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After the usual short weekend, It's Monday again and i have to go to work. Working in a construction firm can be fun but it definitely takes its toll on the body, the aches and pain from standing for hours always come in the night.
So today I woke up looking forward to the stressful day ahead. After the usual ceremony of having my bath and dressing up, saying a short prayer before dashing out of the house because I have to get to work before 7:30am else I will be left behind by the site bus and that could only mean hell.
On getting to work, I signed the register at the gate, said hello to some of my colleagues then took my sit in the bus, lucky for me I got a good seat today, there was a day I had to sit on a generator and it hurt my back like hell.

The bus took off by its usual time and we set out of Isheri, the town where our site is located. The journey took 1hr 30mins and by few minutes past 9am we where there.

They project supervisor called us together to assign work to us and when he got to me he asked of my name, I told him TY; he finds it hard to pronounce our indigenous names so I gave him the initials. This got him really angry which on a normal day it shouldn't, after hammering for some minutes I told him my name is Oluwatoyin.. and yet he found it hard to pronounce. After the incident he assigned my work to me and we all set out to work for our wages.

While on site I saw a beautiful building and after asking around I was told it is owned by an Nigerian movie actor and director Kunle Afolayan. The design and structure of the house was so amazing, it took my breathe away.

After that I got in too some block of flats and did snags (that is check up for faults and alterations from the design). Some of the building had major errors that the workers had to break through walls.
This went on for a while until it was time to leave. Now leaving is another hectic thing, because that's when most people will remember the actually came here to work. That when they will go about putting the extra touches to the buildings. So we had to sit down and wait for them20180514_171500.jpg
They all went about their ceremonies and we sat and waited for them. This exercise took another hour and when they all came back it was time to leave, to say goodbye to this hectic job but sadly to come back tomorrow. I believe that's how life is


Thanks for sharing your day. It is very eye opening to hear what a typical day for construction is entails. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @headchange. Congratulations and all the best.

Wanted to let you know that @headchange featured you in their entry post for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. If you have a little spare time check out the contest.

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

Okay my friend, thanks for the heads up. I have started following. Thanks alot, i really appreciate the coming upvotes

I am really enjoying the #ulog tag. I love to hear what an average day is like for others. I especially love to see the pictures from far away places that I will probably never get to visit.
So glad I found you #ulog is going to be one of my new favorite ways to explore other cultures.

@headchange featured you in the PayItForward Curation contest

Found you through a post in the payitforward contest by @headchange.

It sounds like your job is labor intensive and drags on your soul a bit. I hope that one day you may find yourself wealthy enough (perhaps through Steem) that you can retire from it and pursue your dreams. Perhaps even own such a house as caught your eye.

Thanks alot my friend, the job really plunge down my soul and moral. But i know all is well and one day it will all be in the past. Am still trying to make my way here on steemit (though it has not been easy) but i will keep my hopes high. Thanks again my friend for finding time to come to my blog

Hang in there. I know it's hard to feel positive about a job that is so demanding. I am assuming unemployment there is as bad or worse as it is anywhere. You have a job that's a plus (I have to remind myself everyday that at least I'm employed.) When you can though start to look a little. Sometimes those doors are opening but we're caught up in our current situation that we miss them. Thank you for the insight into one of your days @gaintshoulder.

As you have seen @headchange has featured you in the Pay It Forward Curation Contest Our whole purpose is just that to pay it forward, to share and help you grow.

Thanks alot my friend, your words of encouragement means alot to me

You are very welcome. Sometimes we just need to know someone out there is on our side :)

That was a fun read, I did not know about the #ulog tag, I think now because of @headchange featuring you in his "Pay it Forward" post that I might have another fun place to read stuff. Here is the Contest post link "Pay it Forward Contest" if you think you may want to play.

A day in the life is always an interesting thing to examine. It shows how willing and able some are to get up and go to work. Thank you for sharing.
I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @headchange

I got here late this week so I upvoted your God Have Me post instead.

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