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RE: Why I Delegated 10,000 SteemPower to @Steem-UA

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Y u no delegate 2 me?!
So I should be sorry not kissing witnesses, not using bidbots for months catching various plagiarists on the platform. I checked my score when utopian announced their collab. I wasn’t able to remeber the number :)
Ofc boosted votes for riches makes sense, and the provided feed will be full of “rich people of steem”, more 600stu food photos, yay! bidbots already emptied their following list to game its basic PR algorithm.
So yeah why not to follow another hype.


seems salty...but I don't see your point. How much do you know the UA algorithm?

Yeah, I regret when I post the comment while everyone so excited for no reason. How much should I know or is there a regular user friendly explanation I missed afaik it’s based on google’s pagerank algorithm which is depreciated in 2003 or 2013 I don’t remember it either.
What does top 100 means on ua list, most trustable sources? Most influencals?
Ned at 38 steemitblog not even there. I wonder where would jerry banfield listed if he still runs his witness server.
Does jesta has all of the answers for steem blockchain. What does ua provides to you?

Pagerank is still used by google along other algorithm (we just don't have access anymore). UA uses the same mathematic of probability distribution as pagerank along with other algorithm that help figure out:
1- Who is a real user
2- Who is a bot or a spammer
3- Who's content is most valued by the Steem community (for now)

Jesta is the top witness(#1)...and he has been elected to be one...doesn't it make sense that he is also the most influential content creator for now?

Finally, as more systems start using UA, people will start changing the way they follow since it has now a value attached to it...just like the way people use hyperlinks on the web.

You can be a sourpuss if you want but I would suggest bringing in some corrective feedback if you have any.

Could you please stop attacking me :) I'm sharing my thoughts on the project itself. With already known facts.
From what I read I get that it's importance is also reduced, and people shouldn't focus only on PR. Which shows its reliability (at least for me.) as you said it should be used along with other algorithms. We already have a working version of UA and can see the public list and we can judge its efficiency from it basically.
There are tools for hacky-seo tactics that converts sentences on articles with similar words so it looks like a unique article. There is also machine learning at this point. So it pretty pretty easy to game it, even big boys started to unfollow people just to increase their ua score :) these guys are the most valuable ones in the platform? yeah sure why not.
Let's discuss it when vote sellers start to sell follows. Like PR created a market for backlinks. #follow4follow :thumbs_up:

even big boys started to unfollow people just to increase their ua score :)

That might even decrease their own UA score @oups. But what's certain is that more UA is passed on to the remaining (active?) accounts they're following. Is there anything wrong with unfollowing accounts not active for quite some time?

That might even decrease their own UA score

Only if the wrong accounts are unfollowed.

I repeat my reservations here, as I have not yet been able to see any arguments that could have mitigated them:

As soon as a monetary value is attributed to the UA, users will pay for having their UA increased. Simply by buying the following of high-UA accounts. In order to prepare for this economy accounts will first of all do an UA- optimized clean-up of their followed accounts to increase the UA-increment that they can pass and thus sell to others.

Hoping that such practice will not be accepted by other high UA-users and countered accordingly I personally consider naive and risky.

Hi @shaka, thx for sharing your opinion again regarding UA ;-)
Have you seen any follow selling yet since UA went "live"?

Also, can you respond to my DMs on Discord please? Thx in advance

Please note the

As soon as ...

I guess we are not there yet. What can be seen already though is that several of your supporters/delegators have started to clean-up their followed accounts. Would be interesting to compare their UA increment (the UA that they can pass to other accounts) before and after the purge. Unfortunately, there is now way to look this up.

I really can't discuss it further since I don't have enough knowledge about how it's calculated or else. I don't want to point fingers at all, just a quick sample, I assume it's beneficial for the owner in UA-wise.

And my actual point is UA is on its early stages (I believe) and putting too much expectation to a project might harm it's evolution. Let's monitor if people able to game it, if you (project owners/contributors) are willing to solve any problems in your way.

There is nothing wrong with unfollowing unless it's done for climbing a ladder.

On other social media platforms people use this to gain more followers, follow for follow and purge the inactives at the end of the week. This way inactive ones not going to unfollow so you have a huge number on your profile meaning nothing without proper or enough communication. Like we already had many spammers in our wallets. "Send x sbd for resteems to millions..."

Well maybe I'm just being sourpuss and concerned about I won't have another chance to get in main feeds if it's implemented in various front-ends. Thanks to my UA score. First stakeholders, next vote buyers now UA will dominate feeds in a decentralized(!) platform.

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