Ulog-Games - 'Water Is The New Sexy'. Submit Your Short-Video Entries. First 20 Qualifying Entries Get '5 Steem' Each & The Next 30 Get '3 Steem' Each.

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This will form one of many 'ulog-games' and this particular one is labelled 'Water Is The New Sexy'.

Please make sure to read every aspect of this short post, so that your video-participation qualifies. The first 20 qualifying video-entries will get 5 steem each. The next 30 qualifying video-entries will get 3 steem each.

Underlying Aim Of 'Grow This Money'.

  • To spark world-renown trends.
  • To let the world know about 'ulog'.
  • To adjust the world.
  • To emanate 'owners', great men, true celebrities etc.
  • To grow steem.
  • To show that 'steem is not money'.
  • To inculcate that 'money is the smaller things'.
  • To stir community.
  • To highlight some of the beautiful perks of becoming a 'certified user' under the TEARDROPS SMT ecosystem.
  • To show the expanse in beauty of the Teardrops SMT ecosystem
  • To explore the term 'rewards'.
  • To highlight that 'steem is more powerful as a mentality-adjuster than a reward-distributor'.
  • To give more directional and testimonial essence to 'fun'.
  • To spark a noble dream.
  • ETC.

Who Can Participate?


Even if you are a private figure, you can participate (with some creative improvisation), so don't be deterred and participate. 

This entire endeavor will also help us enhance a 'referral model' that we are building (related to steem growth) that uses 'real world trends'; so yes, you can invite non-steemians to participate too and these ones can join steem to receive their rewards. (For participating non-steemians, i can help them create their steem accounts)

Yes, every(any)one can participate.

Dynamics Of This Ulog-Game.

Please note: Every innovation emanating from the TEARDROPS SMT ecosystem has an un(dis)talented paradigm. As you undertake this endeavor thus, relegate reservations; exercise freedom.

To Qualify

Simply do a short video (within 2 or 3 mins in length) of you 'drinking the most water (sachet water, bottle water, calabash  water, basket water) that you can' as creatively, sexy-ly, cute-ly, undistalentedly, comedy-ly as you can, in a movement titled: 

"you who say you don't like water, this is how i drink my sexy water" .

(Try to repeat the words above or a variation of the words within your video as emphatically as possible and as many times as you desire)

DONT FORGET: Make sure to introduce yourself as a ulogger and state your username at the outset of the video.

Send the resulting video to '[email protected]' (either as an attached email or via google drive) allowing us to upload this video entry on UloggersTV (YouTube) and related social channels. 

Don't forget to add in your 'username' in the subject of the email.

Also, if the file is too big, you can upload your video to YouTube and provide us with the resulting URL, so that we can download it.

Or you can reach me via DM on Telegram (@surpassinggoogle), Discord (surpassinggoogle#1660) or WhatsApp (+639210779436), to send in your videos in a message.

Note: All participants must be subscribed to UloggersTV (YouTube) to complete the task.


  • The first 20 qualifying entries will get 5 steem each. 
  • The next 30 qualifying entries will get 3 steem each.
  • 10 steem for consolation prizes as required.
Please make sure to read the post well and follow its guide to qualify. Refer friends as well to participate. 


Participation is open till we attain up to 50 qualifying video-entries.

Closing Note

You Can Support The Development Of Teardrops

my "Thank You" is hefty.

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Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears


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Now, here are sample entries:

Please subscribed to UloggersTV (YouTube) if you haven't done so.

Much valued.

Done subscribe....

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I'll try!

So valued

Okay, i like the idea you are putting forward ,bit honestly saying i can't think of a lot of ways to drink water. I mean ,did you choose this topic so that people have to work hard to make a chance.or are you aiming for the maximum number of people to participate , if so, i don't think a lot will .. Please clarify

A lot went into the creation of the game. There is a ton of ways to do it. Just be playful and aim to do it to appeal to the spot of human. Many or less entries matters less overall. Join in. Play!

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Greetings @surpassinggoogle, you can make a video in the Spanish language because I'm from Venezuela


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OK thank you

Greetings and send my video.

Yello Terry, I love this innovation. You are really doing good stuff. My challenge has been posting video but I will try.

Yes it bigger things than what it looks, so please join in

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Wooow..i like the idea..its so cutie and sexy.though i dont drink water that much , i am wondering how can i participate 😂

I don’t drink water too. So use it to finish a bottle. I await

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Buen día, te invito a visitar este mi (Grupo de Apoyo Stemit) Este a sido creado con la finalidad de apoyarnos mutuamente a través de comentarios y like en nuestras publicaciones en STEEMIT.

Te invito a que te suscribas y solicites información para ponerte al corriente de la o las estrategias a utilizar.

Amazing effort of you for this platform. Thanks and regards.

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@surpassinggoogle, I've sent the YouTube link to respective email.

Also, Kindly find the below blog post link towards this Ulog-Games Contest.


Have a wonderful time ahead brother and stay blessed.

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This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

Sorry for asking what I typed my title sir anything???

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I didn't understand the question. Points don't necessarily mean 'growth in human'.

Actually I say when I participate this contest.and what I typed my title....

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It is a video submission. I will be uploading the video to UloggersTV on YouTube. You can send in the video directly but if you want to upload it to your YouTube that is fine as well as long as i can download it and re-upload it, in that case, the video URL will do. Kindly read the post well so your entry qualifies. There are something that you are required to enact in the video and a way to introduce yourself i.e as a ulogger.

Any title will do.

Yes now understand... tomorrow I send my entry with water bottle 🐰🐰

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Thanks. Don’t forget to read the post so your entry fits what is required

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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