THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ANAWANGIN COVE- Zambales (Happy Birthday to me!) #ULOG0028

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Guys! Wazzup!

I’m really late for this.

But I would really love to share with you how amazing my trip in Zambales was.

It has been a month ago, yet I can still feel the ocean. I can still remember almost every detail of it. And I can’t wait to get back there.




So yep, I decided to visit Anawangin, since I was really looking for a place to unwind. I have already been hearing stories from my friends that they have already went here, but never really had a quiet impressive feedback.

Though with that in my mind, I still feel like {somehow), Anawangin is calling me.

When I finally had a chance and the means, I decided to go (alone)... Plus the fact that I needed to and It was my Birthday Trip.

I was here to unwind and reimagine my life few years later. I needed a plan and I thought I needed to reset my goals.

I have been very stressed and lost lately. I wasn’t doing good with my Family and Friends. I also feel like I’m not getting off-trail to where I plan myself to be or not even getting anywhere nice. I’m not happy anymore and I felt like I’m tired from the very bottom of my heart. (At least I never wished to die. Lol)




But it was all before. I have always taught myself to fix myself no matter what, or where I might fall into. I taught myself to rest when I’m tired, to cry when I need to, or to be wherever I feel like being with, and refresh when I feel like falling apart.

Going back to the topic - Anawangin… I mean, Anawangin is a really good place to relax and start over. I can assure that it is really peaceful there and you’ll really feel that your safe (emotionally).

The water is very clear and beautiful. The sceneries are just all really stunning. And there’s a lot you can do.
There was no Signal, so you can really reconnect to yourselves, or to Nature (if you’re more spiritual).

The sunset is really heartwarming, and the stars at night are dream-like. You could even set up your own bonfire. And feel the warmth and the cold breeze at the same time.



Apologies tho. I really have no plans blogging, but I really felt like writing. And I wish I could really make sense for this.

Generally, my whole trip is a bomb. It was almost the year end plot twist I have been asking for. I might forgot the roads I took and the people I met it this journey, But I think I’ll always remember the lesson they brought me.

The world is really a connection. A vast narrative of individuality and diversity at the same time. I’m not making sense. I know. Lol. I just felt like I’m thirsty for more wanders. Bye!



Thank you! Please let me hear from you! :)

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It looks incredible - is it easy to get to?

It depends from where you came from. :)

I'll can let you know how, tho. :)

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