"Let's Have The World Quote Us!" The Birth Of #ulog-quotes. Join Us In A ULOG never-ending Contest, With "No Losers".

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Once you can talk, you can't be dead! Then, how about talking dead? @surpassinggoogle

I just made up the quote above. Well, it begins to look like a quote, when i read it from left to right and i am told of "the streets of stories and histories" that formed it.

May you know what the above means? Too-alot, is what it means! Yesterday, i was going to write a post titled "what is his crime? He has done time." It was going to be an entirely naked post containing only words but it may have turned out NTSFW (not too safe for work). It covered half-humanism, donkeylife-ism etc but then i thought, "if i say these things out, then i am alive after-all". So, i stayed mute and ended up with the one-liner above and an entire book of stories and histories coded into it.

This was me earlier today and this is me each day and each minute of each day:

 Ever thought walking dead is fiction? Think thrice. I am walking dead and I even stopped walking. I still talk, so perhaps, I am talking dead too. I have lost life. I am the saddest on mama earth. all me. I won't stop though! Jehovah keep me in your bosom. you can just read this one. if it is the last thing I do, teardrops smart media tokens must happen. 

I am the mute-flute, till i can flute again. 

My quotes are inventions. The quote at the beginning of this post is an invention. It went through the same factory-settings as the rocket. Well, i joked or maybe not; "true lies!".

I don't exactly plan to write quotes. My words just turn out quotes when plucked. Within the times that #ulog started, i have written several articles in relation. I just gain insight, pay attention to these insights, then begin and end these articles without that much consciousness. When i go back to visit these articles and i start to find possible quotes therein.

In the past, when i was younger, i did something called TerrySays. There was also "ITOLDBEYONCE". I did want to test out more "technicality", when it comes to content-creation during those times. I used to blog then with blogspot, wordpress etc I had tried everything; instagram, google pages, pininterest, stumbleupon, flickr etc Well, i was doing tough life too; thus, i wanted to remove barriers to content-creation too. I was going to be #toolazytoquit and to beat mountains-of-odds, i was going to have to be able to pop-out content on-the-spot, every and each time. I was going to keep lengthy sentiments, short; "a shorter route but "to the entire journey". 

  • In TerrySays, i was creating original quotes using text.
  • In itoldbeyonce, i was going to adjust the world each time, using 10-seconds-long-videos: "quotes".

Someone located in Canada saw my quotes during this period and loved it. He contacted me at the time and made me handle a large social online-community that he had. It was among my first opportunities online, from a stranger! 

In general, my quotes had special twist and he liked it. He hadn't heard of  half-humanism, donkeylife-ism, CEOism. He hasn't heard "poop" in a quote. He had heard new things and he wanted to know who stemmed them.

We have all created quotes. We tend to quote others; we can quote ourselves too; we can have others quote us. We can have the world quote us. 

Let's have the world quote us! Look below:

We will birth #ulog-quotes using a #ulog contest that is never-ending

#ulog-quotes should eventually form a part of ulogs.org as https://ulogs.org pulls from the steem blockchain but over time, it may become an entire community, social hangout etc on our website and even have its own specialized editor on ulogs.org and "true-fan-base".

Ulogs represents "freshness per day". A means to gift to the internet each day and not resource from it; reshaping it with freshness. Thus, #ulog-quotes will form a place to deposit freshly-invented quotes born of the histories and stories that we experience per day and "each day and "you" in it, carries its own freshness.

For this contest, we will start an ever-ongoing movement that will create globally-renown quotes, quotable by the globe. 

So, this isn't a contest; "it is historical-history that will start with a simple-looking contest". 

Thus, as you participate in this contest, may it become an art, a culture, an endeavor, a ulogacy etc thereafter and henceforth, to create #ulog-quotes as often as possible. 

Let's become reasons for the world to find glow. 
Let's be that light and let's move inside the tunnel. 
Let's bring the very light closer and inside, to the masses who seek the "end of the tunnel".

Note: the above in quote, is possible part-lyrics of our upcoming @uloggers "touch the globe" song.

Note below other things we can integrate into our eventual song, one for steem and one for the world:

  • With ULOGS, "YOU", is what's pertinent and media formats e.g  no-Vlogs, no-cameras, shyness etc should pose no barrier to you  extending "YOU" to us and to the world, ever-constantly; "tirelessly".  
  • With ULOGS, "you are celebrity and we your fans". 
  • With Ulogs, you now have at least one steemit post idea daily, that  constitutes YOU. "No longer, should there be a day, that the world is  starved of your beauty". 
  • With ULOGS, "no longer should a day emptily slip by, without "your shine" in it.
  • With ULOGS, want you to shine. We want you to lit the steem blockchain and shake it with your beauty.
  • With your ULOGS, we will create a fresh trend for  #ulog/#ulogs on the entire web-space, filling it with the indispensable awesomeness called; "human"; steemhuman; "steemians". 
  • ULOGS: Each day and "YOU" in it; carries it's own freshness. So, not  a day aren't we capable of re-shaping the entire internet with a piece  of freshness.
  • By means of our Ulogs, we will be creating historical history by reshaping the internet; surpassing Google in the process.
  • With ULOGS: "No longer should there be a day, when we can't add  value to the steem blockchain". No more will there be a day on the steem  blockchain, when you can say, "i don't have a steemit post idea. 
  • With ULOGS; "we will keep us ever-present on the web-space; opening  us ever-incessantly to opportunities; "even breakthrough opportunities".  
  • By means of our ULOGS; "our kids and generations yet unborn will  read of us and know that we were here each day, evolving in our  substance, so that we can leave them legacies behind. 
  • By means of our ULOGS, we will have fun; fly; shine. 
  • The world and its toughness can deaden and relegate "our shine" into  remoteness and forgotten-ness; by means of the steem blockchain (OUR  ULOGS), we want to use each day, to recover some of "our shine" back. 
  • And if we have lost our shine completely, we will gradually restore  it using each ULOG and begin to shine again, like the "true celebrities"  that we are: "light in the tunnel". 
  • ULOGS: Learning; especially learning about yourself; is the ultimate earning. 
  • The essence of the  #ULOGS movement is to remove "barriers  to entry", when it comes to "mining the human", using each content-blog that we create. 
  • You can be Ulogger and "all that's needed is "YOU" and each day and this we will celebrate". 
  • ULOGS: There is nothing as fresh (in terms of content) as "pieces of  us". It is dynamic, fresh, unique, rare. And no "two days" are exactly  the same, especially with "You" in it, for we accrue experiences, new  moments, new adventures etc. 
  • We aspire new resolutions each day and fail and succeed and "succeed  overall", by virtue of "the gift of life" and this we will document all  these celebratorily on the steem blockchain using our ULOGS.

Contest Proper (#ulog-quotes)

The contest is simple! 
  • You will be using #ulog as the first tag and #ulog-quotes as the second tag. Where possible, endeavor to add your location as one of your tags as well.
  • Simply look at your day intently, think of histories and stories and create one quote to participate. Write this quote on a freshly-create image, avatar, picture etc 
Note: We are playfully doing "ulogacies", so make it special even to you. Your quotes can fall under any genre and doesn't need to be inspirational or motivational. Recall that ULOGS are spanless! Thus, you quote can cover life; it can be funny; it can be playful etc Ultimately, you will know it, when you have created a quote. You will end up memorizing it, treasuring it, living by it. You will end up quoting yourself, then the world will end up quoting you. I am ultimate "true fan" and i relish "quoting you".
Image used shouldn't be resourced from the internet. You can use simple applications like paint, autodraw.com etc or you can make it meme-style using https://imgur.com/memegen
If you want to have a physical copy of a one of your great #ulog-quotes printed into a frame, a shirt etc and worn by the entire globe, you can contact @phantum04 @chaelpacia @jejes @deveerei etc and they can design you something. Recall that ulogs.org will have a merchandise store or its likes for certified and verified @uloggers but we will play all these things out now. Products will be certified or stamped by @ulogs adding to value.
  • Kindly integrate the word "ULOG" or "ULOGS" or "ULOGS.org" somewhere in your image.
  • Kindly integrate the word "ULOG" or "ULOGS" or "ULOGS.org" somewhere in your post title.
We may seek to celebrate some of your quotes on https://ulogs.org in the near future!
  • Then, tell us the stories and histories behind your quote.
  • If you desire, tag or mention friends underneath this post, so that they can participate. If you desire, you can submit the link to your participation-post underneath in the comment-section. 

Look at the image below to see an example of a ULOG-QUOTE:

Special Note: All @ulogs endeavors, contests etc carry an un(dis)talented paradigm, so as you participate, "relegate reservations; flaws allowed". Overall be inventive, attempt out-of-the-boxness as with @ulogs, we seek to celebrate even "the attempt". We will sift even the not-so-good to find good therein or use for good.

When you eliminate bum, average or smart, then we are suddenly all genius. @surpassinggoogle


This post is a contest that will begin a series of ULOG/UN(dis)TALENTED contests. 

Basically, we will apply the "contest niche" to gradually play out some of the things that will happen on ulogs.org, before these features come to actual life on our website. We want growth with regards to the use of https://ulogs.org to be fully-felt and organic. We want "everyone" to grow into loving ulogs.org and to use it because they love it and because through using it, they can play a role in historical-history touching the globe from its very outskirt and raining on it "tears of joy". @teardrops SMT

Yes, we can accomplish even this much with very simple-looking contests.

Once in the past i spoke to @mermaidvampire about the "contest niche" and how it can be used to "world adjusting" effect, if "mining the human" was integrated into each these simple-looking fun activities and we will play this out in our series of contests.


When you add "freshness per day" to any existing thing, concept, innovation, enterprise etc, it suddenly becomes fresh. @surpassinggoogle

#ulogging is a conscious art to "mine the human" into its awesomest version. By #ulogging and @ulogs, we will eventually add "freshness" to everything. The world will re-find "glow".

We will look to re-create every tag on steemit, giving it the "ulog" stamp. This is already happening organically e.g @phantum04 did the #ulogdoodlecontest, @thereikiforest does "#ulogacy" @cassyjanine has done #ulog-flawsome etc

Note: if you are generating a ulog-relatedtag, please use #ulog as your first tag, then the ulog-relatedtag as the second tag so that we can take note. Always integrate the word "ulog" or "ulogs" somewhere in the title, so that we can also rank "ULOG" in the search engines.

Now, look at this video by @sunnylife and see how many ulog-based hashtags happened in it:

Alot is already happening if we look intently. "Light inside the tunnel".

Now, look at a Spanish-speaking home, in the art of #ulogging (The home of @josueelinfame):

There are bigger things than moolah and one such thing is shine, for when there is shine, money will love your very frequency and seek you out. @surpassinggoogle

I am a mute-flute but i so want happiness for the rest of mankind. So, please spend and exchange and giveout the imaginary @teardrops SMT now, even before these tokens attain full-blow life.

Kindly leave the image below as a comment response, while you curate as "true fans" under #ulog or any of the hashtags across steemit. (Resize where necessary):

Till i can flute again!

Your Boy Terry


Overall, a lot of beautiful things will play out on ulogs.org and growth will be very organic born out of "serious fun" i.e fun that has "serious" coded into it i.e is directional fun.

Yes, overall we will play and we will fly, shine, re-tap into lost shine, re-erupt buried shine etc, attaining "true celebrity-hood once and for all" and we will see that "light inside the tunnel".

Then, we there will be an ever-ongoing climax at the Teardrops SMT, where will reward "proof of tears".

I am glad at organic growth so far. It has been around 3 months or less now and there have been more than 30,000 posts related to #ulog but more interesting is the "beautiful-to-see-fact", that more than 4,000 steemians have already used #ulog globally and this is without "real promotion" and without having announced the open-use of https://ulogs.org

Before i go today, i want something to stick, resound and stick a very particular word into your minds, hearts and cores and it is called, "ULOG". 

Kindly, listen to this video below with love and listen to the word "ULOG" on and on and on.

by @sunnylife 

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

Join the community here: https://discord.gg/gvGc6fj 


The steemgigs discord talk will happen 12 am  Sunday Manila time (+8 GMT)), like it always does each weekend. Today though, it is not yet assured that i will be there. If that happens @mermaidvampire and @maverickinvictus will take charge. 

Do well to be there! This is the direct link to the voice channel: https://discord.gg/CPh63qq 

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I have created few simple quotes before, I hope I can do it again now for #ulogs.


quote ONENESS.jpg


You are really a dynamic person Sir Terry! I will support ULOGACY all the way. I always have a compilation of quotes that I wrote about my life's journey and that one above is my contribution for #ulog. I am grateful to be a part of #Steemit.

@surpassinggoogle, this is why i really appreciate you and inspire by you because, we can see that many times people never give value to the quotes and they ignore it, but quotes just not limited to the words, inturn it's an deep thought which is expressed to convert an aspect into an better aspect, i write my Own Quotes, because my words give strength to me and through my words i try to find my own self which is hiding deep inside in me.

And for sure these type of contests will going to increase the enthusiasm of the people to coming up with own writing pieces and they will also going to get an opportunity showcase their thoughts through their post.

Everyone deserves the chance because, at the end of the day we all belongs to the same tribe and that is "HUMANITY". And truly every time you rise up with something awesome initiative which creates the trend for sure.

I am not an huge Stake Holder but i will always going showcase my tiny support to your initiatives by participating in it and by creating something unique stuff, because ideas born to transform.

And already many Steemians started this Quote initiative and i hope that this initiative also going to sit on the top for sure, because it's an opportunity and not just an stagnant thought, and in my opinion opportunities can spread light in your life.

And i am up for this initiative and i will post one dedicated post for this contest everyday. Keep up this great work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Brother, I hate to hear the word 'till I can flute again' I have no idea of how many flutes you will blow your awesomeness into, but I am sure that many flutes would be used by you.

Haha, I already have #ulog-quotes idea, it is playing out in my mind right now.

Thanks for bringing freshness to the internet, you are fast attaining a level when you don't need to introduce yourself to world Presidents before they know you.

Stay blessed, Terry.

This is such a fantastuc idea @surpassinggoogle!!! I will definitely jump on board! Doubt mine will come as naturally as yours seem to hehe... but as they say, practice makes perfect and well, there is no "wrong" in creative expression! 😁

I wanna make ulogacy. 😊 It is inspiring. I wantched the video of @sunnylife and it was fun. Ulog is fun!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


thanks a lot. Ulog is fun! Let's do it!
Vote Steemigigs!!

This is awesome Terry @surpassinggoogle <333 I love the way you guide us & gently nurture our Spirits, beckoning us into our Light and cheering us on to amp it up. Ahhhh!!! I just wish I could really hug you right now :) Someday I shall for sure though! Thankful to be part of this world changing #ulogging #ulogacy never-ending story of life that is shifting our planet toward a more harmonious balance. Happy Dance ;)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Ooh how exciting to catch glimpses of the exciting future for ulogs.org and its history-making plans! I'm looking forward to playing with this contest and joining in with some quote-worthy ulogging.

Until next time, dear Sir Terry, just keep ulogging along.
All my love, Eveningart xx

Interesting way of transforming our words into #ulog-quotes for some may find inspiration in it when we transform our tears of joy and sadness into life experiences.

We learn from those and others may learn from it and we become mentors to people all over the world. Touching lives with our words, videos and thoughts just like Terry does. That is why I aspire to #beliketerry


Yes I saw that tag and I am happy you did it. The world needs more people like you Terry.

It would be a better, nicer and more human place.

This is exciting. I am excited to join and share my ubtalented thoughts. I am excited as well to read all the ulog-quotes, the freshness of it all.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the opportunity of sharing our thoughts.

this is truly mining the human.

"Squeezing more ulog teardrops for a better you and me." ~ @bloghound ~
I'll definitely support you, Terry!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


Thank you so much @teardrops @surpasinggoogle :)
Just posted my entry. Thank you for the love and inspiration :)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hi, 'resteem-master', how are you? ... It's not always easy to find all your posts hidden in a huge amount of resteemed articles.
In addition at the moment steemit.chat doesn't work at all for me. So I suggest you just to write any short comment under one of my articles as soon as you have published a new post, so that it's more easy for me to find it. :)

Alternatively you may have a Discord user name? Then we also could chat there ...?

That's a great idea. I shall give this a try soon!

Dear @surpassinggoogle sir

I tried to post through ulogs.org but when ever i tried to post it it said "unknown error" and I tried many times.

#ulog-quotes is really anohter beautiful tag.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful.....


it will soon be fixed. we are adding more editors, so there is an issue. ulogs.org is still in test phase. you can use it though to explore steem and comment. you will notice when it is fixed in a few days


Ok thank you sir, But one question I have seen people are posting through ulogs.org, may be they have posted yesterday.

This is amazing....going to enter this contest
That's a great idea BTW🤩🤩

Once you can talk, you can't be dead! Then, how about talking dead?

Now that's a deep & meaningful quote SG @surpassinggoogle! ❤️
I Love your bubby #ulog videos sis @sunnylife ❤️
More power #uloggers Steemian! ❤️


thanks so much sis :)
It was fun. Ulog is on FIReee:)
Sis gawa ka na:)

This is whey I'll always say @Surpassinggoogle is getting known in every sooner than we thought. With #Ulog-quotes, we'll be creating indelible marks in history.

"When blogging gets boring, fix the bug with #ulogging" - @uyobong

I just created a quote which would have not been easy to have done outside of #ulog. I am working on a compendium of my first 50 0riginal quotes for my first #ulog-related project. It's on the way.

"develop your love for #ulogging, and you will ever love blogging" - @uyobong

Another FIRST yet again from the stable of the one and only Hope-Reviving Genius Terry Ajayi.

This isn't the first quotes idea, but obviously a unique and outstanding one with some real life in it.

Ko ni tan mbe oo!

wow... ulog is growing so fast and many changes just happened is short time.. We are very lucky to part of this success and continuous support.. Hoping for more ulog will born to inspire each and every steemian family..

@surpassinggoogle this quote defines lot of things.. lovely quote

What a wonderful contest you are created sir @surpassinggoogle 🙂 I love to join this contest really soon.☺ I'll surely try to made original quotes.😎
sir i was really busy from many day for personal problems bt yesterday again i started #ulogs ☺. if you are free visit once my blog sir. Thank you. & sir i heard that you are unwell for someday. i didn't know that 😥 how are you now? please consult from a good doctor take the medicine i. time sir. I believe that you will be alright soon. God Bless you sir Terry . Stay Safe.... Stay Healthy & State Happy. 😊

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


@surpassinggoogle i am proud to join your amazing helping growing community . just voted for witnessed and started using #ulog. I am so happy to be part of your community member.


I'm really that you reply me sir.😇
If you are free check out my simple art sir.🙂

"Ulogacies" I love that word
You've been able to bring forth great ideas and innovations on Steemit and yet you maintained them all
Great efforts
Ulog-quotes under way....

Wow.. Another ulog contest.. I am excited about it.

Thanks Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for initiating this.. 😀

More strength and Jehovah Bless..


oh thank you sir.. I will take some. haha

And my contest theme for this week is "tears".

TC Terry!

Wow this is an awesome contest. I will surely join this. I have already a quote in mind but I think sir @surpassinggooogle you might have already used that quote. Is it okay to used it again as an entry?


image (1).png

again sir it's nice, you have a great idea and that quote i found it meaningful, "let the world quote us". well ofcourse i'll participate as a true fan of #ulog,

I want to join the contest. I am starting to think the best quote that I can share.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I actually saw your facebook timeline from @mermaidvampire yesterday, and i was like, what!. Then i saw so many mesaages Saying get well soon and i became the more scared, take care of yourself bro. Jah is with you.
#ulog is surely the best thing ever to happen to me on steemit.

I just love these opportunities given to us to make use of our talents or to find our hidden talents will try this.

This is great @surpassinggoogle! What an idea out there :)

I read you second quote yesterday. @mermaidvampire included it in her #ulog. Your quotes are inspiring. Despite your situation, you are still dedicated to your goals. I am looking forward to the teardrops token becoming a reality. The Lord is your strength. Remain strong.

I’m excited too make mine too. :)

Hehe I like creating quotes too. Maybe I will write some ulog quotes to share. 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Love your work a lot sir,you are my biggest hope in steemit i am so glad to be a part in your journey.

Wow @surpassinggoogle this is wonderful...
I can't wait to be part this.....
You are the main man

My boy Terry,

I love this idea! You're right - how often do we say things that should be quotable!!! :) OFTEN! But we place more value on things that other have said before us. Why?

Even their quotes were said for the first time before they were popular! :)

I'm excited for all the visions in your head... I can't wait to see them become a reality one at a time!

Your girl, Dreemie

interesting your project of ulog-quotes. for your innovative idea thanks @surpassinggoogle

"Others think you are finished, but you know you are just getting started. No one can stop you if you don't give up."
-- @RezoanulVibes

Here's my post.

Wow! Cool! Awesome! Contest! A "ulog quotes" is what we needed to inspire us every moment and through the day. " A ulog a day is like taking stress away" hehe i love this one! Another contest will go to the moon bro Terry, and i will ride with you going there. Thank you a million times for bringing awesomeness to us!

Good day @surpassinggoogle 😁. Here is my entry to your amazing "ulog-quotes" contest. Thanks a million bro Terry!

I did not know that there is also a site ulogs justlike busy.org and i will start posting from ulogs and will post my quote and these are really cool things for people who are relatively new just like me.
So much of love for you @surpassinggoogle.

Wow, this is beyond brilliance i must confess, have really missed much on discord and steemit... My network has suffered me alot for few days now not getting notification is another pain, taking so much more to make a single, but j know its one of those challenges i must face, but #ulog is there to give me another chance to talk and xpress myself... Contest i all in thinking of nice time to always read your blog sir. @surpassinggoogle.. :love:

Prepare to be blown away by my shitty drawings

Wat an outstanding write-up


#keep uloging

Wow. I'm so game, Nigerians never run out of quotes. This is a great opportunity, thank you @surpassinggoogle. You are a celebrity, I am your fan #ulog

I love quotes and I will like to be part of Ulog.org but I just need a briefing

This is interesting, I hope I can join at this time... Been busy these days... Goodluck to all participants!!!

Quotes are just our thoughts. When the right words come in the right time :)

My First ulog-quotes entry below is a quote I made back in the year 2008.

autodraw 7_21_2018.png

Here is the direct link...


Innovative paltfoms @teardrops which tears has a value. Another great contest. With the great man behind great man @surpassinggoogle. Wish could i joined with art with this @teardrops


It is so nice to think for a new contest.try to give me time time Sir to think for it.
Thank you Sir Terry.God bless.We are here backing you.

Its really a great quote

Sup, I'm thekingtune, I make vector illustrations and I've worked and been noticed by some majot celebrities like Christiana Millian, Zayn Malik, Kissen Tamera and so on.
Still learning everyday, I hope you'll like my feed ;)

I love that you are the best 😅
Always behind everything you do to help us the truth is amazing I never tire of saying it 😍
And of course here my image 😘

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

very broad and good information of these publications. I am a new follower. greetings and blessings

#ulog-quotes is a great idea Terry. You are really one of a kind, bringing out humanism in every human. As every human sure live a quoute in each life. As we aspire to be someone, to get a reason to wake up every morning, quote sure live in every human's mind that sometimes keep to them selves as an inspiration to live life to the fullest in every way we know.

Thank yoi Terry for always bringing out ourselves.

This is more than inspiring.... You keep making steemit fun and beautiful for us. Thank you so much boss.

Let me go get my quotes ready 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃.

Hello kuya terry:)
How are you po?
I have a new #ulog i hope i can visit po😍 thank you!

@surpassinggoogle #ulog-quote is a great idea... I have just seen this blog of yours... 2 of my quotes coming in next 12 hours... U r genious... I will learn lot from u... Cheers

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Yes sir here all are winners,thank you so much @surpassinggoogle

I really thank you so much sir,you had made me a hero now i can manage my expenses really love your support cant get anything better in my life.Thanks a lot terryboy.

Great post! Please do not hesitate to view some of my recent posts.

quotes are really a nice option to take over. great choise @surpassinggoogle . Quotes are simple small sentence where hide a strong secret weapon to change people's mind inside. i do like to write quotes myself. Also i like to read other's quote creation.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Just I got knowledge about the ublog.org contest, I had no idea before and for sure I will try to participate next time such contest.
I'm just searching every new contest and try to New people who are doing good for Steemit community.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle to support Steemit community by such amazing contest..

Posted using Partiko Android

Terry i thought i had seen it all ooo "ulogacies" sounds great like the it was in existence already, nice contest!!

Congrats on this new initiative. Here is my two cents: https://steemit.com/ulog/@hlezama/ulog-quotes-1-bilingual


Thanks for the support, guys. I am so grateful.

You are truely gentleman. With the help of #ulog We aspire new resolutions each day and fail and succeed. And we must to talk. Because once Once we can talk, we can't be dead! And ulog dlive is talking plateform. We can share our daily lives and thoughts through videos. And very meaningful place where we feel free

I can do it! We can do it!! Lets do it now!!!

#ulog the future google, lets keep doing #ulog-quote, kisses in the air baby.....
More strenght to you sir terry..

Great synchronicity. I've been wanting to post shorter quote posts for some time now. Love the idea of #ulog-quotes. And #ulogacy.

Thank you.

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The quotes are coming through, this arm of ulog classification is going to birth a whole lot of human quotes as well basically specific to individualists yet there to teach and impact lives, this will be amazing

Hi Terry! Here' mine

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It's been a while because of some of the circumstances I'm facing here, but I will surely be a part of today's talkshow.

Another trending and favourite contest of mine. Your ideas are great sir Terry :)

This is interesting. It would be interesting to read the ulog-quotes of fellow Steemians. I am sure those ulog-quotes would yet again trend and create inspiration, motivation or whatever.

Thank you sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for all this.

Ulog-quotes is something I would love to do forever, so please stop me!
This matches 100% with my hobbies.



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here's my support for you sir Terry @surpassinggoogle


Thank you!!! love you 😘❤️❤️❤️

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@surpassinggoogle #ulog-quote is a great idea... I have just seen this blog of yours... 2 of my quotes coming in next 12 hours... U r genious... I will learn lot from u... Cheers

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Helloo sir Terry! @surpassinggoogle... How are you doin' today? Hoping all is good to you! Take care and remain steadfast!
This is my piece for your contest..Thanks! 😘
Good day and have a delightful day ahead!


This is really interesting way of steemiting. #ulog-quotes can really refresh my steem life. Thank you @surpassinggoogle.

A question : Can it be a philosphical quote.

Like "Divine-Sound prevails everywhere". dont worry I will present it with a an art and also with little description to present it in a better way.

Hello there @surpassinggoogle. Sorry for not being around lately on the discord for two consecutive weeks. Just having some issues lately but I still support your endeavors. This is a great contest!
@uLog alone can create something significant with our lives through sharing either our experiences or learn, get motivated and inspired by others.

From pauperism to CEOism.
I love this quote. It will then show somehow the activities of this person from day one how one person has evolved into the best version of himself.

We know quotes as well really can have a deep impact on our consciousness, messegas sent across this way really stay.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!



Wow sound interesting,nice sir terry.hope i can participate... great initiative sir terry😊


Hello, You could guide me on how I do the publication from https://ulogs.org?

Ulog has done more than enough for the evolvement of steemit which is still continue, it gives room for people to share about their day which might not be episode. Long live ulog. Keep the good work flowing brother

@surpassinggoogle I am feeling proud to be a part of your helping growing community. It's really a fantastic community which is helping people.

Wow, i love this, ulog-quotes interesting!

@surpassinggoogle, considering walking dead to talking dead, the significance is you are either transformed into something extra ordinary. The smart media token, (SMT)..
As a true fan #ulog made better and stronger among all celebrities.. Thanks for SMT..

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I would like to make and to join... But I need time... (^_^) I support #ulog!

You never ran out of great ideas, sir Terry. I’m excited to join this ulog quote. Glad to be a ulogger.

Thank for you and most welcome to@surpassinggoogle sir.give me a upvote done sir.... best of luck...

It's been a while since I became active and enter contest in steemit. surely will join this one

I am interested in this contest.

Wow! I've been posting my #ulog-quotes since july 19th it's been my 3days posting #ulog-quotes..thank you @surpassinggoogle for your very creative mind..

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@surpassinggoogle Congratulations a great idea full of challenges and dynamism. Creating and growing together is more than a slogan, it is knowing that the other is there. Thanks and many successes in the project

This is great @surpassinggoogle every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Do the difficult things whie they are easy and so the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Anf that is yoh @surpassinggoogle. Thank you, you give our magical world begins.

Wow wonderful place and nice photo.