In a Ukraine War "Rebel" LPR soup kitchen when hit by Rockets

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I was in a civilian community soup kitchen in Ukraine War "Rebel" Lugansk People Republic controlled Pervomaisk showing the aftermath from when it was hit by BM-21 Grad rockets that morning, While I was there documenting the damage it was hit again and chaos in sued.
Watch with Eng subs below

I filmed Feb 9, 2015
Eng transcript below
00:00:04,240 --> 00:00:07,100
Could you explain what happened here?

00:00:07,320 --> 00:00:10,380
What happened... there is a shell-hole,

00:00:10,720 --> 00:00:13,040
this is a community kitchen

00:00:13,040 --> 00:00:16,020
Let's get closer to the shell-hole so you can see

00:00:16,640 --> 00:00:22,960
what Ukrainian Army does... they destroy our community kitchens where we feed people for free

00:00:24,380 --> 00:00:29,740
The people who rebuild our town, who work for nothing, for a bowl of soup basically

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:32,800
Come in, have a look, this is the shell-hole,

00:00:33,180 --> 00:00:36,000
these are broken windows, that...

00:00:36,080 --> 00:00:38,240
I haven't got enough words to ...

00:00:38,240 --> 00:00:41,360
what they are doing - they are just bastards... just bastards...

00:00:41,360 --> 00:00:44,560
This Poroshenko and the whole of the government

00:00:44,560 --> 00:00:48,000
Here are the people, just ordinary people live here

00:00:48,000 --> 00:00:54,080
We haven't got anyone else here - no separatists, no one, we are just normal ordinary people living here, do you understand?

00:01:03,900 --> 00:01:08,500
(Voices at the background)

00:01:21,760 --> 00:01:27,800
(Voice at the background - they bombed everything, these bastards)

00:01:35,200 --> 00:01:39,920
(Sounds of shelling, screaming)

00:01:42,600 --> 00:01:47,320
Quickly, under the tables! Get under the tables! (Crying)

00:01:47,320 --> 00:01:48,760
Lenochka, calm down,

00:01:48,760 --> 00:01:54,000
Kids will be left without mum (crying)

00:01:54,000 --> 00:01:56,820
Calm down, Lena, I have two kids too, calm down, calm down

00:01:57,120 --> 00:02:00,460
Son of the b..., what are you doing, ......

00:02:00,460 --> 00:02:02,580

00:02:02,580 --> 00:02:09,000
Lena, calm down... (At the background - Lena, calm down! come to the basement)

00:02:09,000 --> 00:02:16,140
(Lena in frustration is swearing, calling Poroshenko Ukraine President names....)

00:02:16,140 --> 00:02:18,560
Quickly! To the basement!

00:02:18,860 --> 00:02:22,460
(Continuous swearing and crying)

00:02:22,460 --> 00:02:27,700
(Screaming and crying)

00:02:43,480 --> 00:02:48,660
Where are you going? This way! Here! No! Here! Where?

00:02:49,740 --> 00:02:53,700
Come this way! This way!

00:03:02,580 --> 00:03:04,500

00:03:04,500 --> 00:03:08,020
They'll kill mum..... and the kids will be left... - Lena, I have two children too,

00:03:08,020 --> 00:03:11,460
Everything'll be ok ,Lena, everything'll be ok...Lena, calm down

00:03:14,940 --> 00:03:19,120
Go a bit further down, there is more space...

00:03:19,120 --> 00:03:21,840
Voice at the background - Don't go to far)

00:03:24,220 --> 00:03:26,440
Is this a school?

00:03:27,140 --> 00:03:29,700
It is the school. , yes, this is the school...

00:03:29,700 --> 00:03:32,740
Leave and may God be with you

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Guys look carefully who you supporting! Upvote more responsible, please... It is Ukraine was cowardly attacked by Russia they wash brain local people and do many provocations for blame Ukrainian army!

Don't help pro russia terrorist propaganda spread on Steemit!

Patrick is on the side of truth and he is a great example to us all of someone who cares about humanity and war crimes being conducted against innocent people. The Kiev regimes 'terrorist' ruse is failing. 4 million ethnic Russian Ukrainian people in the breakaway regions are not terrorists. The Kiev regimes Right Sector Nazis on the other hand..........are....

EU Fascism Embraced: Over 20 Highly Revealing Videos Highlight US and EU Support for Fascist Pro-Nazi Military Battalions in Ukraine

Yeah right, everybody is nazi surrounding yours island of truth (people tortured in basements in Donetsk and Lugansk, no problem...) Only 20?! film 200 fake video - Kremlin have pay well... All youtube flooded agenda news by Russia propaganda lets do it there on Steemit

Cammon guys dont lithing what worl media tell, and adequate blogers, ignore many evidence! Lithin this "jornalist", they are so special!

I understand why you are afraid of the truth coming out.............same as the FSA and White Helmets terrorists in Syria.....the lies are unraveling......

Now Playing on DTube: The Odessa Massacre - Still No Prosecutions For US Supported Right Sector Nazis In Ukraine Who Killed Over 50 Ethnic Russian Civilians in 2014

Thanks for the great information man!
Looking forward to watching more of your footage.
It's good to know what is really happening in the world.

Thank you. I will keep pushing both with daily news and archived reports.
Steemit is a great platform to get this information out.
I am still on my first month but hope to grow fast so I can reach the whole community. The world needs to understand what is and has been going on in the Ukraine War

You will get there!
Don't forget to visit other people's blogs and show them love. Many people forget this.

I will Thank you

Hey @akrid! I thought you are wise man and can distinguish a hero from a pretender. He is part of the info-war against my country. Take a look at this article from BBC reporters
Yes, we are at war, but Ukraine is protecting its own territory from terrorists sponsored by Russia. There are no rebels, there are 1.5 million local residents who left this territory and there are paid mercenaries who are fighting against the Ukrainian army.

Awesome, thank you for the information @erikaflynn
Have you considered posting about this yourself?

I will make a post about real situation in Ukraine but I'm not a fan of flaging and I have not so much power to start a war against someone and make it personal.
Since Steemit can not be censored, the only way to resist propaganda is to offer an alternative vision of the problem and allow everyone to make their own conclusions.

That's exactly the right way to do it!

If you are as honest about Ukraine as you state, please explain the massive crowds in the breakaway regions in the videos at this link. Are 4 million ethnic Russian Ukrainians terrorists as the Kiev regimes fascist leaders state?

Videos of Massive Crowds in Breakaway Republics in Former Ukraine and Crimea Prove Western Media Lied about the War

Thanks for sharing this important information Patrick. Up voted and Resteemed.


Civilians - Living Shield for Dnr terrorist:

I report the facts that the Western MSM will not. You are blinded by you governments propaganda. I am here on the ground and have seen what the attacks by Ukraine forces have done to the civilian population here. I have been reporting the facts on the ground here for almost 4 years. no other English speaking journalist has report here as long as I have. I am the expert. Watch my reports and if you have an opened mind you may learn something. I am a journalist that reports only facts not my opinions. I have had to deal with you pro Ukraine trolls since 2014. Steemit is not the place for trolling. You should be ashamed of yourself that you are trying to create censorship on Steemit based on your own opinions and beliefs. Do not continue to troll me. Think for yourself, do not blindly listen to your government.


Donate by upvote more to this "journalist" after all,
these cute pro Russia mercenaries and collaborators also want to eat ...

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