My First Ulog: What I Actually Do

in ulog •  5 months ago

Have you seen those memes of what my friends think I do, what my mom thinks I do and what I actually do? That's pretty much me in a nutshell. My brothers x-wife still says to me, "I still don't know what you do!".

On paper, it looks really cool. I jet set all over the world, and I push myself to the limit to site see, but, I'm actually working. Have you ever been to a great motivational seminar? Well, that's pretty much what I do! I fly in, set the entire room up. (Believe it or not, balloons, banners, and other decorations don't just appear there!). I also set up the sound, make the room look pretty, and get ready to bring in our speaker! Sometimes, I am the first speaker up to introduce the main speaker, check people in, and keep the event running for the entire weekend). That's what I do most weekends. At these seminars, we find authors to publish there, so, then, when I'm home, I'm generally on the phone coaching them.

Not only that, but, I also handle my own business. Jamie (@eventspeaker) and I help gyms, studios, personal trainers, and others in the natural wholistic health care field, acquire, engage, and retain customers. We do this with our extensive backgrounds in health and fitness. We are both certified personal trainers (with a ton of certs), and we used to own Elite Fitness Zone. A gym I built from the ground up for over 6 years. We decided we wanted a life of travel after overcoming a devastating blow to our gym business from a nefarious business partner. So, we became authors and speakers focusing on mindset and habits. Because one thing I learned from working with clients for years is that, if I can't help you change your mind, you are not going to be able to change your body.

Oh, and one more important thing about my husband and I. We are very proud grand parents of the most adorable, lovable, 5 year old boy. :)

So, that's me in a tiny nutshell. Did I do my first Ulog correctly? It looks fun! Am I supposed to do them everyday? I sort of understood the few I read. Just tapping my toes in the water!!

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The mainstream world still doesn't get the notion of the non-job revolution.

So few seem to understand that before you can lose weight or get trim or buff or whatever, you have to change your mind first. I don't really get how they can not get this. They are talking about changing their entire life, their habits, their diet, etc, but they don't seem to get that it all starts psychologically. They have to have the desire to change, the drive, and the psychological capability. So often I hear people say things that honestly make me want to punch them because they blame people for not just completely changing themselves easily. Like it's so easy to do...'s hard to explain. Good physical trainers need to do more than just know how to lift weights. They have to know how to change minds and inspire people to change. The psychology is the first step. The physical parts are just what comes after the person is ready to change. It's important to know how to train but it's even more important to know how to inspire someone to want to change.


Exactly!! The reality is that what ever exercise and diet routine you choose, it will work. As a trainer, we don't hold some secret key. However, if we can help our clients change our minds, then, that is the secret key! I found I could help a lot more people if I focused on mindset. You already know what to do! It's just getting started and gaining momentum that counts!!

Shoot... A bunch of Steem Creators don't know what they do. I certainly don't know what I do most of the time. Hahahha. @thehoneys @eventspeaker @ogc @larrymorrison @joepate47


LOL! RIGHT?!!! It's truly great to have a platform where we can create a life of freedom. :).

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