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Well, here is a little thing that has been spinning around in my head these last few days.

We have all heard of people out there who are not living as well as some others on this planet, yet at times we settle for second best, or should I say second rate when it comes to things.

What on earth am I talking about?

Well, lets say there is a person out there, like one I know all too well, who gets told by the doctors that they have a couple of growths in their body which need to be removed immediately, as they are starting to "mutate" or whatever the right term is for it. Then they get a date for the surgery which is like a month later and are told that this is the earliest date possible, as the waiting list is up to three months usually.

The future patient feels upset at the fact that they have to wait a month, but at the same time relieved at the fact that it isn't three months!

Right. Talk about psychology 101!

Well, how about all those people who are out there in this world who are written off?


Well, the people in countries that are not as well off and are looking for ways to get out of there.

I mean, seriously, WHY do they run, why can't the money wasted on displacing people all over this world be invested in making these less fortunate countries better off?


After all, the money wasted on displacing people from one continent to another literally kills off every idea of equality of all human beings on this planet.

In the long run it doesn't solve anything.

Imagine a world where every person on this planet could get the medical treatment needed on time!

Maybe, just maybe, a month or three months of waiting doesn't seem as bad as is for others out there, but imagine if all people in their own place of residence, their place of birth on this planet could be treated in a matter of days, or a couple of weeks at latest (if that isn't too long a wait, depending on what we are talking about).

Maybe it is time to start thinking and acting globally as well as locally.

God only knows that the politicians we choose aren't.

I'm just sharing some thoughts here, nothing more, nothing less.

Hope everyone out there has a great day, life is what we make of it.


Yours truly


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Unfortunately friend Jack Miller, the idea that 'everyone is entitled to free and immediate health care' is the main reason that so many do without.

If everyone paid for what they needed - medical and pharmaceutical costs would come down and waiting lists would be a thing of the past.

Some would have to put off care, but hopefully their standard of living would rise anyway as they paid less tax to support an inefficient health system.

We mice are just saying.



Really mice, to mention a case in Venezuela a medical consultation has a cost of 50% of the average salary, which makes it inaccessible for the most needy, to this is added the food that citizens have for lack of income, lack of medication Because they do not occur in the country, nor are they imported, in Venezuela there is a critical situation on this issue.

We depend on God who is our provider and our healer.

I want to take this comment to thank you for your appreciations in my publications the year that has ended, and to show my gratitude I elaborated a POP UP style card where I included you.
Thank you for your support.


Thankyou ToW.

Venezuelan health care costs and inflation is a fine example of what happens when a government gets too much power and destroys the free market.



Ohh, I'm thinking along the lines of making sure it is available to all people of this planet and that the community's funds (taxes) then be used in each of those communities, rather than wasting community funds on moving people all over this world without any long term effect.

Why not invest those funds into making the world more equal, all over the world. Either way we end up paying these funds into the "community budget" aka "taxes" and they get wasted on things that help only a handful of people in some short term way. Why not invest it into long term fixes.

Again, maybe I'm just letting off some steam at the fact that the politicians we choose can't see further than their noses when it comes to humanity.

Even if they all claim to be "humane".

Unfortunately, this is happening more deeply in countries like Venezuela, where a private medical consultation costs 50% of the average monthly salary (depending on the specialty) is also causing the country's doctors to emigrate to other countries (brain and hand leaks) of qualified work). ), and the low production of medicines is added, which causes people to die for lack of them.

There is an alternative health system imposed by the state, which is attended mostly by doctors of Cuban nationality, but many doubt their profession, I could fill this comment with links and reports from different areas of the country that report, death of children in health center, lack of medication in the pharmacy, and others.

only in God do we cling so that he is our provider and our healer.

I take advantage of these lines to inform you to create a POP UP style year-end card, in which I included you and many people I admire and who have appreciated my publications and comments.


When I start thinking about it I get chest pains, the amount of time, life, work, effort, money wasted and for what?

No results anywhere, almost seems hopeless sometimes.

& ty for mention and pop up card, it made me smile!


It was the intention, to make you laugh.

A great thought provoking post, I can relate to having to wait a month I had that the first time I had some Skin damage that had to be removed, it is so frustrating but what can we do,

and yes I think if the people of the world and I guess it comes down tot he world leaders money could be far better spent making the world a better place for all, but so much gets waste don craziness in my mind

I have the same frustrations, but I guess that in the end, all we can do is start from within and do all that we can to PERSONALLY participate productively in society.

Societies are ruled by unhealthy incentives, but as individuals, we can all contribute in a good way, and make the world a bit better. But, unfortunately, there will always be injustice, corruption and waste, as long as people refuse to take responsibility for their lives. That's what governments are, I suppose - a refusal on our part to take personal responsibility.

P.S. Off-topic, I sent you a message through the wallet memo a few days ago (a GBYTE-related question) :) thanks!


I agree with you on the "Responsibility of individuals" and the self discipline that comes with it too.

On the memo, to answer you here, No, only liquid funds for now. Unfortunately we weren't able to find a way to securely ensure a means of transferring smart contracts.

Never was a fan of borders myself.

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They would be irrelevant if our taxes went to fixing this world instead of short term patches!

Yet, we choose the idiots that keep wasting our taxes on short term patches and leaving this world with so many inequalities when it comes to preserving the existence of our species.

Massive respect! This is golden, and your mind is a gold mine. Maybe thoughts such as this can drive us, normies, to try and make a difference. Every little bit helps!
Thanks for sharing!

they are thoughts - but they are thoughts that spur people on to have their own thoughts - their own plans - and their own missions to begin changing the world

I never think that changing the world is daunting - because it always begins with one!

and that's what i'm attempting. Start with one and hope it grows! :)


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