Becoming a certified user: My first real Ulog

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I was quite surprised the other day when I received a message from the good old Discord bot MEE6. Apparently, that little bot serves a variety of purposes across a wide range of servers.

Being the humble person that I am, I have to believe it was by pure chance that I was being invited to join the TearDrops SMT Discord server. In addition to that, from what I gather, I am also being invited to be a certified user of the platform.

After taking a look at some of the other users that are already certified, I am quite certain there was a mistake. There are some really talented writers and vloggers that have been accepted to the certified user program and though I have been working at this for over a year, I am not sure I belong in that company.

I am going to assume they know what they are doing and post this anyway. As part of the certification process I need to write a post that tells everyone a little bit of something about me. Honestly, there is an order I was supposed to follow for each of these steps. This was supposed to be the fourth of five steps, but I am saving it for last because I was busy working on some other stuff.

I am the Director of Technology at a small rural public school district. I have been doing that for about twenty years and before that I was the Network Administrator at another school district. I met my wife (@mrsbozz) here at work and we have a dog Jovi that we love very much. We also have a handful of nieces and nephews that we love to spoil and some great friends that we wouldn't trade for the world.

I got started on the STEEM blockchain in January of 2018 and I have been working to build my following and my abilities as a writer. I like to cover a lot of different things in my posts including BBQ, music, tech, crypto, travel, dining, or anything else that come to my mind.

Most recently I have started doing some post as part of the Oracle-D group and that has been really helpful in helping me get to dolphin status.

I am really excited about the many aspects of STEEM and everything that it has to over through the various dapps that run on it. I frequently start my day by doing my daily quests in Steem Monsters and finish my day manually curating great content that I find on the platform.

Assuming this wasn't some crazy mistake, I look forward to being part of this great group. I have been following the ulogging group for quite some time now and I have always been a little intimidated to post my own material there. Blogging isn't something that I have the luxury to do every day (because of my job). It is more of a hobby for me, but one that I have come to be very passionate about.

@mrsbozz and I have some really great camping trips planned this summer and I can't wait to share some of them with you! If you are brave enough, feel free to follow along :)


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I was also using the #ulog for quite some time as well... I'm starting to have a bit of a tag problem with the limit of 5! Anyway, I remember the ulogging was such a good way for people just to write about something in their lives... just a way of chronicling the day. After all, not every post needs to be of epic quality... however, it is better if it isn't stolen. And things that we feel are inane and commonplace are actually quite interesting to someone else!

Very true. I plan on using it a lot more if I get certified. I haven't gotten any feedback yet. I don't want to take advantage of it if I am not approved though. I understand your pain about the five tag limit. I find myself in that position many times!

Exacly... subject tags or community tags?

Both :)

Well, I guess congrats are in order although I don't know much about this group! I was reading some questions on and I realized your name kept popping up as you were the one offering the answers. ;0)

Yeah, I have been hanging around Musing for quite some time now. Before during and after the delegation days. I really like being able to share my experience/opinion.

I had not heard of that group or the certified user program , and really dont know what its all about but it seems an impressive achievement for you to have been selected and I think they made a great choice

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Congrats I'm happy for you

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