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RE: My First ULOG Entry: What's for Lunch?

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Well, that's very nice of you to take your staff out to lunch.

I've been seeing a lot of people posting ulogs. Do you have to use a specific condenser like or can you just make a regular post and put it under ulog?


A regular post... about you. Use the ulog tag and any other tag you want after that. Have fun with it, my friend!
This is from @maverickinvictus which @derangedvisions showed also in his first ulog:

Thank you for sharing your Ulog.

Incidentally we have a condenser which is a fork from

We encourage people to use it but if you want to use other condensers like, Dlive. Dtube or Dsound it is all good! What's important is you!

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Thank you @maverickinvictus! You are an inspiration!

Thanks, @maverickinvictus! I'll have to give it a go one of these days. :)

Sounds good! Thank you!