reading features and couldn't focus and actually fell asleep while going through the list. Hang in there.

And yes..as you so often remind me, Time to remind everyone else. Take advantage of post-promotions in any group you belong in.


hahaha you too??? I've got a few more to do and I'm trying desperately to finish them now :)


Since my surgery, it's been bad. I admit I did the dumbest thing ever a few days ago, I accidentially took a muscle relaxer than my depression med. That was great they were counting how many times I dozed off LOL


hahaha that's bad, but tooo funny! I can't stay awake on those things either!

thedarkhorse just managed to get headchange to take my spot this coming week from judging; I think i'm getting the after-affects of the accident and get really sore after a short time on my computer.


I took the percocet after my surgery...no issues. I take this one my doctor gave me for back spasms and it knocked me on my ass LOL

It will be good for you to have a few days off, relax and soak. Hopefully the stiffness and such will start to go away.

I have no idea how vests work. Or most things on Steemit work. But I dog paddle around and splash the other kids and make a nuisance of myself, and if I don't drown it's all good fun.


Having fun with it is what its all about.
I don't know much about Vest. I know it plays an important role. very important.

The best I can come up with is SP are steem held in funds as vest
How they come into play I don't know

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howdy sir wolfhart! wow you did great to get 7 posts out in the last 7 days! I agree, great time to fund and continue to build.

unfortunately I'm recharging my sp today but I wanted to show my support, God bless you!


Don't feel bad I an recharging min too LOL. Had to raise my VP% to cover dust. because steem is so low dustsweepers had to back of a little on their upvotes that cover dust


howdy sir wolf! oh really? dustsweepers had to back off? well I'm sure it's temporary right?


I believe so

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I will look more at innowbuilder I have been using TIpu and I get back what I get plus more everytime right away on the post. I did get some Minnowbuilder shares so maybe some more next week.


Once its built up you never have to worry about it again.