Decolonizing the Mind - The top 8 signs you have been colonized

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A beautiful question was posed to me yesterday by a friend: 

What do you say to somebody who thinks that they have not been colonized and that life is all okay? - @harvardhomestead

Wow.  That question really made me reflect on what I could say to somebody like that.  In response, I've come up with the top signs that you have been colonized.  I hope it helps bring awareness to the deeper relationship issues that we all face in this complex world that we all created and participate in.  

1.  You pay rent, mortgage or tax in order to be on the land

Land is, by far, the most important element of any empire.  Kings, tyrants and bullies have been fighting over land for thousands of years.  Their main goal is to remove people from their direct connection and relationship with the land and insert themselves as the middle man.  The most evil and devious idea ever created.  Power, greed, control and great wealth is created the moment tyrants disrupt the intimate relationship between people and Mother Earth.  When they stand as Land Lords, they then demand people work or pay for the privilege of being on the land despite the fact that Creator already granted us permission to be here and WE ARE THE LAND!  Even the indigenous people on reserves feel the sting of this control as the corporate band office controls everything on the reserve, governed by the Federal Indian Act.  There was a time where they could not leave the reserve without getting a permission slip from the government agent.  This ensures poverty ensues in order to keep them weak, dependent and left wanting.  

2.  You use fiat currency

The King does not create his own money any more, but instead has outsourced that job to private corporations setup as central banks. The King granted the right to print money to be used as 'legal tender' and governs its use by his subjects.  If you work day in, day out in exchange for this money using government issued ID like a social insurance number (SIN/SNN), Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Treaty Card or Pass Port, then that is a strong sign that you have been colonized.  

3.  Centralized Authority claims jurisdiction over you

Do you submit yourself to the authority of the king?  Does the king claim you to be a subject, citizen, voter, driver, owner, or some other label that he can use to dictate what you can or cannot do?  If so, then chances are really high that you have been colonized by the king as he has direct control over your life and your relationships with other people.  It was usually done through violence, coercion, intimidation, deceit and perhaps even trickery.  Those who have been freshly colonized have memories of what real freedom looks like, so they resist such efforts.  But those who have been colonized for generations have no memory of freedom and end up willingly participating in the colonization process out of ignorance.  

4. You depend on corporations to deliver goods and services you need for life

When we are deeply connected to Mother Earth, she will provide all that we need to not only survive on this planet, but thrive.  However, the middle man is lazy, devious and full of deceit.  He wants to profit greatly on your forced inability to provide or your own needs.  They setup fictional constructs called titles in order to control the thoughts of others.  By doing so, they can hold these titles and everyone willingly respects those pieces of paper.  They then created corporations, dead bodies (corpus), as containers to hold all of these fictional pieces of papers.  They then use these tools to rape and pillage the land in order to may you dependent upon them for your needs.  There is great profit and control in this scheme.  That dependency is represented in the fiat currency you must acquire in order to pay for those goods and services.  

5.  You lack the knowledge or skills to provide for your own needs

Over time, their goal is to ensure that we are all disconnected from Mother Earth.  As a result, we no longer have the skills, knowledge or experience to provide for our own needs.  How many people know all the wild plants that are not only edible, but highly nutritious, nutrient dense and freely available for harvest, a gift from Mother Earth?  We are so accustomed to eating the 'food' that the industrial food system produces that we have no idea what our other options are.    I put the word 'food' in quotes because it is not actually food but instead is industrial waste being passed of as food and people eat it.  

How many of us know how to build a shelter, survive long winters, can find clean water to drink or put cloths on our backs?  When people have no fiat currency to pay the middle man, they are put out into the street.  If we had all these skills and knowledge, would there be any homeless people or poor unable to feed themselves?  Probably not.  That is why the land lords also engage in violence to protect their titles as they don't want these people being self sufficient.  They will attack the poor to keep their lives disrupted as much as possible.  If the poor figure out the lie that the middle man has used to hoodwink us all, then the game would end and their wealth would disappear as it is all created out of fictional constructs and not rooted in the physical at all.  

6.  You ask for permission from a centralized authority

If you have ever filed for a permit, license or an application, then that is a good sign that you have been colonized.  Free people don't need to ask for permission.  Instead they recognize the duty and responsibility to govern themselves and ensure that their actions don't cause harm to somebody else. The colonizer (king) took away all that responsibility so that he can control how his empire is run.  He controls what people can or cannot do.  The tools he used was to ensure that people begged him for permission like children.  Yes, the king views his subjects as children, vulnerable and needing his protection.  They are not wise or mature enough to do that for themselves.  So he makes them ask for permission and prove themselves in order to gain a privilege of holding a license to engage in specific activities.  Get caught breaking the rules, then you get punished, just like a child.  Colonization is not a peaceful relationship is it demands violence, coercion and force to make it work.

7.  You are a citizen of a country

Countries were usually run by kings, but most of that has been replaced by political systems called governments.  There are 195 regions of Mother Earth being controlled by these so called governments.  Each one of them function in similar ways despite whether it is a republic, democracy, dictatorship, etc.  The vast majority, if not all, of these countries are now corporate entities.  Even the smaller regions have been setup as corporations as well, down to the city and municipality level.  Many layers of dead bodies setup to govern the land and demanding that you be a citizen of their empire in order to gain benefits and privileges.  

Years ago it was possible to move to another location on this planet to get away from the spread of colonization, but that process is now complete.  There is no where to run to any more.  It is now time to stand up to this idea and reverse the trend.  If you are a citizen, then that is yet another sign that they got you.  

Some like being colonized

Colonization comes with a lot of perks as well.  Some people have acquired great wealth, power and influence in the colonial system.  Others have been able to purchase all kinds of consumer products and have all kinds of toys to enjoy life with.  However, those physical benefits and privileges are acquired by paying a great price.  It demands we sell our soul, engage in violence against others and suppress others to rise ourselves up.  The colonial system created poverty so that others can enjoy wealth.  The spiritual implications to this type of behaviour is immense and profound.  When we recognize that we are NOT loving our neighbour by pushing him in the mud so that we can get to that nice juicy cheese burger, we must also acknowledge that our chances for spiritual growth and conscious awareness takes a significant beating as well.  

  It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God - Matthew 19:24

Rich people MUST ignore the violence that they engage in, in order to obtain that wealth.  Engaging in violence for our own personal gain violates spirit as nobody can justify harming others and suggesting that they are loving them at the same time.  We are to love our neighbours as ourselves.  Colonization is not the tool to do that level of work.  Colonization is purely for control, power and greed, all symptoms and qualities of the devil himself.  

It is time that we start to explore what it will take to heal ourselves so that we can find the self love inside our hearts so that we can then express it towards our neighbours ... no matter their skin color, beliefs, customs, traditions, languages they speak, etc.  

8.  Do you hate people, want segregation, label people as aliens, foreigners, etc?  

This is a good sign that you have been colonized, when you recognize that other people don't belong, are less worthy or engage in violence and war to make your point.  If you use words to demonize, dehumanize or segregate others into identifiable groups, then you have been colonized!  

We have a long way to go.  Do you know of any other signs of colonization?

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Really great article @wwf, so many turn a blind eye, ignore and live in denial, but we have to make a stand and say no, if we do nothing we are agreeing to how things are being done. We need to reconnect with mother nature because she sustains us and nurtures us, we need to allow ourselves to come more into balance and work along side the earth. We need to re connect with our true state of being and all of that begins with love, self love and from there it will spread out. I am always so inspired after reading your words, thank you xx

Excellent questions to challenge ourselves with and see exactly where we stand. Are we colonized and what are we doing to break the chains that hold us, prisoners? From what I can see, I am about half way there so I still much work to do before I can say I am decolonised. It is a feeling or sense that scares many folks because they are so entrenched in the system. It is a leap of faith, not for the faint of heart because there is no safety net. There is no other feeling like finding out that you are strong enough to do it and that you are more free to live the live you were ment to have...

THIS was an eye opening post!
Living this way and being either oblivious or turning a blind eye while knowing it are the way most people live. Myself included... to some extent.

I want to learn new skills to provide for myself and my homestead. I desire to be off-grid: away from the monopoly that the big banks and governments TELL what we need to do to be a productive member of society or how we won't survive without their help.

Thank you @goldendawne. I'm glad you found some insight in it. I'm also glad that you are interested in learning new skills to help yourself and others UNGRIP from it all. Bravo to you and may your journey bring prosperity, peace, freedom and love to you and all those around you.

And, if you're like me just quite dazed and confused to navigate through the muck to make sense of it all and create a legacy that is good for future generations and our beautiful planet. Everyday, i work to become mindful of my energy vibrations. And, the immense power that comes from clear connection to the infinite via Creator, woven through my heart and into the heart of Mother Earth. Beautiful thoughts to ponder and message to share. Your offering is strong! I hope it will help spark awakening in many others. Thank-you @wwf 🦋🌅❤

It is a complex and confusing web that has been built around us. It will take team work to navigate through it all. However, it all starts with healing self first so that all the work we do is healthy, balanced and loving. Otherwise, we slip right back into the 'muck'! I look forward to walking the path with you and all the others interested in decolonization! Peace to you.

Funny how life goals change!! Blessings ❤

When I read the title, I thought you would blog about removing cult constructs from the mind. Your blog seems to be about decolonizing the physical.

It is true that people should find more connection to nature. Nature provides for us in one way or another. When we allow too many middle men in between, we become convinced that Nature is a problem and victimizes us and we need the middle men to sustain us. This is not a good thing when society becomes corrupt.

The systems that govern the world today are a cult. Like I shared with another blogger here, I'll explain how the physical is used to bring about growth and strength emotionally, mentally and spiritually using techniques similar to the Martial Arts except using it for the Pacem Arts. I agree, corruption is never a good thing. Peace to you.

Very interesting post. I am left feeling like this is something that cannot be escaped from on the physical plane for the great majority of the world's population.

You have me contemplating where I can work to make changes if I am so limited in the physical.

Finding a way to balance or counter the effects of colonization... The lack of freedom as I previously viewed it has me feeling stuck and manipulated at the moment.

I'll write another post to answer this in more detail. In short, like the martial arts that use physical work out to train the mind, body and spirit, our physical environment is here to do the same for us on a spiritual level as well. Come back tomorrow when I explain this further.

I will...and looking forward to it.

Guess virtually all of us fall into that one category or the other... Interesting to see if total decolonization is really possible

The only people that I can think of that have not been colonized in one way or another are those who most people think are backward, savage or primitive. Those people are the ones who still live deep in the jungle and have the most freedom than any of us. They are the ones that still live in their tribes and stay away from modern societies. Is total decolonization possible? I believe that to be a resounding yes. It won't be easy and a lot of change is required to make it happen. But it will happen. Of that, I have no doubt.

Not all of 'em are primitive or in the jungle. They just think most of the population is freckin' nuts.

Unique point of view. Radical! in fact
From the root, roots radix, radices.
I will be reading up on your material and following as well.
Lots of food for thought.

Thank you. I hope you find some insights within my work. Peace to you.

 If you use words to demonize, dehumanize or segregate others into identifiable groups, then you have been colonized!   We have a long way to go

"a checkpoint runs a long day's journal into night."

AAAAH - I'm only partly colonised in that case, but still fiercely resisting where I can. What a great article. xx Number 8 i fiercely rejecT!!!

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great writing

ugrip?? Great piece, concise and enlightening.
Do you think we would have the same technology we have today without colonization? What are we as spirits supposed to learning while in this physical existence?
It does come down to how we treat others and ourselves.

The concept of decolonizing the mind also applies to other areas of our lives away from immediately recognizable

Well, these are concepts I've never entertained before. I will have to read and study and contemplate. There is power in what you are saying/teaching. Blessings.

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