Ulog 50: Work satisfaction

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I do a lot of different things at work, some of which are more rewarding than others. Over the past few days I have been spending a significant amount of time thinking about an issue and trying to understand its root cause - ie - why isn’t the business economics out of alignment and why are we losing money?

After several days of digging and then putting all of the pieces of puzzle together, I shared the results with the team and it triggered quite a reaction- a wow, one would say. It is one of these moments that I think make the job quite satisfying. Satisfied in the sense that I add value to the organization and my contribution counts.

On other days, I prefer to spend time on productive activities. However, as anyone can attest to, it is pretty hard to do that in a big organization. Politics sometimes cloud fundamental issues that don’t always ended up with a solution that is the most appropriate.

I am lucky to be working with a manager who is teaching me a lot on how to deal with these kind of noises. He helps me clarify and classify issues into different buckets so that the right actions are taken. One thing that he instilled in me is not get the right data to support the right conversation. That has been hugely helpful as the optics can change the conversation and its direction even before it even has a chance to start. So always be aware of the optic.

I think you will learn something new over time in any Job that you do. It is your responsibility to figure out how to Make the most out of it. Otherwise it is probably time to move on.

So onward and upward.


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