ULOG 077 - Interview with @crypto.talk (Partiko) and Final design (hopefully) of the rocket stove

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Interview with @crypto.talk (Partiko) on MSP Waves (PAL Discord)

This morning I woke up 40 minutes earlier than usual as I was invited by @pennsif to be his guest interviewer for the interview of @crypto.talk the man behind Partiko, the Steem dapp for mobile phones that is adopted by more and more Steemians. I believe @pennsif will upload the recording of his show "Here Comes the News" so you guys will be able to listen it and to the interview.

Partiko looks good and runs well and fast. It is still lacking of some features some might find important but as it is I find it very usable already and the team behind it are working on adding more functionalities such as the wallet.

Partiko, Steem DApp for iPhone

One novelty Partiko has introduced, to my knowledge, is a point system which at the moment only allows you to climb up in the leaderboard ranking. But from today's interview with @crypto.talk, we discovered that we will be soon able to redeem the Partiko points to get upvotes from @partiko! There will be more use for the points, they can be considered as a currency and can be transferred to other users.

The nice touch is that the points are acquired by being more engaged within the platform:

  • +10 for checking-in each day
  • +5 points for upvoting a post
  • +10 points for commenting on a point

At the end of the interview I sent @crypto.talk a list of feature requests via DM, some of which were already in the pipeline:

  • access to the Steem wallet
  • the ability to upload more photos
  • upvote notifications should contains the weight and value of the upvote. If using notification aggregation, show the total up vote value.
  • better markdown rendering (tables for example).
  • mention notifications would be a plus
  • having a tab system for each type of notifications
  • from the tab system, being able to reply to the notification directly without opening the actual post
  • if you click on the actual post, scroll down to the actual comment
  • have clicks on Steemit.com and busy.org links opens the post inside the app rather than launching Safari/Chrome browser
  • when upvoting, have the process happening in the background rather than having a modal window waiting for the transaction to be completed. Only show a modal upon errors
  • display the witness page
  • 3D Touch to show preview of a post or more details of a notification
  • bookmarks
  • extra points when comments are over X words
  • extra points when the depth of a comment is greater than X

It’s more a list of ideas rather than feature requests

The Rocket Stove (again)

Rocket Stove

Again, after work, I went to play with the rocket stove. I've finally worked out its final design. What changed here is that I made the burning chamber vertical. The wood is added vertically instead of horizontally so it falls down, I don't have to push it in deeper like with a horizontal version. The second chamber is nothing more than a second chimney that is shorter than the other one and the two chambers connect to each other in the middle.

The photo above is when the fire is established, the flames are sucked down towards the second chimney. Very little to no smoke is being produced then. At the beginning, as you can see below, the flames would come out off the first chimney, I would just wait for the wood to burn properly and then blow into the first chimney to reverse the direction of the flame.

A brick rocket stove

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  • The image at the top has been generated with the Canva app using my own photo.

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Did you happen to find out what checking in actually does? I've only pressed that button once but couldn't work out what it did aside from add points but being as paranoid as I am I didn't touch it again after that XD

Rocket stove looks pretty good, is it done? Also the idea behind the vertical burning chamber is pretty good! Does it make more or less of a problem to clean out afterwards though? Or no real difference :D


I’m not sure what else the checkin does but I guess it’s like those games that pushes you to come back and do specific action on a daily basis to claim your free points.

The rocket is done in terms of design, now, if I’m not too lazy, I’d like to dismantle it and jet wash each of the brick off the mud debry on the sides so that they fit tightly against one another.

The vertical chamber is easy to dismantle on the front for clean up but yes it would be extra work as to compare to a horizontal design but you don’t clean up every time so it’s not too bad. With the horizontal design I tend to regularly forget to push the wood in and the fire would go off and it’s more painful to push it in and kneel down to blow on it to reanimate it

It was great to have you on the show as a guest interviewer.

I should have the recording up tomorrow.

Impressive list of feature requests...

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