Where has @grow-pro been up to lately? Juggling Life so Here's a Quick Update #ulog

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There's only so much time in a day ⏰

It has been about 6 weeks since my family and I have been home, living temporarily at my parent's house while I renovate our home. We have had tremendous rainfall this year and our home flooded, filling our basement with several inches of water. The same night we were flooding, my wife and I (@randfmomma) were literally push-brooming waves of water off of our patio and away from basement accesses. I had my trusty 15 gallon shop-vac downstairs sucking up as much water as I could, walking it up the steps and outside - down the driveway to get the water away from the house. Needless to say, that is not fun.

It took weeks to get insurance and remediation estimates and considering the fact we weren't the only people to suffer from flood damage - all companies were backlogged a month or more. We could not wait for that sort of time for repairs to commence, so I decided to tackle the list of repairs myself. As I began demolishing our basement a few weeks ago and found far more damage than I had anticipated. My world became more hectic (which I never thought possible) and now I am quite literally juggling life. So much to do and I am stretched thin! That's not a complaint, just an observation. 😆

Projects, Children, and Money - OH MY!!!

Juggling life is not easy (for most of us!) but it teaches us a lot about ourselves. We learn what we can accomplish, overcome, and adapt to when we are challenged and that is what life is at times - a CHALLENGE.

It is up to us to accept these challenges and either conquer it or fail. It is fine to fail so long as we learn in the process. Hardship comes to all of us at one time or another. It is important to remind myself frequently of this:

it can always be worse and it can always get better.

I am not in a great position right now but I am looking ahead at what I can do to better myself and my family. Taking on such a demanding task of demolishing, remediating mold, repairing then rebuilding our home was certainly one extreme commitment. But... I am only human. I have two children that just started pre-school and I am first and foremost "Daddy Daycare". For the past 4 and a half years I have been a full-time stay-at-home parent while trying to reshape my business and improvise ways to generate income. It's tough! Not impossible, just very difficult. We only have so much time and our children demand so much of that (they deserve too!).

Juggling Content

I found Steemit over a year ago and that brought even more to juggle. I became involved in several​ initiatives here on Steemit and also established some working relationships​ with crypto-related businesses. Between posting on Steemit, I also create content for TRYBE.one and also create music on Choon.co - because I love to juggle, duh! 😂 Oh, did I mention there are a few projects I can't discuss yet?! And... I am working on some services for Steenit & GBYTE users with @jackmiller. I swear I do this to myself on purpose! I really must love the tremendously overbearing weight and pressure of juggling time.

The past is the past but it can shape our future

We can leave the past in the past BUT sometimes it really comes in handy when we are shaping our future. I've been lucky enough to work in a variety of trades and industries, so my past is our saving grace right now!

If it were not for my past experience in the construction trade, I'd be S.O.L. I know how crazy it can seem to most people when they know what I already do and then I say "Yeah, I'm fixing it myself to save money". If only I could explain how I am limited to basically few options and can't afford most of them. When I say 'saving money' I mean like buy a new car in cash with the money kind of saving. It is a tremendous amount of money to have companies come in and repair the damages (far beyond the insurance coverage). Fixing it myself is my only option at this point. It's not my most favorite way to work (for free) but I already have a full-time job (daddy daycare) that doesn't​ pay a dime. Why not add 80+ hours a week of non-paying work to my schedule and see how well I can really juggle? 😆

For the record: I dropped the phone 4 times trying to take 1 damn selfie, so I have no idea how I manage to juggle!

I am determined to do what I need to do and eventually get to the point where I can do what I WANT to do. I'm currently in do-what-needs-done mode, but I really need to regain some of my own life and time for myself. Until I can clone myself I suppose I will just keep my juggling act going while trying not to drop anything in the process. There's plenty of work left to do yet.

I'm grateful that I have had all this time with my children and feel very lucky to have had many experiences to draw from, which are truly benefitting my family.

I can't wait to return to my normal posts and activity level! I just became a new family member of @thealliance as well, so this flooding needs to give ol' @grow-pro a break! I'm going to have much to catch up on once I get back.

Feel free to send me words of encouragement, funny GIFS, or just talk some shit down below in the comments - it all makes me smile!

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Damn brother ... what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger..........sheeeesh I feel for ya' though! I'm daddy daycare also during the day and work at night so I'm there with you and it ain't easy. Anyways pick a number, any number keep it to yourself... double it then add forty eight to it......... after you get all that shit together divide it in half and subtract the original number you started with from it and you'll end up with a new number........ remember that number and let me know when you have it ............. keep your chin up brother, you're doin' just fine my friend. ;)

We love and appreciate you!
Great things are on the horizon.
I claim a WRX and an awesome vacation for you ❤️❤️

There's a ton of rain coming our way again too. :( Thanks for the update! The term, "When it rains it pours" certainly applies. I've been offline a ton myself too, but it has been from doing team surveillance in addition to my normal hamster wheel. That's a good thing tough. A local PI firm went out of business, so the obvious objective is to absorb all of their work!

I don't offer advice often, but when I do, it is rock solid advice that you should seriously consider!


Hubby is Daddy-Daycare to 4 tots as well. And abuse fighter in Steemit (that pays pennies because flagging is negative curation).

We had a construction business back in Texas. We moved to OK and we had to remodel the house we bought. The banksters are merciless so you gotta do what you gotta do. DIY is definitely cheaper (but takes time and your labor so maybe it's not cheaper?) and glad you have experience on that. Many don't and get bent over the tables.

Blessings of strength and wisdom to you and Mrs. (@randfmomma). Just do what you can when you can and don't sweat it. I should say this to ourselves too

That is a lot you are juggling
And you managed a post and a selfie 😊
What is that “they” say?
This too shall pass
Hope everything gets sorted out soon

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