How My Heart Broke

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)


You switched off faster than light
but I can’t return my favor.
I’ve been on for months now
hoping to find you, walls down
stumble over your heart (or close)
find your eyes wide looking to me
the way I think of you as midnight
ticks in time badump tock
a rushing wantwant want pace-
and I did—I saw you open,
I saw you wanting me with looks
lips, words, fingers every part as
alive as I’ve ever felt with you
(the reason I want to be with you)
. . .and then I saw you close
because open is scary and one of us
doesn’t know she’s worth the risk.
That one of us is not me.

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That poem was exactly what I needed. Thank you, @spozone, for always being here and always being a friend. <3

...her name was Gayle. I would have pulled my teeth out just to spend another day with her. I had never known such pain as her rejection. This too shall pass...

I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Opening yourself up to vulnerability can be incredibly painful.

It is, but it makes space for a new strength. I feel stronger this morning even though a big part of me wants to crawl back into my dark, comfy closet and hide.

Wow, very beautiful, where do you live

Thank you. Indiana. What are you?

Sorry for this. It will pass Believe

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Thank you. My heart is eased to receive this support. <3

Try to remember that no one escapes being abandoned at least once during life. We have all lived this, and recovered from it, and gone on to find happiness. It may take a little time.

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