Have you ever heard of ULOG?

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What are ULOGS?


Instead of writing out a long explanation of what ULOGS are, @maverickinvictus challenged the community to make a video to explain what we felt ULOGS were.

Some ideas for your ULOGS


@maverickinvictus had sent me a picture with a lot of good ideas for people to write about each day.


from @maverickinvictus

As you can see from the list, there is pretty much an endless list that you can create your ULOGS about.

My morning


So for my first official ULOG entry, I will talk about my morning. I didn't really feel like waking up early for my 8 am ceramics class this morning, but the summer semesters move at lightning speed, so missing one day of class could put you behind pretty quickly.

Not only did I not want to get behind, I but I really needed the practice on the wheel. We were supposed to be making bowls and having something to be ready to keep today. The last class I didn't get anything to work out. One of my bowls flew apart while I was pulling the sides up and a huge donut of clay flew off and splatted on the floor. Another time my bowl broke apart and got eaten up by the wheel.

photo by me @derangedvisions

Well today I was able to get two bowls completed. The only accident I had was when I was taking one of them off the wheel, I wasn't being careful and my fingers went into the base of the bowl a little too much.

photo by me @derangedvisions

Now I am back home and just created a Steemit account for my daughter @poeticangel. She is going to be posting about her poems that she writes and we are about to go to the store so I can get her a camera so she can get on the road to becoming a pro photographer.

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my video and read over my very first ULOG. I am looking forward to utilizing this new type of posting and sharing my day to day experiences. I want to thank @maverickinvictus for the work that he is doing with the Steem Gigs community and I want to also thank @surpassinggoogle for creating this opportunity for so many people to earn on this platform by sharing what is going on in their lives.


You can vote for @derangedvisions here or go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and write in "derangedvisions."

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I love the story about the bowl flying apart! I can't wait to try my own ULOG post!

I've heared about ulogs a few weeks ago but I never got involved, I'm interested now! I think it's a good way for the people on Steem to create and promote interaction and engagement, also could be a tool to massify the use of the platform, and most important, it can be a way for people to relax/discharge, sometimes we are struggling under bad situations and this type of initiative can help us all.

I'll try to do my ulogs, haha. Take care dude, nice post.

That bowl is art, man!
I've heard of ULOGs and I like how it encourages people to keep posting and be more creative in their daily posts. But the thing is, we've all been uloggin' way before ulog was a thing! I feel like t's not for me, personally, as I serialize my posts and focus on specific themes already but I can see how it can give people this sort of a "brand" to post under and it's recognized for by the community. I'm proud that the idea was born here on steemit, though :)

Oh man thank you so much for this great explanation on Ulogs!! It is a wonderful project that aims to get people to keep on Steeming and be original.

Yeah we are interested how people live, seeing their creative process, their lives and their dreams.

I love the dogs as well! I miss big dogs, mine is in my family's house because can't have big dogs where I live so I have a couple of Shitzu's and my beagle.

This is just awesome man and yes @dynamicgreentk needs to prepare a rap song lol.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Do they have to be the very day or you can do the day before... guess it's for daily...

I enjoyed reading about how your morning went! This article was very engaging!
Thank you so much for this post. I've been seeing Ulog in article titles a lot and have been wondering for three months now what is Ulog (yeah, yeah, I know... why not look for the answers, right? But learning the basics of steemit has taken all my time and focus to research about Ulog, LOL). Finally, I have my answers in this post! And YAAYY!!!! Now that I know, I think I will also write my first ULOG!

I need that chair...