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We have noticed many people asking how to increase their UA score, specially on our discord channels. Since this has been brough up plenty of times, it might be productive for the platform to put this on an official publication and hopefully answer this question in a more definite manner.

How is the UA score calculated?

Although this question has been answered since our launch, it seems obvious that to some the system is still unclear, or in the very least very complicated to understand. So with that in mind, we will try to explain it in a none technical way.

The scores are computed daily and they track the follows and unfollows on the blockchain. We start with our trusted accounts, witnesses and evaluate their ranks by determining how active they are, if they are up to date, their stake, etc. From there the trust network expands and we calculate the rest of the scores.

It's easy for anyone to check the top UA ranks on our website and check your own using steemconnect.

Is there a way to increase your score?

Of course there is, but some people are putting efforts on the wrong things. In other words, by unfollowing people with the idea of increasing your score, you might actually be hurting it, making people stop supporting you and unfollow you as well.

On top of that a clever steemian should be focusing on expanding their network and influence and not the opposite. It almost seems counterproductive to take the reductive approach when everyone is trying to expand their influence. Think about that for a second.

So what is the trick?

There are no shortcuts here, anyone who is interested in growing their influence on the blockchain has to expand their network the right way. Becoming an interesting content creator, interacting right, attracting followers using the dynamics we already understand: Interact with your audience, curate your comments, comment on other people's post, etc.

If users work on their network, become part of a community, which we strongly recommend, join our discord and make some friends, some new allies, then those users will no doubt increase their UA score over time.

Closing Thoughts

We will try tackle these common doubts in short form posts as to create a repository of common questions people have regaring @steem-ua. However please feel free to participate of the conversation in the comments below and share your experience with @steem-ua so far.

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good project, ive delegated to it

good initiative to start with this short post repository.. keep up the good work.. regards from @rival - @steem-ua supporter from day 1

thank you for the support @rival

Hi, i am interested in your service and so i gave you 25sp delegation, but i do not see you register it in your webpage, there is some issue with me?

Do you check if people have voted for witnesses? That may be a good way to judge engagement and also incentivise voting for witnesses

That made it about as clear as you can make a glass of muddy water, only to determine what you thought was a glass of muddy water is in reality a glass of extra strong guinness stout black beer. But as I am comfortable with where I am and who I follow, and am not trying to learn what I can do to get a better score so I can improve my UA artificially, I am fine with your answer. Keep as dark as guinness stout and never clear the air or water on what it takes to increase your UA score, or we end up with another broken reputation representation.

Cheers! ;-)

yep, I'll be following and unfollowing people based on if I think they are interesting (or not!). Not on if it might affect some mysterious "UA" score that I have no reason to care about.

I just gave you 100% upvote for not providing an easy 'gaming' solution.

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hahaha - I like your way of thinking! 🙂

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Although I guess if you want some kind of idea how its calculated all you really have to do is find a range of ranks/ UA scores from people's omments and then compare that with their user data - xomments, followers etx..10 would give you some idea.

Then again this all might change.

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well @scipio , i hate to nag but i still havent heard what the selection procedure is , do i just click the delegation link and do it or do you have to screen it first ? i dont want to delegate to find out you dont accept

not that i think there will be a problem

as shown here :

Screenshot from 2018-09-20 17-06-51.png

i just would like confirmation first

consider that answered then :p

I add delegation. It's I like...

Thx! And welcome to @steem-ua !

I tend to keep following only a few people because I don't want to clutter up my feed (most posts I'm interested in come via two or three tags so I just look at the newest posts there). Do I hurt my UA-Score with that? And if this score is calculated via "chain of follow" wouldn't I hurt my followers with not following the people whose posts I read?

Solid following approach! I do the same!
And nope, no worries on your UA_Account score / rank for doing so!

Thanks for the answer :)
And how do "dead" accounts count? I clean up regularly - why should I follow people where there's been nothing to follow for weeks? (Using Steempeak these Steemians get a bookmark there and I take a look every now and then to see whether someone became active again)

i was wondering if there's an easy-to-access API so i can embed the score and rank in my statistics i use in certain posts directly with curl or something (i dont use python) that doesnt require steemconnect first ?

there must be since smartsteem displays the score ... but i guess i'll ask on discord tomorrow

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