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I think it's now official.

Did I say think? lol, It's official not think, that am finally selling my soul to thriller and crime literature.

Have been a fan of romance and heartwarming literature like the likes of Nora Roberts, Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel and the rest of them.

But then I met a god in writing.

His no other person than David Baldacci.

"The sixth man" happens to be the first book am reading by Baldacci.


I still haven't gotten over the book.
It's suspense filled, thrilling and heart breaking. It expresses love, hate, conspiracy, betrayal, success, failure, intelligence and so much more.

Lately after reading the book have been on critical thinking when it comes to trust and friendship. Because in the story, most people saw their down fall because of trusting too much to another person.

The story is about a lawyer named Ted Bergin who was taking the case of an alleged serial killer Edgar Roy, got murdered in his car on the highway.

It happens that the investigators Ted Bergin got to look into Edgar Roy case, was the one that found the lawyer dead in his car.

Different events both the good and the bad began to unfold as King and Maxwell the investigators determined to find out the reason for Ted Bergin death and if Edgar Roy was guilty or innocent of the charges against him.

The more they got to know about some certain things, the more complex and complicated things became. I never could imagine investigators like King and Maxwell.

I was marveled with the standard of technology in the story.

Edgar Roy, the main character in the book is one mind blowing being I can't imange in my whole life.
He had a photogenic memory that could remember every thing he saw and never ever forget about it. He could lost himself in his own mind and look like a programmed being.

Now I think I have to draw the curtains here. It's high time you get yourself David Baldacci's books and you would thank me later most especially bibliophiles.

Thanks for reading.
Am a celebrity, @surpassinggoogle made it possible.


I will recommend, a couple of authors for you starting with john grisham, Stephen king and of course Sydney Sheldon, grisham the king of the court suspense read him up and tell me what you think?! Sydney is the kind of catastrophe, come back for reviews.

Yeah I know of john grisham and I have read two of his books. Stephen king is another god to me, but Sydney Sheldon, I can't tell but am familiar with the name because a friend of my recommended it to me too but I haven't gotten them yet.

It’s been a while since I’ve been super excited about a book, but your depiction of this read made me wanna go out and get some good books to read. I myself have NEVER EVER been into the romantic heartwarming stuff oh no I’m a thriller kinda gal and as cliche as this writer is one of my favs has to be Dan Brown specifically Davinco code and Angels and Demons. I’m yet to read Inferno but I’m sure I’ll get to that one too eventually.

Thanks for making us all hungry for some good literature.
Have an awesome day.

My o My...
That's good and glad.
You remind me of one of my friend, she isn't into romance and heartwarming rather thriller.
I got Dan brown book which the Davinco code but am yet to read it.
Thanks for stopping by.

No problem I look forward to reading more of your content. :)

I love your enthusiasm,. Make me want to try this author. I love thriller novels also, specially james patterson and tess gerritsen!

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Have to agree with you about @uche-nna he was quite enthusiastic and expressive in this piece, he actually had me googling the book.

Haha he really is.

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Thanks, you can try David Baldacci and I bet you would love him.
Have read james Patterson, hopefully when i have the resources I will get his books.
As for tess gerritsen I haven't heard of that author but I would check out.

For tess gerritsen, you have to get your stomach ready haha.

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@uche-nna, all i see is the juice and harmburger, please where is mine?

There also appears to be a delicious looking dessert pastry or cookie beside them.

You can say that again. The delicious looking got me laughing.

Yours is available o..

I just came to say I miss you

Awwwwn dearest, I do too.. Thanks a bunch.

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This is an awesome review friend.
Am landing here all the way from scorum.com, lol.

Continue being awesome, i look forward to more book reviews. Sure, you're a celebrity.

From the scorum world, he came to visit.
Thanks man, as for the celebrity path we never reach there oo..

Wonderful, am a fan of Sydney Sheldon,
P. S: Do not read any of his books if you're not ready to be thrilled.. 😂😂😂

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Am one kind human being that when you tell not to do a thing I would like fo know why.
I wished i had gotten the books when i saw it on the road side in Lagos.
Now i know my friend wasn't wrong when she was talking about Sydney all the time.