Ulog 54: Work to continue

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It’s Thursday and I didn’t win the Mega Million Jackpot of $1.6 billion dollars so I guess I will have to continue to go to work. Only one winner came out of this jackpot - someone from South Carolina. Maybe in two life times ago I may be related to him/her. Maybe I can go claim relationship and get spared a few dimes. Not really.

The Powerball Jackpot has grew to $750 million dollars so I am going to dream again. Haha. It’s a never-ending game. I think I learned in finance classes that with all of the money that ones throws into lottery and gambling over a lifetime, the person would in fact receive a higher payout by just investing the amount where they would go spend on these sinful activities. All true! But that would be a boring life, wouldn’t it?

You only get to live life once. I am sure you can do all of those boring things. I am sure that is also the rational way of thinking about it. But when has rational being the only way to live life. Changes happen when someone thinks and does something that seek irrationally for that period but in retrospective is completely rational. It’s all a perspective.

I am not advocating that you spend your life saving on lottery, cards or even steems. Steem may seems like a great investment, but to some, it may be totally irrational and short lived. It is for you to decide. You have to diversify where your resources go. If you really believe it, then allocate more of your funds there and less somewhere else. You will be known as the hero if the investment turns out right in the future. You will be a footnote as one of the failures and a sucker if it tanks and become worthless. History is written from the perspective of the winners. If you are willing to bet big, you may win big and you may lose big. Personally, I prefer to diversify. I am in everything that I think has a chance. I may not make it big on any one investment but Hopefully I will be able to make enough good choices that the overall result will be positive even if there are some negatives. I hope steemit and the overall crypto investment won’t be negative. However it is still too early to tell.

For now I will dream on! Hope you do the same. image

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