My year-end thank-you card in the POP UP style.

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Greetings friends of steemit, today I want to bring you a message in alliance with my wife @blessed-girl.

This publication is dedicated to all those who in one way or another have supported us in 2018 in this great STEEMIT community. It is important to mention that our intention was to publish on December 31, however due to flaws in the internet services in our community it was impossible to upload the video, that is why there is that we are publishing it today.

If you have problems to visualize the video on D-tube you can also view it through this link POP-UP Card Steemit

We want to thank those who us have been inspired with their advice and example in this platform to motivate us to move forward and work with love for steemit, it is also dedicated to those who have supported us in the publications and comments that we make them, that is why that the idea of ​​this card is born, to convey our gratitude and best wishes for the year 2019, thus being able to reach each one of you in spite of the distances.


In it you are the protagonists, in a table at the end of the year, to eat and toast together, for all the projects we have for 2019. So you can look for yourself in the card ...


This POP-UP card was made with recycled paper and cardboard, paintings and other materials that we had on hand, our eldest daughter Kathe, (8 years old) helped us to paint, so it was a fun job in family.

crearte 4.jpg

crearte 1.jpg

In relation to the project shown at the end of the video, which we hope to materialize in the first quarter of 2019, it will be aimed at young people and children in the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas Venezuela. Later we will be giving more details about it.

To all of you, friends, we thank you, with all our heart we wish you to receive the year 2019 in harmony with your loved ones and may God bless you greatly, that each of your projects be realized and that it be a year better than the 2018.

The witness @jackmiller, the living legend @sirknight, the brothers @sc-n, the attentive @uyobong, the leader @emiliocabrera, the friend @prime-cleric, the brothers @steemchurch, the brothers @sc-g, the brothers @sc-v, the workers @sniffnscurry, the engineer @marcelo182, kind and hardworking @chbartist, the beautiful and enterprising @surfermarly, the beautiful and cheerful @allesia, the generous @modernpastor, the beautiful Spanish @flamingirl, the fun @ralph-rennoldson, the commentator @roleerob, the funny @whatageek.

The super heroine Venezolana @darlenys01, the adventurer and photographer @danielapetk, the kindhearted @done, the brave @lvj (little Jhon), the princess @bugavi, the queen @olga.maslievich, the Dtuber @nathanmars, my favorite photographer @adetorrent .


God bless you


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This very nice @theonlyway, God bless your talent, thank you for your kind words, this year 2019, will be the year the favor of God for our lives.

I know how it feels when you want to upload something but you failed due to connection problem.
By the way these are excelent photos.
Happy new year.

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If it was difficult, but in the end we made it.

@theonlyway and @blessed-girl, Really pleasant essence to watch this video and in my opinion you've both and your daughter used lot of efforts in this, and without any doubt i can say that you are Artful Family.

Good wishes from my side towards your Project and hope and wish that it will succeed.

Wishing you'll an blessed year of 2019. Stay blessed. 🙂



Thank you very much for your words, your wishes for this new year.

likewise I wish you success in this new year, thanks for the reesteem


Welcome and thank you so much. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

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Thank you for the correction

Very create post friend!, thanks for sharing and have a happy new year.


Very create post
Friend!, thanks for sharing and have
A happy new year.

                 - oppongk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you for appreciating it. I wish you and your family a happy new year.

Thank you brother @theonlyway for the mention. DO have a blast in 2019


Thank you also, you deserve it for being very attentive with your comments in the community, thanks.

Amazing! I love this so much. Happy New Year @theonlyway and @blessed-girl - I just realised you are a couple haha.


hahahahaha thank you I hope you liked it.

It's so cute on your part, friend @theonlyway, to include us in this fun card! We really felt ourselves part of the friendly team of Steemit, who with hope and faith go to 2019! Thanks for the chic status "queen" for me :)

I had not seen this beautiful publication. God bless you. you are very talented. we are happy that you are part of the family @steemchurch

Wow, I'm in the role of a princess and my mother is queen. This is so cute my dear @theonlyway. This is a very cool handead, I'm delighted 😍Thank you!