ULOG #8: Challenging Myself to Write - Day 7.

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"When words fail, music speaks." - Shakespeare

Day 7. List 10 songs you are loving right now.

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents both sing really well, not professionally but, they sing really good. My sister @itsonlywords, she started a band when she was in high school. She played guitars, drums, and she sings too. My brother also had his own band when he got into college. His band competed in battle of the bands in and out the metro. Me, I got invited once or twice to sing in a band when they lose their vocalists. Nothing more than that. But, that experience added with the background my family has in music has made me appreciate every genre - from mellow to hard, from rythm and blues to metal, from nursery rhymes to goth. My playlist is a mix of everything.


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It's surprising for me to find out about people who aren't into music. I had music while studying, I had music during breakups, I had music during my happy times. Music has always been my comfort place.

My kids, as young as they are have already shown interest in music and I am glad. Kiero took guitar lessons during summer and Kiera has been singing along to songs she's been listening too. It surprises me too at how well they memorize the songs they only see on YouTube. I used to stop-play-rewind my mixed tapes then just to get the lyrics of the songs I like. Maybe that's not the thing anymore, but however they do that, it's amazing.

So, on to today's challenge, 10 songs. This list is comprised of our mine, kids' and John's music. So, bear with the variety.

  1. (Kiera) How Far I'll Go by Auli'i Cravalho. Who wouldn't love Grammy's Best Song Written for Visual Media? I personally like it too. The lyrics mean more than what happened in the movie.

  2. (Kiero) Heal The World by Michael Jackson. I bet most playlists have at least one Jacko song on it. It is cool though, that my 8 year old son knows a lot more about MJ than me.

  3. (Jonah) Take Me Home, Country Road by John Denver. I told you, this is the most complex list you will see. I grew up to my dad playing this whenever he can. Recently, I've been missing my family so, yeah...

  4. (John) Will You Wait For Me by Kavana - Always has to be played during road trips. He has this on any media device he has because there's a story behind it. This was his song to his girlfriend who died years ago.

  5. (Jonah) Linger by Cranberries. I don't even know which memory I have with this song I can start telling. There's just so many events in my life when this song was played. And I miss Dolores O'Riordan.

  6. (John) The Fight Is Over by Urbandub. Heartbreaks are best described in Urbandub songs.

  7. (Kiera) When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. For some reason, this song has been in a My Little Pony episode and she's known all the words by heart.

  8. (Kiero) Mundo by IV of Spades. Must be because it was the piece he was working on during his summer guitar lessons.

  9. (John) So Little Time by Arkarna. At least someone knows why I am addicted to 90s.

  10. (Jonah) Searching My Soul by Vonda Shepard. Because 90s is just love! I recently got all 5 seasons of Ally McBeal and have been binge watching it even when I already seen it many times. Doesn't get old.

This is Day 7 in my attempt to complete the writing challenge I put myself to. You may read about the challenge here.

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Wonderful selection! Thank you for sharing your list! Your post has been featured in @bayanihan's 43rd Philippines' Curation Updates, and received a 100% upvote. Great job!

Thank you for the feature. If it were only my playlist it would be crazier than this. It's a little mellow but that's fine. I guess that's what happens when you share the radio to other people. :-)