ULOG #5: Challenging Myself to Write - Day 4.

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“Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring.´ - Anonymous

Day 4. Write about someone who inspires you.

Call it coincidence but, the topic I have for Day 4 of my 30 day writing challenge is just as appropriate.

Next to my mother (who is now in heaven), the next female I look up to the most is my sister @itsonlywords. She is one of the strongest persons I know.


If you’ve read what I wrote about her some months ago, you’d know we started our growing up years unattached. We weren’t the best of friends. We had arguments. We fought over the littlest of things. We hid each other’s clothes and stuff. We seldom told secrets.

Life happens though. And when it does, it teaches you so much about it including appreciation of people around you. We became adults. We started living our own lives. She chose to be in another country and I know that was one of the toughest decisions she had to make. It isn’t easy to leave your comfort zone and be in a place where you know no one. Just when we started to become sisters, she left for the US. I got sad. But, I knew it was even sadder for her. When she leaves, she’ll be alone. When she leaves, I’ll still be with the rest of the family here.

She chose to be alone in another country to fulfill her dreams. Her dreams of being able to give back to our parents and providing us some of life’s sweetness. That’s courage.

She was so strong, she handled the news I never wanted to be the bearer of. When our mother died, she was alone. She had no family to cry the bad news with. But, she still carried on well until that day she flew back in to be with us. That’s strength.

I can’t ever thank her enough for all the help she has given us. I thank the Lord everyday for giving her the people she needed to be with in her life away from us.

She inspires me in ways I never realized she did. Growing up, I always hated how she was always the center of attention. It was just now that I realized, during those times, she was just trying to inspire me. To be like her. To act like her. To be a sister.

I miss her everyday but technology is cool, I can talk to her whenever I want.

Happy birthday, @itsonlywords! I’ll see you very soon!

This is my Day 4 in my attempt to complete the writing challenge I put myself to. You may read about the challenge here.


Thanks for reading!