Canada Day - a day or two late but - Shadowspub made me do it

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I remember Dominion Day. I did not know it had become Canada Day, but it sounds like a good move. Oddly, I don't remember Centennial year. Oh, wait, 1967. I was stoned from November 1965 until um, many years later.

The Canadian Ensign was very similar to all the ensigns, with their Union Jack in the top left. The red maple leaf on white is uniquely Canadian, even though maple trees are not. Within months travelling Canadians were sewing the flag to their backpacks and everyone around the world knew who they were. Yes, there were a few dissenters, mostly old fogies. Believe it or not, there were once people older than Ms Pubs and myself.

Anyway, I remember thinking that this was the start of then 20 million people developing an identity that was more than part of the British Commonwealth, more than a de facto extension of the USA. For better or for worse, and mostly better, Canada and Canadians had come of age.

So now there are many Maple Leafs being flown by many Canadians rightly proud of their country on Canada Day.

Moving south, tomorrow will be the Fourth of July, the day in 1776 that the Americans declared independence from Old Blighty. Truth be told, many of us were and are still glad to see the back of the troublemakers. Making tea by pouring the tea leaves in Boston Harbour? How barbaric. We were right to keep the Canadians and let the others go.

Do please keep your dogs indoors, away from the fireworks.


Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.




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many of the veterans organizations like the Royal Canadian Legion were among those who fought the introduction of the flag. They had fought and lost comrades under the Ensign, they felt those sacrifices would be diminished by the flag. Many called it the "Pearson Banner".

By the time I joined the Legion in the 70s it was God help anyone who misused the Maple Leaf. I was taught proper flag etiquette by the same guys who had fought against its adoptions. So, they did adapt.

Thanks for the history. Just wondering, why do people call Canadians, "Canucks"?

the word Canuck actually has it's origins in the Hawaiian word "kanaka" meaning man ... it was used derisively by Americans toward French-Canadians initially but overtime that connotation has faded away and the term has applied to all Canadians as we've made it our own.

Hah! That is so cool how you Canucks turned that around!

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