My First ULOG Entry: What's for Lunch?

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I've been seeing "ULOG" in article titles a lot and have been wondering what it is all about.

Early this week I was at @derangedvisions blogpage reading his first entry to ULOG.

Early this morning as I was perusing my feed, I noticed that my sweet friend @dreemsteem is also now ULOGing.

So I thought... yeah, why not!

So here is my first ULOG article.

It is Dim Sum for Lunch!

Today, being Friday and the end of a busy week for me and my staff, I decided to treat them out to lunch after attending a meeting at the State Capitol building. They picked dim sum for lunch.

With a little help from Siri and after driving a distance, here we are at a Dim Sum restaurant. This place has ample seating for a couple of hundred patrons.

All photos taken by @silversaver888


After being seated, we first ordered our tea, which was a choice of Oolong, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Bo Lei (a black tea), and Sau Mei (a white tea). Then we ordered our choices of Dim Sum both from the menu and from what is available on the push carts and what other tables are having.

Food comes in three- or four-servings to a portion and served in bamboo steamers or on small plates. These were what we ordered and more but once we started eating, I forgot all about taking photos for this article, LOL!

Rolled Noodles and Wu Gok - Deep-Fried Taro Dumpling Puffs

Spicy Hot Chicken Feet and a sweet flavored baked bun of some sort.

Shrimp with Shitake Mushrooms Dumpling and Har Gow - Shrimp Dumpling

Crispy Shrimp Noodle Rolls and Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice

Preserved Egg & Pork Congee

So we ate, a little at a time... and a little became a lot!

And right now, I am so full from our Dim Sum lunch!

How is your day going?


Cool post, everything looks so delicious. Thanks now i hungry lol

The food was great! And I overate, I think. I am having my coffee now!

Very interesting @silversaver888 and what a great way to support your staff and you. Love Chinese food ir any asian cuisine actually. This looked delicious and I am happy you enjoyed! I may havr to do some ULOG pist in the future. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your first ULOG!

Go for it, @dwingsworld. You will do very well!

Well, that's very nice of you to take your staff out to lunch.

I've been seeing a lot of people posting ulogs. Do you have to use a specific condenser like or can you just make a regular post and put it under ulog?

A regular post... about you. Use the ulog tag and any other tag you want after that. Have fun with it, my friend!
This is from @maverickinvictus which @derangedvisions showed also in his first ulog:

Thank you for sharing your Ulog.

Incidentally we have a condenser which is a fork from

We encourage people to use it but if you want to use other condensers like, Dlive. Dtube or Dsound it is all good! What's important is you!

This comment was made from

Thank you @maverickinvictus! You are an inspiration!

Thanks, @maverickinvictus! I'll have to give it a go one of these days. :)

Sounds good! Thank you!

Lunch looks tasty, but what is a ulog? 😄

Good morning, @dfinney! Yeah, the dim sum was fantastic. I think I am still full from yesterday's lunch. I think ULOG is a coined word for a tag of a blog about you.. so.. it is "you blog", then coined into "u-log", thus "ulog". Using the ULOG tag will be appropriate for anything about YOU and, I think, that is fantastic! See these topic listed by @maverickinvictus which I found at @derangedvisions first entry to Ulog... it was actually his post that inspired me to do my first ulog, so thanks to @derangevisions!

I've only heard of Ulog recently as well, and it is a cool concept. I like your Ulog, and your lunch looks delish! ♥

I think so too! The Ulog tag provides a place for anyone to post about themselves and what they did, not necessarily writing an article about something. I think I overate yesterday, LOL!
Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment, my friend! I appreciate you. Have a terrific weekend!

Do we have lots of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc restaurants galore in Vancouver. With the huge Asian population here what can anyone expect? I learned to make some decent Chinese dishes including a few Dim Sum styled cooking too. Lots of prep work.

What a treat to live in a city where there are lots of places that serve all types of cuisine. You are lucky. And I am very impressed that you can cook Chinese. I really do not know how to cook Chinese... but I am learning how to do sushi, which is Japanese. I love sashimi!!!! Yum... I want some sashimi!

Congratulations On your FIRST ULOG Young Lady.........@silversaver888

What did you have for lunch?

Are you on a diet, or something?

Or Something, I like that choice.......@silversaver888

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