Family as the building block of the society,were we learn how to love care and live right

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Family has been the first social group anybody on this earth are exposed to,in family you learn the culture and traditions of your people,what to wear ,their beliefs,their association and how they do their own things.
But when family fails to achieve all this requirements, the subject will be exposed to social virceses and will be termed "Devient" because he/she must go against the social norms of were him or her found himself as a place of living.

In family we learn how to associate with people around us ,and to be able to associate with people you must learn how to show love ,care and display some level of altruistic behaviour.But when you talk about the word "love" people make different definitions about it,some say that love is been built,that you cannot see some one and love him or her immediately, some say that love exists in first sight and many people that their is nothing like love ,that what we pratice is "lust ".this kind of believe will tell you the kind of orientation that must people adopt from their families.

I will tell you a little story and after that will like to have your feedback to know your stand about love and what family should do to mend the orientation.

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Mr Eze is from a family of two ,that is him and his younger brother,with the father and mother.But both parents died very early that made Me Eze to drop out from school to learn a trade,after learning the trade in Enugu,he invited the younger brother to Enugu,to come and stay with him but before then ,Mr Eze have concluded within himself that he is going to train his younger brother,since he did no go to school,that his brother will,out of love and also to have a graduate from his family.Mr Eze did what he planned to do by training the younger one and after 4years the younger brother was a graduate of public administration.when he has achieved his aim,he now thought of settling down,which which he did and was blessed with the woman that loved him ,but the marriage had a very big problem of childlessness for over 10years ,but the younger brother"okechukwu" married offer three years and was blessed with 3kids within 7 years of marriage,the elder one trusted in God and finally God answered him with a girl child by name (Chisom) and Mr Ezes family was happy again and okechukwu the younger brother was happy too because his brother is now a father and both combined together will have a very big and loving family.


But the happiness didn't last long and Okechukwu and his family became sad again , because Mr Eze and his wife died out of fire outbreak but Chisom survived because she is in nursing home and they have not dismissed by the time of the fire outbreak,when she came back she ask about the parents and she was told that they traveled and will come back soon .when she new was happened was the day she saw the pictures of the parent and asked brother Okechukwu and he then told her what happened and she asked him if she is going to see them again but her uncle told her that she will see them again in heaven.

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After the burial Okechukwu took Chisom to his place and treated her like his own child and Chisom as a child loved his new home because she now saw children like her that she can play with and also Mr Okechukwu has a girl child that is all must the same age with (Chisom) and her name is (chidimma) both share everything in common without nagging to each others request.

Mr Okechukwu is in the middle class in the society,that is not too rich or poor either,that made him to pamper his children,making them to be indoors without giving them chance to associate with the outside world.that made Chisom and Chidimma to depend mainly on what they watch in the television and what they read from books without parental guidance.the wife to Mr Okechukwu was a banker and don't normally have time for the children except during weekends that she will take them out and other home chores was done by people the woman employed to do that ,so the children beally know how to do domestic works .

When Chisom and Chidimma was sixteen(16)years ,Chisom was admired by many men , people from there street and from school, but she only loved Ifeanyi and like Obinna because she collects money from Obinna and eats it with Ifeanyi,she thought that Ifenyinwa loves her but she didn't know that ifeanyi is playing games with her,that Obinna loves her more,but what she wants is to play with Obinna love thinking that ifeanyi will love her,because of the sweet mouth that Ifeanyi uses when she is with him and also her senior in school,she is in ss2 and Ifeanyi is in ss3 but obinna is learning a trade and he leaves in same building,so she thinks that Obinna has no future because he is not in school.

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Chisom was busy collecting money from Obinna and spending it with Ifeanyi and Chidimma because they shared everything in common,so later Obinna found out that Chisom do not love him from the way she responds to him ,so he just cut-off and just behaved like just a friend.Ifeanyi finally impregnated Chisom ,because Chisom loved him and was afraid of loosing him .when Chisom found out that she is pregnant, she told ifeanyi and Ifeanyi suggested abortion,but Chisom refused and concluded in keeping the pregnancy,when Mr Okechukwu notice about constant headache and some behaviour Chisom displays lately,he decided to call her and question her ,which in Nigeria way of life, that kind of thing is mostimes noticed by the woman of the house,but due to the kind of job of the woman,she didn't play her role as the mother of the house, rather the husband found out and asked Chisom about what is happening to her,do to how Mr Okechukwu is with Chisom,she opened up and told the uncle everything about her affairs with Ifeanyi,when Mr Okechukwu went to Ifeanyi's house and meet with the parents , Ifeanyi denied and that made Mr Okechukwu to try all his possible best to make Ifeanyi's family understand and reason with him but Ifeanyi's family was heard and rejected Chisom.the family of Mr Okechukwu did not reject her because of the love that the father showed him and also he attributed the pregnancy to himself and the wife for not doing their job well as parents.

The family of Mr Okechukwu did not reject her ,rather the took care of her and she delivered a baby girl and she called her (Chinaza).she didn't finish her secondary school,but she was trained on how to make local dishes and she made a living through that means and lived as a single parent all her life .

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Definition of terms
Eze- refers to kings
Okechukwu-the reward is from God
Ifeany-their is nothing more than God
Obinna- were fathers heart resides (name given to make child in igboland)
Chidimma- God is good
Chinaza - God answers prayers
Chisom -god is with me .

Remember the feed back I asked when starting this story.


  1. in this story what did the family of Okechukwu didn't do well
  2. who is the most deceptive in this story
    3)how do you qualify your own love and reasons
    4)from your own view between men and women who loves most and show with reasons
  3. what will family do to remedy this kind of thing in our society.

Looking forward to see your feedback

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Stay blessed.

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