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RE: Why I Delegated 10,000 SteemPower to @Steem-UA

in #ua2 years ago

Though I'm a redfish.. At first sight I just delegated 50dsp to steem-ua after reading thier post and their curation activities has been awesome.
Triggering me power up 86 steem power recently and looking forward to delegate more sp. I love this initiative by UA team. Thanks for simplifying UA initiative with this post @cryptoctopus

I'm eager to power up more because of UA community.


At first glance this is just silly fun. But it’s deeper then that, you see bugs or Elmer, not sure which, is responsible. No they are not In the hole, they created a wormhole. The reason for this is that they are trying to track Daffy Duck a lesson, that hurting others is hurting themselves. It’s more than a cartoon. It’s a deeply layered philosophical discussion that seems silly to a kid. Thus,it is what it is, Humor to a fool and thoughtfulness to a thinker.


that was awesome, i'm trying hard to manage some power, when i get i will try to jump in there

Please do... The benefits will wow you when you delegate.
They are like Pizza for small fishes - very yummy 😎

Yes, i can imagine for your positive approach from your previous response in this post, yes, i'm trying hard for that to

You rock.. All the best mate

Thanks udezee

My pleasure motivating you buddy ✌️

check out this motivational post.. and have a look how i am working on this plat form just joined 3 weeks ago

WOW @udezee! You ROCK!

I felt that one team UA.. More sunshine to y'all pastures. 🤗

The same counts for me udezee. I am pulling my steem delegations out of the vote bots to delegate it all into steem-ua. These kinds of projects is whats gonna make steem great!

The projects presence moves with a pace of growth & change on steem blockchain. Looking forward to your contribution (dsp or ideas) to UA.

I wil be delegating in about 3 days. Depending on when the steem delegation returns to my wallet.

It takes 7 days for a delegation to return.

i know i canceled it 4 days ago.

Oh.. I see why. Anyways after the 7 days count you will have it back mate✌️

that was awesome, i'm trying hard to manage some power, when i get i will try to jump in there

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